Silk Scarf Wrap

Scarves are an invaluable fashion accessory all year round. Here are some ways to wear a silk scarf this spring.

There is no fashion accessory quite as versatile as the scarf. It is simultaneously practical and fashionable and can be manipulated to create and match countless looks, outfits and ensembles on any number of occasions. Each of the seasons tends to call on different materials when it comes to fashion in general but these accessories are no exception. While there are some materials, like cotton and silk, that are appropriate year round, there is something a little more special about silk. Silk can be worn no matter what the season is, but always calls for a classier look than any of the other fabrics. Adding silk instantly makes any look more sleek and a silk scarf wrap is one great way to add it to your wardrobe.

The great thing about these fashion accessories is that there is no one right way to wear them. Let your rendition of a scarf inspire the rest of your ensemble or the other way around. These simple but rich colors are perfect for spring, adding a bit of extra oomph to any rainy day. You can choose to match your outfit with the overall color of the scarf or use contrasting colors when it comes to both. Use it to brighten up an otherwise dark outfit, add a splash of color to a spring trench coat if the weather calls for it, or use it to add some fun to an office outfit. Even adding it to a more casual outfit will dress it up a little. Depending on the color of the scarf and those used in your overall outfit this accessory can add a fun touch while the silk adds some elegant texture to whatever you are wearing.

When it comes to tying or wearing this accessory, you have several options available to you. Wearing it close and tight about the neck can give you a bit of an Old Hollywood look, just as if you were to wear it over a hairdo like a kerchief. As the name suggests, you can absolutely wear this piece as a wrap around, whether it is simply draped over your shoulders or used more widely over your torso as makeshift cardigan or kimono. There are even several ways to tie this piece as a wrap, which may include simply folding it into a triangle, draping over your shoulders and tying in the front, you can wear it as a side wrap or one-shouldered wrap, or even loop and tie the ends so it makes an infinity scarf and looping it under your arms and over your neck as a makeshift cardigan which can be bunched at the shoulders for texture or draped loosely over your shoulders to look more like a kimono.

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Silk Scarves

One Ring Knuckle Duster

Having some set items for special occasions can come in handy. Here is a versatile formal clutch to save for those extra fancy events.

It is always useful to have some set parts of your wardrobe for specific things. Some things every closet should have are a little black dress, a universal interview outfit, and a few other staple pieces to keep your wardrobe fully stocked and at the ready no matter what. It is always smart to have some fancy things on hand. Even if you do not attend formal events very often, it is good to save pieces from past events to use in the future in the event that the occasion arises. One accessory fits that category and that is the elegant clutch. The clutch is the perfect handbag for more upscale events, and this one ring knuckle duster does the trick.

This elegant piece makes a classic statement. On it’s own, it is very bold and eye-catching, using large gold and rhinestone insets over a loud statement color. These primary-leaning jewel tones add a touch of old world elegance that is found in regalia and is reminiscent of royalty. Because this statement clutch is so bold on its own, it goes best with basics and more subtle dresses or pantsuits. For instance, a knuckle duster in any of these shades would go wonderfully with a little black dress. Its motif can be implemented simply by using other accent pieces that are the same shade as the bag, such as matching shoes and jewels or colored jewelry with the clutch itself.

You can also go with using the bag’s color to inspire a theme for your look. Wearing other blues in the same family as the blue used in the bag you can create an interesting, somewhat matching look that doesn’t look too matchy-matchy but is still well coordinated and complete. Accessorize with simple gold jewelry that only adds a hint of shimmer with some rhinestone or diamond earrings to balance the look. Alternatively, you can use the color of the bag as a means of offset. Pair this clutch with a dress in a complementary color to that used in the knuckle duster you choose. You can go with the option above of using it to accent a little black dress, but this clutch would stand out just as well against most other neutrals, especially whites or beiges. It all depends on the look you wish to achieve and the level of glam you’re going for. No matter what, it is always vital to have a staple formal bag on hand because you never know when you might need one in a pinch.

