Navy Blue Braided Rhinestone Studded Clutch

Something old, something new, something borrowed…something blue?

Are you a blushing bride eagerly counting down the days till your wedding day? If so, you’ve no doubt heard of this time-honored wedding tradition. Are you still on the hunt for your something blue? Look no further than the navy blue braided rhinestone studded clutch purse from Chicastic!

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This elegant evening bag is made from a glittery satin fabric complete with a sparkling rhinestone frame. Plus, the revolutionary braid design is the ultimate in sophistication and class. Measuring 8.5 inches long, 6 inches tall, and 1.5 inches wide, you’ll have no problem keeping all of your wedding day essentials inside – like your makeup for touch ups and your cell phone to instantly answer all of your well wishers! Carry your wedding day clutch around with you or break out the hideaway chain to wear as a shoulder bag.

Check out Chicastic’s entire collection of braided clutches – including all of the available vibrant colors – here!

Blue Fashion Accessories

Blue is a nice pleasing color to incorporate into your wardrobe.  It can vary from a pastel baby blue, to teal, to royal blue, to navy.  There’s a shade for everyone.

Keep the airy quality of a light blue dress by pairing it with white or silver accessories.  Or toughen up the look with a contrasting black purse and shoes.  Try a darker shade of blue for your outfit and match your accessories or try a red purse for a wow factor.

A purse or earrings can even be your something blue at your wedding.

Find great blue fashion items like clutches, jewelry, and corsets at Chicastic.

Styling a Silver Prom Dress

Silver is a timeless and versatile color, and works wonderfully for prom. Here are some ways to have fun and make the most out of your sterling prom look.

Silver is always a classic go-to prom dress color that is never overplayed. It’s dual purpose and perfect. Silver is essentially a neutral but is incredibly dynamic due to its metallic sheen and luster. This color is never boring and is sure to turn heads while remaining timeless and classic. The great thing about a silver prom dress is its utter versatility. Because it is essentially a neutral, it gives you an open playing field when it comes to accessorizing and accenting your look.

Since there are so many options when it comes to accessorizing, it would be best to decide on one theme, color, pattern, or overall look, and stick with it. A mismatch of accessories and accents can look like a mess and can ultimately detract from your dress, which is the main focus of your prom ensemble. When it comes to choosing accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. you must first work with what style dress you have. A simple evening gown can work with just about anything, as well as a simple, A-line cocktail dress, but if your piece features textures, patterns, other material, embellishments or adheres to a specific style such as a specifically retro look, then its best to look at these aspects and start from there.

If you have a simpler dress, then there is more room for you to be experimental and creative with your jewelry and choice of shoe. If you want to go bold, choosing a bright or strong statement color can be the way to go. Darker, richer shades go best with silver since it is already a light color and will offset nicely. Consider colors like red, burgundy, a deep orchid, rich navy blues or emerald greens. You can also add additional pieces such as a shawl or shrug in the color of your choice to further add depth and dimension to your prom ensemble. But it’s always best to keep it simple. If you’re going with a color theme, one or two accent colors will do. The metallic nature of the silver is already pretty busy so one color accent will do just fine.

If your dress is more embellished, uses multiple fabrics and intricate designs, then simpler jewelry will work better for you. Pearls or simple gem stones, or even basic silver or gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. will work wonderfully. If you want to have a little more fun, then choosing only one accessory can go a long way, such as choosing a single statement necklace. This way, you can still have fun accessorizing without detracting from your prom dress. If it has a specific style, such as that of a 20’s flapper, then appropriately vintage accessories will do wonderfully, or if it is more rocker chic then items utilizing more silver metal like spikes and studs will help enhance your prom look.

Find the perfect accessories for your silver dress at Chicastic.

Silver Prom Dress Accessories


Styling a Red Prom Dress

Timeless is always in, so red is always a safe bet for any major occasion like prom. Here are some ways to make sure you make the right statement and let the red speak for itself.

Red makes a perfectly bold and timeless statement all on its own. It is no wonder that any prom dress in any shade of the color is bound to be a knockout and turn some heads. Since the color on its own is already eye-catching, it can be difficult deciding how exactly to properly accessorize it. The key to achieving a perfectly balanced look is to choose the right pieces and the right amount of them.

Since this color is already so bold, it would be best to stick with classic metallics such as silver or gold, and other accessories in similar neutral tones like black, cream, white, beige, or even brown or navy blue. A simple silver or gold chain necklace and matching earrings is a timeless look that will go with any dress. If you have a more vintage looking piece or even one that is simple and you want an elegant evening look, then pearls will go wonderfully with any shade of red. They add a touch of class and character without overshadowing the color of your prom dress and add an air of old Hollywood glamour that never goes out of style. When it comes to pearls, it is still important to choose your accessories wisely. If you’re wearing a choker or even a tiered 20’s inspired string of pearls, then studded earrings will work best. If you’re opting to go for a pearl bracelet instead then larger, longer earrings will make up for the lack of necklace and balance out your look. Another option is to choose one solid statement piece. A statement necklace works best with a low-cut or sweetheart neckline, and especially if you are wearing a sleeveless dress. A necklace, especially a choker or one that rests on your collarbone, will highlight your bare neck and shoulders while balancing the neckline of your dress as well.

Additional accessories can be a bit troublesome too, but keeping it simple will work best. If you are going with a pearl theme, then a white satin clutch will match nicely. It will add to the look of the pearls, matching it in color and sheen, but will not detract with added embellishment or look too much. You can also choose to accessorize using items that are the exact color of your dress or are perhaps a shade or two darker. This way, you can add depth and dimension to your prom look with minimal effort. Remember, red is a powerful color and can speak for itself. Adding subtle accessories will truly allow this sort of piece to dazzle on your special day.

Find the perfect accessories for your red dress at Chicastic.

Red Prom Dress Accessories

Polka Dots are Hot!

Who doesn’t love Polka Dots?  Chicastic has polka dot wallets, polka dot scarves, and polka dot corsets!  The polka dot pattern is very popular in Europe, most notably in the United Kingdom!  Polka dots aren’t just for children.  They can be a sweet and sophisticated pattern for fashionistas everywhere.  This Blue With Black Polka Dots Satin Sexy Strong Boned Corset Lace Up Bustier Top combines sexiness and playfulness in one fun accessory!  This Blue With Black Polka Dots Satin Sexy Strong Boned Corset Lace Up Bustier Top has strong steel bones that won’t warp or lose their shape over time.  Able to contour your body to it’s perfect shape, the Blue With Black Polka Dots Satin Sexy Strong Boned Corset Lace Up Bustier Top is a fun addition to anyone’s wardrobe!


Black and Blue

Navy Blue Satin Diamante Clutch Bag with Rhinestone Clip

Prom is almost here!  Chicastic has a beautifully diverse selection of prom clutches available!  Navy blue is a very sophisticated color and this Navy Blue Satin Diamante Rhinestone Clip Evening Cocktail Hard Clutch Bag adds just the right amount of class!  The Satin Diamante Rhinestone Clip Clutch Bag is also available in Royal Blue.  Buy now from Chicastic and get free shipping within the US!

Navy Blue Satin Diamante Rhinestone Clip Evening Cocktail Hard Clutch Bag


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