Vintage Hollywood Glamour


What do movie stars Veronica Lake, Jean Harlow and Rita Hayworth have in common?  Looks that were pure Old Hollywood glamour.  Channel that same vintage glamour by painting the town blue with Chicastic’s Rhinestone Crystal Minaudiere Clutch Bag.  This chic midnight blue evening clutch bag is pure glamour with it’s elegant hard box shell and glistening rhinestones.  Accentuate this bag with a midnight hued, lace dress, strappy heels, vintage waves and a bold red lip for a vintage glam look that will be sure to turn heads.  This elegant look is the perfect recipe for a night out on the town or a wedding reception.  The Rhinestone Crystal Minaudiere Clutch Bag is available on Chicastic’s Amazon boutique.  For an even wider selection of apparel and accessories, and for more shipping options, visit Chicastic’s official online boutique.

The Chicastic Guide to CLUTCH PURSES


A clutch is, simply speaking, a small purse. It is usually built around a frame opening at the top, held closed by a kissing lock. The clutch has evolved from this simple design and now includes the envelope, fold over, minaudière (box), frame, and wristlet.

The clutch was designed to hold only the necessities, such as a cell phone, driver’s license, lipstick and car keys. There are an infinite number of designs and styles, and they range in price from $10 to the thousands. The clutch went out of fashion in the early 19th century, but came back to popularity during World War II. They’ve remained popular to this day, mostly as evening and formal bags but there are plenty of women who use them for daily use.

Here are a few of the most popular styles of clutches.

1. Envelope Clutch

Though it is designed with a more casual look, don’t let this little envelope fool you! It can be used for formal wear as well! Depending on the materials used, an envelope clutch can transition from work to an evening out!

2. Flap

Similar to the envelope clutch, the flap closure clutch is the most popular style for bridesmaid accessories.


3. Fold Over

The Fold Over clutch is almost exclusively a casual bag. It has a zipper top that folds down to half its size when closed.

4. Minaudière

Also known as a box clutch, this bag is the most popular for very formal events as they can be decorated with a myriad of objects such as knuckle duster handles, crystals, faux flowers, pearls, beads, leather…anything you can think of!

5. Frame

The frame usually has a hinge opening with a clasp or kissing lock, and the body is usually made of fabric in a pouch or rectangular shape. Sometimes the body is reinforced with a flexible yet sturdy lining.

6. Wristlet

All frame clutches can be wristlets, but not all wristlets can be frame clutches. It is basically a small bag or wallet with a small strap that fits around your wrist. This bag is a favorite for running errands or tossing in a bigger bag to use later.


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Rhinestone Sequin Chocolate Brown Clutch

Award season is upon us. You may not have won a Golden Globe (this year anyway!) , but you can still join in the fun of getting glammed up by adding a pop of glamour in your every day.

Who says clutches are only for big nights out on the town? Celebrities break the rules all the time! Add a little star power to your everyday look with a subtly fancy clutch purse. Paired with your favorite jeans, giant sunglasses and a megawatt smile, you can have the checkout girl at the supermarket wondering just who is that when you pull your credit card from a crystal clutch to buy milk and bread. After all, the who’s who of Hollywood’s gotta eat too, right?

Treat yourself like a star today at Chicastic!Chocolate Brown Sequin Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Your New Favorite Gold Clutch

Sometimes finding the perfect gold clutch is harder than it seems but Chicastic has put an end to your search with a collection of our most coveted gold clutches. From hard box to soft satin, we have styles that fit any occasion, ensemble, or personal preference. One of our most popular bags from our collection of gold is our fully sequined gold clutch. This style is inspire by the 1920’s, giving it a little bit of vintage appeal which is a very popular trend this season. Check this bag out at Chicastic now and take a look at our other gold clutches.

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Corset Outfit From Chicastic

We hope last weeks Chic Corset Outfit has inspired you  to find different ways to rock your favorite Chicastic corset. If you are still short on ideas, here is another way you can rock a sexy corset. In this corset outfit, we have our white lacy corset paired with high waist blue jeans, a grey top to go over it, a fabulous pair of platform pumps, and a rhinestone studded clutch from our Chic and Glamorous Collection.

