Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Day is the last holiday of the winter season and warms us up with romance. Gift giving is a little more special, personal and demands for a little more romantic sentiment this time of year. But sometimes romance doesn’t have to be super fancy but can be friendly and flirty too. Whether you’re looking to get a gift for her, a new significant other or for a special someone you’ve been with for a long time, a fun gift is just as romantic and still suits the occasion. Flowers are a staple of Valentine’s Day but flowers are seeing some major attention in fashion right now. This pattern is one of the most sought after prints in clothing and accessories.

Floral prints are the epitome of romantic. This print can be found in just about anything, from tops, blouses, pants to every accessory imaginable. A floral print chiffon or cotton scarf is a great fun and flirty piece that any girl can make use of. Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories out there, they have the potential to make a statement while also keeping us warm. But they are also a great date accessory to wear in cold, as well as warmer spring weather, whether it’s under a coat, a cardigan or with a simple tee. These items are great with any solid print and can jazz up any neutral outfit easily. They’re perfect for a casual date at a coffee shop or even paired with a little black dress for a fancier night out.

But floral prints aren’t just limited to scarves, as discussed. A floral print bustier or corset is also known for their vintage romance. They can be worn simply, with a slimming pant under a blazer, leather jacket, or even alone, but they can also be worn more casually over a simple long-sleeved or short-sleeved tee. She can wear this piece in so many ways, and all of them flirty. She can be friendly with a skinny jean and short-sleeved tee or a little more feisty if she wears it alone. There is a possible outfit for every style and every personality, all of them perfectly appropriate for the holiday. 

This style does not only come as a pattern, you can also find flowers or floral designs in other accessories, such as featured designs in clutch purses, which are great dinner wear accessories. This might be your desired gift route if you plan on taking your date out to a fancy, candle-lit dinner or for a romantic night out.

Flowers don’t last forever but the floral print has stuck around for a while now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. A fun, flirty accessory she is sure to use will make a great gift. They go with any color and are so easy to accessorize, but most of all, floral prints are romantic and have some real staying power. Chicastic has the greatest gifts for women for Valentine’s Day, so buy now to get it in time. 

Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

The Perfect Universal Clutch Purse

Clutch purses are a fashion staple. One of these handbags makes just as much of a statement as any other accessory, like a bold necklace or scarf, and can be the final piece to completing an outfit. No closet is complete without one, so if you find yourself lacking one you’re probably in the market for an all-purpose, universal clutch.

If you want a go-to bag, it’s best to start with a versatile color, and what color is more versatile than black? It’s edgy, it’s classy, it’s flirty, it’s mysterious, it can be anything you want it to be. A black bag is perfect for any occasion and any style, so a black clutch is a great place to start. But like any other accessory, clutches come in a plethora of styles, patterns and prints, but when it comes to a universal accessory, the envelope or the knuckle duster are the most versatile and can be worn with just about anything.

A black envelope clutch is classy, elegant and sleek. It’s simple but sophisticated design is incredibly adaptable. It can be worn out to a professional lunch, out to an elegant dinner or event, or even grabbed on the go. The sheer simplicity of its design makes this style suitable to practically every outfit or ensemble on any occasion. What more could you ask of a go-to bag? While the envelope is sleek and versatile, the knuckle duster is just as adaptable but a little more fun. A black knuckle duster can similarly be worn to suit any outing, but with its additional closure piece, adds more oomph and acts as more of an accessory. These can be found in a multitude of styles and designs, from simplistic to rhinestone-studded, or from elegantly etched to edgy. A knuckle duster is just as appropriate at a dinner event as it is out on the town.

Having a universal clutch is just as important to a wardrobe as the little black dress. It’s an accessory for any upscale occasion, and you don’t want to be caught at an awards ceremony with an over-sized tote or hobo bag. You can dress it up or down and it matches any style, pattern or ensemble you can imagine while complimenting it seamlessly and effortlessly. A sleek, classy clutch gives off an air of purposeful sophistication, but has the ability to be fun and flirty, too. Chicastic has great fashion accessories for women especially clutch purses. Find one that will be your go-to clutch purse now!

The Perfect Clutch Purse

Rhinestone Clasp Evening Bag

Make 2014 the year of glam! A rhinestone studded evening clutch can increase your glam factor without breaking the bank. Did you resolve to save a little more money this year? Pairing a brightly colored clutch purse can update the look of any dress you already have, just waiting to be taken out for a night on the town!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a red clutch bag may be just the addition your closet needs. No matter your plans, it can complete any look while pulling in look of the holiday. First date? Pop into a mini hard box clutch your ID, lipstick and, because you never know, breath mints! Have you scored a babysitter and are heading out with the husband on a much needed date night? Tuck your cellphone into a rhinestone studded evening bag and enjoy your freedom! Night out with your single gal pals? Be the one everyone notices with the most festive of accessories containing your essentials.

Visit Chicastic for all your glam needs today!horseshoe rhinestone closure red clutch

Multi Color Floral Print Cotton Sexy Strong Boned Corset

Brighten up a fall day with one of our newest corsets! Our multi color floral print corset is comfortable, versatile, and stylish. This corset can easily be paired up with a blazer or cardigan or on those really nice days, alone with a pair of your favorite jeans. Get this corset in blue or yellow today, or if you prefer something more intimate and sexy, check out the other corsets available at Chicastic.