Spring Clutch Purses

Clutch bags are an essential part of any outfit. Let your bag reflect the season and let it brighten up your look.

Spring cleaning often gets us itching to clean out our closets and buy some fresh new items. While there’s never really any reason to completely overhaul your wardrobe, there are some easy fixes to help you feel refreshed once winter is finally over. Spring not only means lighter jackets and warmer weather, but it also welcomes color back into the world. If you want to open your wardrobe up to spring, consider buying a new spring handbag to brighten up your look.

There are plenty of handbags out there, since most are appropriate year round. Often though, a simple color or pattern will determine when an item or accessory is most appropriate. While neutrals like black, white and beige are always in season, pale colors like pastels and bright neons are more spring appropriate. While more neons may not be for everyone and are more of a summer thing, pastels are unique to spring so jump on the opportunity to sport a pastel colored bag. This could include pinks, purples, yellows, greens and oranges. The light nature of these colors allows them to act more like a neutral than brighter, bolder colors. While they aren’t as versatile as blacks or whites, the light nature of these colors allows you to pair them with more outfits and accessories while still adding a splash of color.

Aside from playing with color, you can also play around with brighter, lighter patterns. Prints that use nature themes and florals are great for this season and mirror the changes happening outside. Flowers, leaves, trees and other natural elements make for fresh, fun prints that can be used in handbags as well as in other accessories. Canvas bags of any kind exhibit these best, whether they’re featured in hobo bags, totes, satchels, or cross-bodies. Even if you’re wearing an outfit consisting of solid colors, a patterned bag can add a lot of depth and refresh your look.

Pastel color clutches like purple are perfect for this weather, when going to a party. Check out some beautiful clutches at Chicastic now that may be perfect for a new look during the Spring season.

Purple Rhinestone Crystal Clutch Purse

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New Year, New Wardrobe!

Every new year brings new fashion trends and we always want to keep up with them. There’s no need to throw out the entirety of last year’s wardrobe but there are ways to update it that saves money and the life of the things you already own. Not to mention, those post-holiday sales are upon us and the coming of the new year is no better time to reinvent ourselves.

First thing’s first: clean out your closet! Donate or swap out the items you find yourself not wearing so much anymore or pieces that feel outdated. Also, chances are you have some hidden gems hiding in your wardrobe, perhaps a trendy item from yesteryear that’s found it’s way back to the fashion forefront. Fashions come and go and trends are fleeting, but there are always those select few classic items that are always in style. You probably have a good handful of these such items. These are great because their versatility gives them new life and they can always be revived with new fashion accessories, scarves in trending prints, or any number of additional accents. A staple item, such as a little black dress can be worn with new shoes or paired with a new bag. There are thousands of combinations. Perhaps what your wardrobe needs is a new bold cocktail clutch or a jewel-toned chiffon scarf. Scan the magazines and see which accessories speak to you the most, determine which trending styles best match your personality and go from there.

The good thing about these staple items is that they can easily be matched with other new and popular styles, such as a bold print shoe, snakeskin clutch or a jacquard print jacket. Mixing and matching is the best way to make anything look new and gives you far more combinations and fashion possibilities for years to come.

Be sure to choose wisely, though. Sometimes trends only last a season or two and are quickly booted out of fashion. When it comes to both fashion accessories as well as clothing pieces, be sure to choose versatile items that can be matched with much of your wardrobe and personal style. That way, even fleeting trends can be made staples when paired with the right things. This also makes it easier for you to keep up with future trends, when they come.

Remember, you don’t have to completely overhaul your closet or your wallet to create a fashionable new wardrobe to bring in the new year. With careful planning and sticking to what you like and works best with your personal style, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve. Find some great items for your new closet now, at Chicastic!

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