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Chic Corset Outfit

Corset’s are not just reserved for the bedroom, you can easily transfer this sexy, daring piece from the sheets to the streets. Just add blazer or a button up shirt, a stylish pair of jeans, and your favorite clutch from Chicastic to your corset and you are good to go!

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Black & White Rhinestone Hard Box Clutch

This black & white hard box rhinestone clutch is a glamorous piece that is perfect for any upcoming special occasion event. The beautiful rhinestone designs on this clutch add the perfect bit of drama to an otherwise plain bag. If you want your bag to stand out at the next black tie event, getting this bag is something you won’t regret. This clutch and other hard box clutches are available at Chicastic now so don’t hesitate to get your hands on one of them before they are all gone!

Anniversary Gifts from Chicastic

Gentlemen, are you having trouble finding the perfect anniversary gift for your wife or girlfriend?  Chicastic has the perfect selection of anniversary gifts under $50 that the love of your life will adore!  Our favorite purse here at Chicastic is the Red Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Mini Hard Clutch Purse.  What better way to show her she still has your heart than by giving it back to her in the form of this Heart Shaped Purse?  It is a such a beautiful purse, and the sparkles in the photo do not do it justice!  This Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Purse is also available in BLACK and PURPLE.

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Happy Anniversary

One Prom Dress, ONE HUNDRED Prom Purses

Chicastic Prom Clutches
We at Chicastic saw this dress and our mouths dropped open!  It is such a stunning, fashion forward, and dazzling combination of chiffon, sparkles, leopard print and in the most amazing rainbow sherbet color combination!  And we thought to ourselves, “Wait, this dress goes with EVERYTHING WE HAVE!!!”  There are several colors in all of the styles of evening clutches at Chicastic that will go with this dress!  Take a look!

Classic yet modern is the theme for this Purple Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Mini Hard Clutch Purse.  It’s perfect for girls who want some sweet sparkle in their prom look.

The vintage detail that goes into the Fuchsia Pink Fully Sequined Antique Style Casual Clutch purse Bag is magnificent.  Perfect for those who want to bring a little “Golden Age of Hollywood” style.

The Brown Python Snakeskin Print Hard Shell Cocktail Clutch Purse picks up the subtle animal print from the underside of the dress.  Perfect for a non-traditional look!

A classic quilted motif is what this purse is about.  The Red Quilted Patent Leather Minaudiere Hard Clutch Purse Bag lends itself to a more modern approach to vintage with classic lines.

The Gold Faux Patent Leather Envelope Cocktail Evening Clutch Purse With Metal Studs is perfect for the rock star wild child in you!  Sparkly yet hard, and with a subtle snakeskin texture.

Red Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Clutch Purse

“Hello Friends!  I’m your Chicastic Clutch Bags and More girl!  Are you tired of the same rundown listless styles?  Does your style poop out at parties?  Are you wearing unpopular trends?  The answer to all your fashionista problems is at Chicastic.  Yes, Chicastic has clutch purses, jewelry, scarves, corsets and hats.  With Chicastic, you can shop your way to style.  All you do is pay a visit to Chicastic.  It’s so easy too!  There’s so much arm candy!  So why don’t you join all the thousands of happy fashionable people and have a big shopping spree at Chicastic today!  That’s Chicastic Clutch Bags and More!”

(Adapted from the original “Vitameatavegamin” speech from “I Love Lucy.”)

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy by chicastic

We are big fans of Lucille Ball!  She had such great style, having been fashion model early in her career.  We’ve put together an updated and cheeky version of her outfit in the infamous “Vitameatavegamin” episode.  The gingham dress, bottle necklace and fascinator may hint at Lucy, but it’s the   Red Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Mini Hard Clutch Purse that really puts the stamp on her signature look.  Take a dose of inspiration from America’s favorite redhead with the Red Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Mini Hard Clutch Purse.