Red Orange Wool Blend Newsboy Cap Flat Driving Hat for Women

Jackets will keep you warm in the cold, but what really hurts most is the cool piercing wind blowing through your ears and the forehead. What you really need is a cap or a hat which will keep you warm. These wool blend caps at Chicastic are just perfect. This newsboy cap is stylish and keeps you warm – you no longer have to rely on that ugly and unshapely hood to keep yourself warm.

Red Orange Wool Blend Newsboy Cap Flat Driving Hat - Women's

Red Orange Wool Blend Newsboy Cap Flat Driving Hat – Women’s

Hat Trends For Fall 2013

Time to trade in your floppy summer hat for a slouchy winter beanie.  With so many stylish hats and caps available, there is one for every personality!  Hats are a great way to express yourself and your style! As long as the hat is properly fitted to your head, you will always walk away looking amazing!

The most popular hat for winter is the beanie. It comes in a wide variety of knits, styles, and colors. Some are embellished with sports logos, some with a pom-pom, and some even have sequins and beads sewn into them! They can fit tightly over your head or slouch down towards the back. They are warm, durable, and are very practical aside from being a fashion staple.  These look best with casual day wear outfits.

Another well known style is the ski hat. Fashioned much like the beanie, it has built in ear warmers hanging on both sides and knitted strings to tie it under your chin. They are a favorite for those who do not want to carry earmuffs with them. Available in every color imaginable, you can also find these with a mohawk knitted into it which is a very popular style among kids and teens. These caps are more of an every day hat.

Similar to the ski hat is the bomber hat. Usually lined in fur and normally used by hunters and trappers, lighter versions lined in fleece are also available for those of us who do not spend our days in the woods. Pair with a denim jacket, shorts and knitted tights.

Cloche hats are extremely stylish. They have been around since the early 1900’s and bring a sense of femininity and class that today’s fashion world is lacking. Wear with dresses or slim fitting pantsuits for a classic look.

Fedoras are another timeless style of hat. Consider them the “blue jeans” of the millinery world. They look great with almost anything, and everyone looks good wearing one. Just remember that fedoras are more of a daytime look for women.

Newsboy caps or driving caps are very fashionable. Flat on top and fitted with a small brim, they can be angled to anyone’s advantage. Pair with skinny jeans and a dramatic scarf for a chic outfit.

Remember that simplicity is key. Hats become the focal point of any outfit, so be sure not to pile on the accessories when wearing one. Keep the rest of your outfit sleek and you will look great!

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Fall Hats

Rainy Days and Mondays

Don’t let these rainy days get you down! Chicastic has many styles of hats, scarves and purses to keep you in vogue even during inclement weather!

Rainy Days and Mondays

newsboy cap

The Women’s Brown Leatherette Wool Blend Newsboy Cap Flat Driving Hat is a perfect, casual and stylish cap to keep off the elements as well as keep you in style!  This Wool Newsboy Cap is also available in Black and Brown and Black and Grey.

The Floral and Animal Print 100% Wool Pashmina Scarf has hints of orange, grey and beige.  Add a touch of warmth and sun to your rainy day outfit!  This 100% Wool Pashmina Scarf is also available in other colors and patterns!

This Beige Light Brown Faux Ostrich Leather Satchel Shoulder Handbag with Long Crossbody Strap is a great purse for work and every day use.  Ostrich print is very trendy these days and what better way to add this trend to your wardrobe than with an Ostrich Leather Satchel Shoulder Handbag?

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