Fun & Fierce Leopard Print Accessories

If you want to look sexy (and have your accessories play the part too) reach for one of these fabulously fierce leopard print items! It’s a look that will never go out of style! And they are great treats whether … Continue reading

Leopard Animal Print Silk Chiffon Scarf

What’s stopping you from taking a walk on the wild side? Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean your neck should be, too! Chicastic’s got you covered with this leopard animal print silk chiffon scarf. The loosely woven fabric adds a sheer and elegant touch to your everyday ensemble while the untamed leopard print pattern guarantees that your outfit will pop no matter what you’re wearing! The vibrant animal print shows off the intensity of the wild colors, but the airy feel of the silk chiffon is lightweight and soft to the touch.

Leopard Animal Print Silk Chiffon Scarf

Wear with jeans and a drapey cardigan when you’re going out to lunch with your girlfriends, or put it on as the finishing touch to your little black dress for that sophisticated dinner party you’re attending with your man. Plus, the silk chiffon scarf isn’t just for the winter weather. It’s longer than the average scarf, measuring 72 x 27 inches, and its modern style is the perfect piece for you to wear all year round.

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, which means now is your last chance to name drop the Chicastic collection to that special man in your life! We offer free standard shipping in the U.S. and low priced international shipping, or give us call and ask about our rush delivery services and rates.

Express your wild side today with Chicastic’s leopard animal print silk chiffon scarf!

Brown Giraffe Print Cotton Scarf

Giraffe Print Scarf

Giraffes could be the models of the animal kingdom. Think about it. They’re really tall. Have long legs. Large eyes. And everyone loves looking at photos of them. So why not incorporate this super model creature into your own look? … Continue reading

Accessorize Your Group

Scarves for Groups

Choirs, dance troupes, and other groups need to look cohesive when they perform. However, it’s hard to coordinate outfits with every member because wardrobes vary depending on a person’s style, size, and skin tone. For the most part, black is … Continue reading

Leopard Inspired Wedding Ideas

Leopard print is hot but is it wedding appropriate? Here are some tips to incorporating this style on your big day.

Animal prints and patterns are all over the casual fashion world and have snuck into elegant and professional realms of style too. If you love leopard print what’s stopping you from using it in your wedding scheme? Just like incorporating these styles into your everyday wardrobe, balance is key and a little goes a long way.

If you want to include a bold pattern in your wedding design and creation, a great way to incorporate it is the invaluable use of accents. The rest of your wedding can adhere to traditional, timeless design with some of your own flare and still find a way to add some oomph. Include the pattern in your invitations, ribbons and party favors. Avoid going overboard by mirroring the style with timeless black and gold accents in addition to the leopard print to add some variety but retain the overall effect. For instance if you choose to accent your decor with leopard then consider putting your bridesmaids in black and gold to mirror the effect without seeming too much.

Don’t forget the cake as well! A white, black and gold cake with edible leopard print patterns is totally feasible and looks fun and daring when it comes to topping off the night with dessert. You can also use the print on napkins and silverware to act as more of an accent but still exude the theme tastefully.

You may also consider purchasing gifts for the bridal party that are leopard themed, such as leopard pattern clutch purse or leopard print chiffon scarf, and jewelry. These can also be worn and used during the wedding reception to add to your overall decor. Center pieces and take home gifts can also be in this style so your guests can remember the special day.

When done tastefully and minimally, a bold pattern can say a lot without overpowering your event. Using complementary solid colors can highlight the print without having to use it in every piece of decor or bridal wear. Don’t forget the power of accessories and accents. If you’re looking to incorporated it into your dress, you can always go with a bold leopard print shoe or a fun patterned garter belt, for example. Adding little touches do a lot without taking over your wedding. It adds the look you want in a tasteful and chic way. Don’t be afraid to add oomph to your wedding. Chicastic has beautiful leopard pattern accessories that would be perfect for the bride and the bridesmaids. 

Leopard Inspired Wedding Ideas

Wearing Black Right

You can never go wrong with black, right? This shade is easily the simplest go-to color in anyone’s closet. Whether it’s a basic v-neck tee or a little black dress, it’s the one fashion item that seems the easiest to resort to when we’re unsure of what to wear, what seems appropriate for any event, or simply because it’s always chic to wear it. Wearing the same black dress with different accessories like a gold clutch purse can really change the look.

Unlike every other color in existence, black is probably the only one that can make up an entire outfit. Depending on the pieces you wear, this simple yet bold look can look like rock royalty, runway ready or effortlessly elegant. The trick to wearing it though? Is matching. But if you’re wearing all the same color, that shouldn’t be an issue, right? Wrong. Not every shade of black is the same when looked at up close or when put together with other pieces. Shades and tones can vary slightly, and this disparity becomes incredibly apparent when put next to each other. Even pieces that may have been bought jet-black can fade after being washed several times. When wearing a lot of this color, be sure the shades and tone match. No matter how subtle the difference is, it will be quite noticeable. Sometimes you can take the attention away from these things by wearing a bold statement necklace

Sometimes wearing a monotone outfit isn’t called for, but black goes with everything right? Similar to differing shades, black can clash with colors that are too similar, such as deep navy blues or dark browns. Though all of these are considered neutrals, they are not completely impervious to clashing with one another. If you’re trying to mix colors, even mixing too many neutrals can end in disaster, especially if they are too similar to one another. Also, if you’re trying to accessorize with a black outfit, be careful of mixing and matching accessories that are too different from one another. Wearing a bright chiffon scarf or leopard print chiffon scarf with a solid outfit can really enhance it. Evening bags play a very important role in giving any outfit a refreshed look. You could wear the same dress over and over with new accessories and still look brand new. Check out Chicastic for some bold and sexy accessories to brighten up your blacks.

