Blue Allure


Going out for drinks with the girls this weekend and planning to pull out the typical little black dress?  Not so fast!  Why not stand out from the crowd in a pop of color?  Chicastic’s Blue Crystal Cocktail Clutch is the perfect accessory choice to add color to your wardrobe.  This azure colored clutch boasts a vibrant, richly saturated color, silver hardware and a unique crystal design, that has a reptilian quality.  This bag also comes equipped with a removable shoulder chain for added versatility.  Pair this bag with a colorfully patterned dress with hints of the same daring blue as the clutch, and bold, electric blue accessories for a stunning look.  Dial up the style with Chicastic’s black chiffon stole draped around your shoulders to take the chill out of the night air.  This glamorous clutch is available at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other chic accessory items visit

Opulent Jewel Tones




Would you like to incorporate vibrant color into your wardrobe but are unsure of how to do it?  The Fall/ Winter season is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the opulence of jewel tones.  I would suggest starting off by adding colorful accessories to your existing wardrobe.  What better way to turn up the wow factor of your look than with Chicastic’s Satin Evening Cocktail Clutch!  Carry this clutch as you paint the town red in regal style.  This beautiful clutch, with it’s richly saturated amethyst hue, is a true statement piece and adds the perfect pop of color to any little black dress.  The deep purple color, pleated satin texture, scalloped edges and rhinestone brooch accent make this bag exude an aura of pure luxury.  This clutch bag is available in a variety of brilliant colors, my personal favorites are the Purple and Wine Red, and also features a chain link strap.  You can purchase this clutch at Chicastic’s Amazon boutique.  For even more chic apparel and accessory selections and for more shipping options, visit Chicastic’s official online boutique.

Look Fashionable for Dinner with the Girls

Make looking fashionable with your friends even more fun. Get your girls together and help each other out when getting ready for a night out together.

Going out with the girls is some of the best fun a lady can have. Being surrounded by friends is wonderful and for so many reasons. Looking forward to a night out on the town with the gals can even be fun before you leave the house! Since you’ll all be hanging out together, you’re more than likely to be dishing out info on what you’re planning on wearing or complaining that you just don’t know what to wear! While you as friends are in one boat or the other, being together makes getting ready all the easier.

When girls go out together, they tend to encourage their friends to really dress up, take chances and try experimenting with mixing and matching you may have never thought up alone otherwise. Invite the girls over and have a pre-dinner party where you can exchange your favorite accessories. Borrow a leopard clutch for the night while another friend borrows your pastel patent leather pumps. Having new accessories can make you feel like a whole new woman and the encouragement of others always gives a girl a confidence boost.

The overall style of what you wear depends on where you’re going out to eat, but if you’re with a like minded group of girls, then why not dress your best? We all have outfits or pieces we wish we could wear more often but rarely find the occasion to wear them to. Convince your girls to gather these pieces and you can all wear them together! If you’re in a group of fashionable gals, you won’t feel overdressed in that cute lace cocktail dress you just had to have but had no where to wear it to. Take it up a notch and add a dazzling coin purse clutch and sport a silk scarf. If you’re all dressing up together, you won’t feel alone wearing your Sunday best. Plus you’ll all look and feel great!

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with being casual. If you all decide to go somewhere low-key, the mixing and matching and accessory exchanging is still a viable pre-dinner get together option, but feel free to exchange more casual pieces like chiffon scarves, flats, or cardigans. Try prints you may not own or wouldn’t normally wear and let your gals do the same.

No matter what you do, you are guaranteed to have an absolute blast when you are with your closest comrades. Exchange fashion ideas, tips and even some of your favorite pieces.

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Girls Night Out Accessories

Rhinestone Clasp Evening Bag

Make 2014 the year of glam! A rhinestone studded evening clutch can increase your glam factor without breaking the bank. Did you resolve to save a little more money this year? Pairing a brightly colored clutch purse can update the look of any dress you already have, just waiting to be taken out for a night on the town!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a red clutch bag may be just the addition your closet needs. No matter your plans, it can complete any look while pulling in look of the holiday. First date? Pop into a mini hard box clutch your ID, lipstick and, because you never know, breath mints! Have you scored a babysitter and are heading out with the husband on a much needed date night? Tuck your cellphone into a rhinestone studded evening bag and enjoy your freedom! Night out with your single gal pals? Be the one everyone notices with the most festive of accessories containing your essentials.

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