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One Ring Knuckle Duster

Mint Stone Statement Necklace

Statement pieces are everywhere now and can help transform outfits of any caliber. Use this mint stone statement necklace to add some refreshing color to any spring ensemble.

Mint has been a signature staple color for a couple of years now but it is still here to stay. This shade provides a refreshing addition to any ensemble, brightening up your look with minimal, classy effort. It works to lighten an outfit while also adding that hint or splash of color. It’s perfect for using as an accent, whether it be a single statement piece like a blazer or a pointed toe shoe, or even a statement necklace. Necklaces, jewelry and other accessories are great for when it comes to adding color to an ensemble to create balance or when adding depth and texture. These pieces can be used to stand out on their own, to help bring out specific elements of your outfit or can work as inspiration for the outfit itself.

This mint stone statement necklace can work in many ways. One of the simplest ways to wear it is with a basic outfit. If you’re wearing your favorite tee and jeans, this necklace can add some color and class, instantly jazzing up your overall look. Wearing it with light neutral colored basics works best, especially if you’re looking to make a simple outfit look more purposeful. Additionally, this accessory goes well with other classic basics like the ever popular little black dress. By adding similar jewelry, whether of the same color, simple gold, or even the entire matching jewelry set can bring the entire outfit together. This will help add a sufficient amount of color that is perfect for the spring and the coming summer. A dress with a simple, low neckline or one that is sleeveless works best. This way, the attention is drawn to the necklace, allowing it to work its magic.

Other colors work just as well. A warm toned ensemble using warm golds, browns, beiges and similar shades accent the gold in the necklace, allowing the mint stones to offset your look beautifully. This way, the mint stones stand out but the gold also ties in the rest of the outfit by mirroring those similar, warm shades. Alternatively, you can use the mint of the stone insets to bring out any mint or similar shades that are used in a pattern or print you happen to be wearing, whether it is a patterned top, a printed pant or embellished clutch or shoe.

Pieces like this can help maximize your wardrobe this spring and summer. Use it to accent a formal or professional outfit or let it help you add oomph to any of your basic ensembles.

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Mint Stone Statement Necklace


Peacock Motif Clutches

The peacock pattern is simultaneously elegant, unique and complex. Use this classic motif to inspire or add some oomph to your outfits.

A clutch is one of the best ways to add some oomph to your look. These fashion accessories not only hold your basic essentials, but they have the power to make a statement despite their small size. There is no commitment involved, they can be taken off or added to an outfit just as easily, and they can be mixed and matched just as quickly and effortlessly. One such powerful clutch purse is a peacock motif clutch. Whether they feature peacock feathers, the feather design, or merely mimic their colors, this purse is sure to turn some heads and add some serious depth and dimension to your ensemble.

This sort of bag can be used in multiple ways. The first, and easiest, way is also perhaps the most useful. A purse like this definitely makes a statement but is simultaneously bold and timeless all at once. This motif hearkens back to that Old Hollywood glamour that is always in style and always appropriate. It can be added to monochromatic evening wear as well as casual wear. Use it to add some oomph to a more casual date outfit or wear it with your favorite little black dress. In these instances, the bag will add some character to your ensemble while your clothing can remain simplistic yet timeless. The colors do a lot to bring depth and dimension to a look, even if it is basic or simple, and will dress it up by association and close proximity. When paired with simpler colors and simpler ensembles, this clutch really becomes the focus of the outfit yet also enhances your outfit at the same time.

In a different vein, you can decide to use the bag to inspire your desired outfit. The peacock motif is known for its signature colors, consisting of deep blue, indigo or purple, and teal, more or less. These three colors can be used to influence your choice of additional accessories as well as influence your other pieces of clothing. For instance, choose one color you want to focus on from the pattern, such as the dark blue. Choose a dress, top or pant in this shade and this will seamlessly blend your outfit with your clutch. You can add accessories that match the remaining colors but remember that subtle accents can really go a long way. Similarly, you can simply pair this clutch with accessories that match one of the colors in the pattern to create a complete look.

