Little Black Dress Accessories

A little black dress is a staple in anyone’s closet. Here are some ways to dress it up in completely different fashions.

The little black dress is one of the major staples of any fashionista’s wardrobe. While these simple items can be worn alone, their true power comes from their versatile nature. A little black dress is essentially a blank canvas. It can be worn to fit any occasion, dressed up or down, made to look bold and daring or prim and elegant. The final look all depends on your accessories. Anyone should have at least a small variety of accessories at their disposal. Not everyone’s personal style is exactly the same, but having a little bit of everything never hurt. You can find items that suit any particular look that also suit your personal preferences and style if you know where to look and if you know where to start.

Basic first. Little black dresses can be the perfect casual date outfit. Whether you’re meeting an old friend for coffee or going for a walk in the park with your beau, a little black dress can be flirty and fun without being too formal. Now that it’s spring, these pieces can go great with any number of tops depending on the look you’re going for or depending on your personal style. Cardigans are an easy and great go-to for any dress. You can wear them simply draped and open, cinched with a colored belt, or buttoned up for a more put together look. In lieu of the cardigan, you can also opt for a flannel shirt to wear over your outfit. Wear it open with rolled up sleeves or tie the two open ends together into a bow to accent your waistline. If you want to look more professional or put together, a blazer goes really well over one of these pieces. And if you’re going for a walk on the wild side, you can always go for a bold print or a leather jacket.

Jewelry has a lot of power when it comes to accenting little black dresses as well. Statement necklaces are a wonderful option, especially if you’re looking to show it off. The dress allows the necklace to take the spotlight without falling too far into the background of your ensemble. If you’re going for an elegant or more timeless look, pearls and classic silver or gold jewelry work wonderfully. These pieces can go with anything, and despite their simplicity they always bring an air of charm and timelessness. If you want to go bold, then chunky jewelry and print scarves are a wonderful option. Wear a leopard print scarf with a red clutch and matching shoes for a louder look. You can feel free to mix and match colors and prints since the simplicity of the dress allows you to play around with accent colors. Feel free to experiment and you’ll find that your little black dress can yield an infinite amount of outfit possibilities.

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Black Dress Accessories

Accessories For the Little Black Dress

We all have that one little black dress we turn to for certain occasions. They’re reliable, they’re always in fashion, and there’s never much to think about, right? But like any item of clothing, or any outfit, you don’t want to be seen wearing the same get up to every occasion. A little black dress is always handy, but how you accessorize and itemize, you can give your favorite little number new life.

No one can deny the power of accessorizing. A new bold necklace can make any little black dress pop, adding color and dimension to any length, cut, or style of dress. This classic clothing item becomes a canvas backdrop for any statement piece, allowing it to define your outfit while still keeping you looking chic and together in a simple, go-to dress. The same goes for any way you decide to accessorize, and even wearing the same piece with different accessories on different occasions will give the illusion of an entirely new ensemble. Pair it with some colorful pumps, add some dazzling bits of cocktail jewelry and you’re set for a night on the town. Worn with a simple pearl necklace and an elegant clutch bags makes your outfit ready for any formal occasion.

But it doesn’t just stop at jewelry. Of course handbags and hats can change the entire feel of an outfit, so can additional clothing. Wearing this classic ensemble under a flannel or floral button down (tied at the waist or worn loose) with a cross-body and some sandals can make the perfect casual first date outfit. Wear it with patterned leggings and ankle boots, and you’re suddenly rocker chic. Add a big floppy hat, cat-eye glasses and pearls and you’re now rocking that Old Hollywood vibe. Accessorizing with clothing is just as powerful as wearing a chunky bracelet or a layered necklace.

What’s really great about the little black dress is that it is essentially a blank canvas. You start with a great standalone piece, but by adding accessories or additional pieces of clothing you can turn it into an entirely new entity that can suit almost any occasion imaginable. The possibilities are truly endless. If you feel like your go-to piece is losing it’s luster, it may not mean finding an entirely new dress. You probably have a multitude of accessories, shoes, and layering essentials that can bring new life to an old favorite. Chicastic has a lot of great fashion accessories for reviving your little black dress. Buy now!

Accessories for the little black dress

How To Dress Up In Black


Color psychology defines black as powerful, reserved, and in control. It can be intimidating and unapproachable because of its power. It radiates conservative and serious energy. Black is the color of sophistication. The ‘little black dress’ is a perfect outfit to wear at a ‘black tie event.’ The elegant and confident impression that this color gives is the reason why it is worn by business oriented people. Also associated with sex and seduction, it is a popular color for corsets, lingerie and undergarments. It flatters all skin and hair colors and is a favorite of women and men. Keeping a dark wardrobe monotone makes buying clothes and getting dressed easier, but it can also lack depth and be extremely boring. Keep these things in mind while dressing head to toe in this particular shade.

  1. Make sure you stay within seasons. Do not wear a heavy knitted dress in the summer and stay away from cotton and chiffon in the winter. Otherwise, you will just look lost and sad.
  2. Brighten up your makeup more than you would usually do when dressing head to toe in this shade. A kiss of bright red lipstick or a swipe of emerald eye shadow can keep you from looking washed out and dreary.
  3. Fit is extremely important when wearing a single shade throughout an outfit. This hue is very slimming so take advantage of that fact. Know what look you are going for. If you are trying for sophistication, keep your pieces sleek and well taken care of. Sloppy and ill fitting garments will negate the slimming power of this hue which is against the entire point.
  4. It is okay to break up the monotony with a splash of color. Try a turquoise statement necklace, or a pair of bright yellow heels. Just a little bit to break the intimidation factor of this otherwise ominous shade.

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Chicastic Black Fashion Accessories

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This white faux patent leather snakeskin purse from Chicastic is a fun purse that is perfect for day or night. It can easily be paired with just about anything because of the neutral colors that go with any other color. The versatile envelope design allows it to be clutched or held by their handles and the fierce print adds a bit of edginess to your ensemble. Get it today on sale at Chicastic and wear it to your next summer party!

Summer Floral Cocktail Ring

Enjoy cocktail hour at the next big event your are attending in style. This bouquet inspired floral cocktail ring is perfect for the spring/summer season and goes with pretty much any dress in your closet.  It is beautifully designed with the stylish, elegant woman like yourself in mind and can be worn again and again for any occasion from weddings, to prom, or a night out at a fancy restaurant. This classic sterling silver ring is available on sale at Chicastic today along with other beautiful, exquisite pieces.