Corsets have been a wardrobe staple for decades. Once though of as an undergarment, they have been evolving into a flexible garment that can be worn in the bedroom or as part of normal day wear. Because they are made from different fabrics (including silk, brocade, satin, denim, cotton, latex), you are sure to find a corset that blends seamlessly into your wardrobe.

When worn correctly, a corset is a wonderful accessory that accentuates your curves. They may look uncomfortable but when you finally learn how to wear it, the opposite is true! Click HERE to learn how to put on a Chicastic corset! They key to dressing up a corset lies in creative layering. Are you up for the challenge? Here are several ideas you can try!


Corsets themselves are a complete outfit, as minimal as they may seem. If you add too much in the way of flashy details it will take attention away from the parts of your body you are trying to accentuate. Instead of a flashy pant or skirt, try a subtle or plain high waisted trouser or pencil skirt. You want to stay away from shorter skirts if you don’t plan to layer a cardigan or blazer over it. Corsets are already sexy, so balance is exremely important. A sexy and modest idea would be to pair a pencil skirt with a well fitted top, then layer a corset over it. Keep the skirt and shirt the same color to avoid color overkill. Or you can try a denim pencil skirt and high heeled sandals. For casual weddings, one would do well with a medium skirt and lace corset. Try a full tulle, satin, or linen choice, but why not pair that same lace corset with a different fabric entirely? A white seersucker a-line skirt is an unexpected and chic option. Make sure to add some sparkly jewelry to up the glam factor just a bit! It is still a wedding, after all!


A popular item these days, skinny jeans are a great pairing with corsets. Just make sure that your jeans really hug your legs. Any droop, slouch, or baggy area will take away from the entire look. A sheer top under the corset will add class and cover you up without smothering away the sexiness. Try a regular t-shirt with espadrilles or sandals for a more laid back look. Layer on some bracelets to complete the ensemble.


Wear a close fitting casual tee with a corset and a pair of your favorite jeans (skinny or otherwise) for a funky casual look. On hot days, a pair of shorts would also work nicely. Just make sure the shorts aren’t too short! On cool autumn days, add a pair of leggings or thick tights for added warmth and color!


For another look appropriate for fall, a cardigan or shrug is a great way to soften the sexiness of a corset. Wear a shrug for a sexier look, or a cardigan to cover up a little more. Either way, you’re sure to turn some heads! This pairing works well with form fitting bottoms like skinny jeans, pencil skirts or leggings.


An edgy leather jacket can take your corset to a whole new level. Add skinny jeans, boots, and a colorful scarf or bold necklace for a modern take on Sandy from the musical Grease! For something a little more grown up, switch the leather and boots for an upscale blazer and heels. Blazers instantly tone down the inherent sexiness of corsets. If your corset is a bright color, pair with a neutral blazer or jacket. If your corset is a subtle color, then any bright color or patterned blazer is a definite YES!


Corset dresses are very popular on the red carpet or for weddings and other formal occasions, but there is no reason NOT to wear one casually! You can also try an off the shoulder jersey knit dress with an underbust corset. As long as the dress is fitted close to your body, you should be able to pull this off. Don’t try this with a loose dress such as a shift or the extra fabric will bunch up and not be very attractive or flattering.

There you have it! If you have a corset look that you’d like to share with us, please tag us on Instagram and we will repost! Be sure to check out Chicastic’s line of beautiful corsets here!


Fitness Style


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What to Wear When Meeting His Mom

Meeting his mother can be rather nerve wracking. But what to wear? Try to be true to your roots but be sure to be on your best behavior.

Meeting your guy’s mom is a pretty big deal. Not only is it a sign that things are headed in a serious direction, but it is the first opportunity you’ll have to make an impression on the lady who means the most to your guy. It’s a bit like a job interview, but a little more personal. You want to be yourself, but you want to put the best version of yourself forward. But what do you wear?