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Peacock Clutches

Duster Knuckle Clutch

Gold can be great in a pinch. Add that oomph to your outfit with this glittery gold clutch.

Looking glamorous can have a lot of meanings and may differ depending on who you are talking to. But no matter what, gold always has the power to add oomph to an outfit. The key with gold is to use it wisely and sparingly. Bring your evening ensemble to the next level with this gold glitter duster knuckle clutch.

This bag can go two ways, if not more. But when it comes to evening events, it can be worn to a high class formal event just as well as it can to a night out with the girls. It all depends on what you’re wearing it with. If you’re heading out to a glamorous formal event, clad in an evening gown and timeless jewelry, this handbag can add that bit of boldness you’re looking for without requiring you to overhaul your whole look. While looking timeless and traditional for a formal event is nothing but expected, having a statement piece to set you apart from the crowd can make you feel bold while you still adhere to the rules of formal wear. Against a neutral evening gown, this bag sparkles and shines and since it is so small it will attract just the right amount of attention.

If you’re planning a more casual night out that still calls for you to dress to the nines, then this bag will work just as well. If you’re going to a less formal event then you have much more freedom to play around with dresses in terms of color and texture. You can use this bag to inspire your jewelry by adding other sparkly or metallic gold pieces and shoes to add that wow factor to a cocktail dress or even more casual outfit. Even if you’re going out on a date, this clutch can be used along with a basic outfit and, say, a statement necklace to jazz it up a little.

This bag has multiple purposes, but the trick is not to go overboard. If you choose to wear matching accessories, choose one or two choice items and make sure they aren’t crowded around the same area. For instance, a statement earring and metallic gold shoes would be great with this clutch when worn with a cocktail dress. If worn to jazz up a casual outfit, a bold necklace is perhaps the only other accessory you need. Subtlety goes a long way with gold and still adds that glamorous effect.

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Gold Glitter Duster Knuckle Clutch

Wardrobe Staples

Filling an entire wardrobe is a very personal process. You can still hold to your own personal style while incorporating these major wardrobe staples.

Everyone’s wardrobe is unique. We all have a personal style all our own that dictate which fashions appeal to us and which trends we choose to keep up with. But that doesn’t mean that wardrobe staples are completely out of the question. The purpose of owning a staple piece is not to redefine your style but for the purpose of always being prepared. Any of the following items can be personalized, whether it be in embellishment or enhanced design. No matter what, these wardrobe staples will help you out in a pinch and will ensure that your wardrobe is complete.

1. Black pumps. These babies are incredibly useful and versatile. Perfect for a night out, an evening dinner, or even the office, these shoes are incredibly useful and are always in. Black goes with absolutely everything and is both seductive as well as professional. They really come in handy if you have a last minute occasion to get ready for; they match everything and are incredibly adaptable, not to mention totally hot.

2. An evening dress. Speaking of last minute occasions, it’s always a good idea to have at least one backup “fancy” outfit. You never know if you’ll be invited out to an elegant dinner, an important business function, or even a wedding. Having a nice dress to wear will definitely come in handy. Especially for those of us who rarely go to these things, it’s always good to have one dress on hand because an occasion will undoubtedly pop up and looking for a dress last minute is never a stress reliever.

3. A day dress. Again, for last minute occasions, dates, etc. Sometimes certain events or venues call for it and it’s always good to have one on hand.

4. An interview outfit. These are essential. Even if you aren’t looking for a job, it’s good to keep one concrete outfit on hand. You can mix and match the pieces to use in other outfits to get maximum use out of it as well.

5. A statement piece of jewelry. These accessories say a lot about our personality and our style. Not only that but they can dress up and add oomph to just about any outfit. Whether you’re accenting an evening dress, an interview outfit, or even a basic tee and jeans, a statement piece will go a long way.

If you don’t already own any of these staple pieces, keep an eye out, and when you find one that particularly catches your eye or your specific sense of style, then snag it! You never know when you’ll come by one again, and chances are you won’t if you need to find a particular piece at the last minute. It’s always better to have it ready.

