Small Beads Bib Necklace

Small Beads Necklace

One of our latest arrivals is the small beads bib necklace. It’s a great statement piece to add to a t-shirt, work outfit, date, or night out on the town. Each bead is surrounded by a metallic circle which helps … Continue reading

Mint Jewelry For the Summer

Mint is in. But how can you work these cool accessories into your summer wardrobe?

Spring and summer are arguably all about color. Bright, vibrant shades help lighten the atmosphere and match the growing and blooming foliage all around us. Even if we’re wearing a neutral outfit, whether white, black, navy or beige, bright bold colors work well to add some oomph to our look and make us look more spirited and lively to match the season. There are few staple colors that really work their magic this time of year but mint is definitely one of them. While the cool nature of mint can work in winter as well, matching the chill outside, mint is also associated with the flavor as well which is light and refreshing, definitely a necessity for those warm summer months.

Mint jewelry makes for a great statement piece. Whether it is featured in a statement necklace, a bulky bangle or in a chunky stone ring, this color works to bring out the best of the season. A little lighter and cooler than other beachy colors like aquamarine or turquoise, this color offers a bit of the same feel while still being light and refreshing. This shade works wonders when paired with dark outfits or tops. Worn with a black or navy blouse, tank, or even a dress, this sort of jewelry will stand out and instantly lighten your look appropriately. You can also feel free to pair such an ensemble with mint flats or pointed toe heels for some added emphasis, which can also balance your look.

There are also plenty of jewelry types to choose from. Mint stones and insets are great for that boho look, especially if you are going for a more beachy feel. Enamel laquered bracelets or chain necklace work great if you’re going for an edgier and more modern look. When it comes to mint jewelry, you can really mix and match. Full on sets, including necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings, etc. are great especially when worn with a monochromatic outfit such as the ever popular little black dress. With this option, you can add some flare and breathe new life into your favorite basic while also completing and balancing out your overall look. If you’re wearing a busier outfit, then it would be best to go minimal. Choose only one piece to wear with your outfit so it is still noticeable but does not appear overbearing in comparison to the other items you are wearing.

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Mint Jewelry