First thing’s first is to assess what sort of setting you’ll be meeting your beau’s mother in. Is it a casual swing by their house? Are they inviting you over for dinner? Will you be going out to eat? Or will you be casually meeting for coffee together? The venue and the time will act as big cues for you when it comes to deciding on what to wear. As a general rule, even if you are going to meet them in a more casual setting, it’s best to dress up a bit for it. You don’t have to be fancy, but if you’re meeting at a coffee shop you might not want to wear a baggy t-shirt and jeans, you may instead want to wear a nice top with slim pants, a handbag and some flats, for instance. It’s still a casual look, but a cleaned up version that still shows you care about meeting his mom.

Another big cue will be what she’s like. You have probably heard a bit about her or even seen some pictures. What is she like? What does she like? What’s her own style? No matter what, you should still be yourself. But make sure it’s your best self. If she’s more of a conservative mom, then alter your look to be on the conservative side but don’t compromise your personality or style. Use items you may already have that fit the bill. If she’s more laid back, it still makes a good impression to look put-together, but don’t be afraid to experiment as much.

No matter what you choose, it’s always good advice to be yourself. While you do want to make a good impression, you don’t want to completely change who you are or act too formal and stiff. Just like at a job interview, the interviewer can often tell if you are trying too hard or are pandering to their interests in an effort to impress them. While this information is useful in meeting them, it is still important that you can do so while still being true to yourself. Let your personality shine through your outfit, even if you have to make some adjustments in order for it to be appropriate.

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Accessories for Meeting His Mother

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Holiday parties are right around the corner! The question is, what to wear to all the fancy shindigs around town? There are as many reasons to get dressed up as there are outfits to wear! It is very easy to stray from looking classy and festive to a completely hot mess. Here are a few ideas to help you look your best this holiday season.

A slim fitting knee length jewel toned dress with a v-neck collar and three quarter inch sleeves is very sleek, stylish and classy. It combines sexy with just the right amount of conservatism. Wear with a gold or silver pendant and accent with bangles of the same color. Or skip the bangles and carry a metallic clutch with a rhinestone clasp.

Sleeveless white satin dresses are reminiscent of crystalline snow, so they are perfect for holidays. Strap on silver heels and carry a silver clutch. Forego any jewelry and let your hair loose. Keep your makeup natural except for a swipe of bright red lipstick for a true snow queen look!

Nothing says holidays like sparkle and glitter, so why not go all out with them? You can wear a gold sequined tube dress with nude stockings and flesh or gold toned heels. Wrap a soft white shawl around you to stay warm. Pearl or diamond stud earrings are a good choice because they will not compete with your dress. Because this is a tube dress that exposes your neck and shoulders, you want to wear your hair pulled up to draw attention to those areas. If you need more sparkle, try a cocktail ring or thin gold bangles. Your dress is full of sparkles already so there is no need to add more.

For a funkier approach, try a black and white striped skirt paired with an embellished tank top, black stockings and glittering black heels. Add a pop of color with a bright pink clutch bag and a statement necklace. Add to that a black chiffon scarf.

If dresses and skirts are not an option, try a pair of slacks paired with a pretty top. Any color is acceptable! The holidays are full of fun and frivolity so why should your outfit stay muted and dull? Emerald green pants worn with gold heels and a gold corset is an incredibly sexy look without being too revealing. Cropped amethyst purple pants with silver heels looks stunning with a loose sweater covered in sequins. Or go monochromatic with navy pants, a periwinkle tank top, royal blue clutch and an ombre blue shawl.

Remember, the holidays only come once a year! Feel free to take risks with your holiday outfit! Keep it colorful, classy and sparkling and you won’t go wrong!

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Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Gold Rhinestone Stud Octagon Hard Box Clutch

A stand out clutch is perfect for those nights were you feel under dressed. Sometimes, a dazzling clutch is all a girl needs to make their ensemble go from simple to simply stunning. Chicastic’s gold rhinestone clutch is everything you need when feeling unsure about your look. It is a jewel in itself, a statement clutch that says whatever your outfit isn’t. Having this clutch in your wardrobe can be a life saver down the road so don’t hesitate to get yours before the holiday season.