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Wardrobe Staples

Purple Rhinestone Clutch

Statement pieces can help define your look and inspire outfits. Incorporate this purple rhinestone clutch into your formal spring look and stand out from the crowd.

Bold colors can be daring just as much as they can be classy. While neon colors are often considered such, there are other bright colors that may not be in the same category as neon. Any bright or startling color will do, and a brilliant purple orchid can be the ticket. Purple orchid has been a considerably hot color these past few seasons and makes the perfect accent color for this spring’s accessories. Now that spring is here, brighter colors are entering the fashion repertoire and this shade fits in there perfectly, especially since flowers are in its namesake.

But when it comes to an accent piece, you don’t just want to think about color. Texture and design should also come to mind, and the abstract rhinestone decoration seen here on this satin hard box evening clutch exhibits all of these wonderful characteristics. Its intricate rhinestone design sets it apart from plainer clutches but is still subtle. Its geometric pattern makes it modern while its shiny satin finish makes it appropriate for more traditional formal wear as well.

A piece like this works great with timeless looks, such as a black dress. The purple is still a deep, dark color but with a pop, setting itself apart from darker colors like black or dark grey. You can coordinate jewelry and other accessories by matching the color or mimicking the geometric rhinestone pattern with a statement necklace or embellished shoe. Similarly, you can wear an outfit that is more inspired by this piece while still letting it stand out, such as a power suit. You can wear a textured top in a similar orchid shade beneath a light or dark grey blazer or suit jacket with matching pant. To bring out more of the purple, try to find a pointed-toe shoe, the shape of which will complement the geometric pattern on the clutch, in the same shade.

The great thing about statement pieces like this hard case satin clutch is that they can be used to stand out completely or to inspire the outfits they are being worn with. In any case and no matter what the occasion, a statement piece like this purple rhinestone clutch can help you create countless looks and styles and will always add that bit of oomph and flare any outfit you don. Bold pieces help add personality to your look and help you stand out from the crowd.

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Anniversary Gifts for her

Remembering an anniversary is a big deal, and getting the perfect gift to show your loved one just how much you appreciate another month, year or decade together is just as important. Of course, we shouldn’t need an occasion to bestow gifts on our significant others and we should tell them just how important they are as often as we can, but special occasions are milestones and they help keep relationships strong, too. Here are some romantic gift ideas that might help you show your love.

When one thinks of anniversaries, images of flowers, fancy gourmet chocolate, elegant candlelight dinners and fancy jewelry come to mind. These are classic gift ideas that never go out of style. Giving some classic cocktail jewelry and perhaps a matching elegant envelope clutch would be a great pre-dinner gift, that way she can wear her new accessories out on your special night. Classic silver or diamond jewelry is always a best-seller and a great gift choice if you aren’t sure what she might like exactly. These pieces reflect the occasion and are timeless pieces she can wear to any formal or romantic occasion. A new twist on these classic gifts could be an all-inclusive gift basket. Place the jewelry or accessories in the center, with an envelope holding a dinner reservation tucked between, including chocolate and flowers to cushion the main attraction.

But you don’t always have to go out to celebrate. Perhaps gather the same items, but instead of a reservation, place some uncooked gourmet dinner ingredients and recipes as part of the gift to cook together with some new, sensuous candles and flowers to adorn your private romantic dinner table. You can still dress up if you’re dining in, and she’d love to test out her new jewelry anywhere, especially for the one she loves. Light some of the new candles at the dinner table with your fresh flowers for the centerpiece as you two sit down to dinner dressed in your best and create your own more personal anniversary ambiance.

Aside from these classic gift ideas, you know your significant other best. A scrapbook of shared memories, a rare edition of a book they’ve been meaning to read or already love, tickets to a concert you’d both love to attend, reservations for a surprise vacation, or even some luscious intimates are other great ideas. In any case, no matter what the gift, the intimate thought that goes into choosing and giving a gift is the most important of all.

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Anniversary Gifts For Her