Gold Crystal Clutch Purse

Gift Baskets for Teen Girls

Gift baskets for teenage girls are so much fun because you can include almost anything you want based on their personalities. In these modern times, it is easy to figure out what their likes and dislikes are.  You can check their online profiles to see what is currently trending in their world. If you need some help putting together a gift for that special teen, here are some ideas to get you started.

For older teenagers who are going to college, you can build a basket around an storage container that they can use in their dorm. For example a trash can, laundry hamper or even a book bag or satchel. Include some school supplies, a clock, some snacks, and something fun like a scarf or bracelet so that they have something to wear on their first day of classes.

For younger girls who are just starting to figure out their personal style, you can start with a chic tote bag or even a makeup pouch. Include a manicure set, some scented lotions, clear lip gloss, an eye shadow palette with many colors, and some travel sized hair products. Include a funky necklace or a bright colored scarf to complete the gift.

For the fashionista, build the gift around some unique accessories. Start with a small clutch purse in their favorite color – the bolder the better. Include a pair of funky earrings, a set of bangles and a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses. Place these items inside the clutch, and then inside a larger cross body bag. Tie a leopard print chiffon scarf to the bag and you’re all set!

For girls who are getting ready for their first formal dance, a gift bag is just the thing to make it even more special. It is also very easy to put together since they will have been talking about their dress for a long time. Depending on the style of dress, choose a formal clutch purse in the same shade or in a metal that will compliment it nicely. For instance, an ice blue dress will benefit from a silver purse, whereas an emerald green dress will match better with a gold one. Inside the purse, include a small wallet with some cash, a miniature sewing kit, a tube of lip gloss, and some jewelry for her to wear on the big night like a cocktail ring.

These ideas are sure to please the teen girl in your life. Let her know she is special to you by tailoring a well thought out gift basket just for her. For great gift ideas for teenagers visit Chicastic now!

Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Wardrobe Essential Chiffon Scarf

We have put together some great combinations of chiffon scarves in leopard prints and solid colors. These are perfect fall essential scarves and can be worn in  a lot of different ways. For tips on how to wear a scarf in a chic and fashionable way visit this link here. Check out these beautiful combinations and see which one suits your style the most. Visit Chicastic for more chic and fantastic fashion accessories & ideas.

Leopard Print Trio

Animal Print Accessories

Animal prints have been in fashion for as long as I can remember. They have come and gone but never really left for good. In the past few years the love for animal prints has just been on a rise. Starting with prints inspired from leopard spots, tiger prints, to zebra stripes and more, from dresses and jackets to shoes and handbags to jewelry and scarves. Animal print clothes or accessories are sexy, stylish, wild and always make you stand apart in a crowd.

Animal prints in subtle colors or bright hues make perfect accessories to make a simple outfit stand out. There was a time when animal prints were considered such a winter thing but it’s not the same anymore. Animal print clothing and accessories in lighter shades and soft and sheer fabrics like chiffon are very popular in the summer, medium shades and slightly heavier materials such as voile or polyester cotton in the fall and darker shades in thicker fabrics such as corduroy in the winter time. Animal prints are not just popularly used in clothing but also in handbags, clutch bags, wallets, hats, scarves, shoes, earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and nail paints these days.

This Brown Leopard Print Faux Fur Handbag is a very popular fall handbag. The shade of brown is just perfect for the weather, and the size of this handbag works superb for work or school or just casual wear. It is a light weight handbag with lots of room to accommodate everything you need for a day out. It comes with double handles and with an additional set of shoulder straps which can also make this handbag a crossbody bag if you like it that way. This top zipper closure leopard print handbag also has a zipper pocket and a cellphone slip pocket on the inside.

Also featured Medium Brown Leopard Print Chiffon Scarf is the most popular scarf this season. The medium brown color and the light weight polyester chiffon make this scarf so versatile and trendy. This scarf is a perfect accessory for all types of outfits – when you are dressing up in a black dress or dressing down with a pair of jeans. The leopard print scarf looks great as either a day time accessory or an evening wear accessory. Buy this leopard print handbag and this leopard print chiffon scarf at Chicastic now and get a flat rate shipping of $5.99 within the USA!

Leopard Print Accessories at Chicastic

Animal Prints Clutches and Scarves

This summer let’s go wild with some amazing animal prints in clutch bags and scarf wraps. From Ostrich Print to Snakeskin to Leopard Prints we have a lot of variety in animal prints. This delicate and sheer Light Brown Leopard Print Chiffon Scarf is a summer wardrobe essential. It makes the simplest outfits go wild! Come to Chicastic now and get yourself one of your animal prints in a clutch purse or a scarf or why not both?


Chicastic Animal Print Clutches and Scarves