How To Make Your Own Unicorn Halloween Costume


Unicorn Halloween Costume


Halloween is just around the corner! Instead of purchasing a costume, why not make one? Chicastic has a colorful collection of corsets that you can totally build an amazing costume around, and it can be affordable as well!

This unicorn costume can be easily made with a Chicastic corset, a pair of sparkling heels, a scarf and a clutch (because you’re not going to carry a regular ol’ handbag with you when you go partying with your friends, right?).┬áChicastic has all the basics you need, and the details can be left up to your imagination!

For more Halloween Costume Ideas, continue following our blog! We will be posting a new costume idea every day until Halloween! Until then, find all you need to build an epic costume at Chicastic!

Ariel Halloween Costume Idea!

Punk Ariel Halloween Costume


Are you looking for Halloween Costume ideas? Check out Chicastic‘s amazing line of corsets, scarves and jewelry for your Halloween costume this year! Ladies like to look sexy this time of year, but why not be creative as well? Take your favorite cartoon character and add a punk rock twist to it! Instead of the diamonds and crystals that princesses wear, add spiked jewelry and hard metals. Wear boots or spiked heels to add edge to your character. Instead of a princess dress, wrap a corset around you and and pair with a skirt or leggings! There are so many ideas you can come up with! Just let your imagination run wild!