What Scarves to Wear and When

Not sure when to wear a certain scarf? There’s a scarf for every season and every occasion if you know how to choose wisely. Scarves are most definitely the most useful fashion accessory a girl can own. They can be … Continue reading

Statement Scarf

Scarves are an essential accessory. Learn how to use a statement scarf to your advantage and liven up your look.

Scarves are an absolutely essential accessory to any woman’s wardrobe. They come in handy in all seasons and there is a fabric and print to match any kind of weather, occasion, and overall ensemble. It is always a good idea to have more than one scarf on hand, and not only that, it is imperative that you have a little variety. If you’re going to have more than one of anything, you should be sure that they are as different as possible, if not just a little bit. This way, these accessories can be worn to match any look you’re going for and can truly maximize your wardrobe. Just like having that one statement bag, necklace, or shoe, having a statement scarf can be just as handy.

A statement scarf can be anything you want it to be. It can be a bold and bright color, a showy pattern or print, or even a special fabric or material. It all depends on your personal style as well as your current collection of scarves. If you generally have dark colors or opt for neutrals, then simply adding a light or otherwise eye-catching color to your repertoire will do nicely without going out of your fashion comfort zone. If you have a rainbow of these accessories already, then a print or a new material may be the option for you.

Bright colors can do a lot to accent an outfit and bring new life to it. If you’re wearing an all dark, all neutral, or otherwise monochrome outfit, then a splash of color can make a world of difference. If you have a good mixture of color worked into your ensemble, then a print or pattern (think leopard print or a multicolored tribal or floral pattern) can break up your outfit while also adding dimension. A silk scarf or a piece that uses metallic fabric can really spruce up an outfit more simply. Even if you choose a neutral, like black or beige, choosing a scarf that is either shimmery, metallic, or even silk can make you look more glamorous without much added effort. The choice is up to you. Choosing an accessory has everything to do with your intended desired effect. For best results, or if you are simply indecisive, then getting a scarf in any of these options will work wonders for your wardrobe and will ensure that you are ready for anything.

You can find a great variety of scarves at Chicastic.

Scarves at Chicastic

Cozy tube scarves for women

Wrap yourself with warm and cozy tube scarves this winter season. Keep cozy and comfortable with Chicastic Scarves. We have an extensive collection of cotton, silk blended, Pashmina, and wool scarves. This leopard print beautifully knitted tube scarf is a great fashion statement and will go with a large number of dresses.


Cozy tube scarves from women

Cozy tube scarves from women


How To Update Your Wardrobe For Fall

The warm winds of summer are making way for the cool breezes of fall. There is no need to buy a completely new closet full of clothes to prepare for the cold. Adding a few essentials will not only save you money, but transform an entire closet! Update your wardrobe for the changing seasons with these simple tips.

1. Knitted fabrics are crawling from the back of the closet to the forefront! The easiest way to transition through the awkward stage between summer and fall is to throw on a pashmina scarf over your sundress! As the air becomes crisper, a sweater dress in a deep jewel tone worn with boots is sexy, yet covered up and weather appropriate! You can wrap yourself in a knee length sweater coat to stay warm, yet fashionable.
2. Boots are considered a fall fashion staple. They come in all styles, sleek and slouchy, canvas or leather, stiletto or flat. No matter what your personality, you can find a boot to fit you and your signature look! Tuck your skinny jeans into your boots for a casual look or wear them with knitted tights and a skirt!
3. The fresh pastels of Spring and Summer are no longer. Fall is the time to enrobe yourself in the rich hues of the season. Pick pieces in a dark chocolate brown, sage green or deep khaki and pair them with beautiful jewel tones like amethyst, maroon, and navy blue.
4. Light and airy silk and cotton fabrics go into hibernation, making way for warmer textiles to come to light. Wool, tweed and corduroy are the favorites for Fall. Wool coats come in every color imaginable. Pair them with tweed slacks for a professional look, or corduroy pants for a more casual ensemble. Flowy scarves make way for heavier woolen wraps.
5. Warm up your hands with a pair gloves! Try leather driving gloves lined in wool, knitted fingerless gloves, or a classic pair of woolen mittens!
6. Put away your straw hat! Cooler temperatures call for something a little more heavy duty! Keep your head warm with a cute bucket hat, a knitted trapper, or a newsboy cap!
7. The number one rule for layering is to stay sleek, not bulky. Try a blazer over a cardigan, a pair of shorts over tights and into boots!

Updating your wardrobe for the changing seasons does not have to break the bank. As long as you keep these key pieces on hand, you will always be ready! For nice pieces of fall fashion accessories, visit Chicastic now and fill up your closet with some fall essentials.

Black Pure Wool Bucket Style Cloche Hat With Flower

Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Finding the perfect gift for teenage girls can be daunting. Teen girls, especially, are always on the lookout for something new.  They look to their favorite celebrities for style inspiration.  Many of the high end accessories, clutch purses, and jewelry that celebrities wear are usually tell-tale sign of the trends to come.  That million dollar diamond necklace the latest pop-star is wearing?  There will be an affordable version of that necklace available very soon! Teenage girls enjoy experimenting with different looks because their personal style reflects who they are or who they want to be.

Jewelry is a popular gift to give to teenage girls.  Especially around the holidays or birthdays, teen girls love jewelry.  It is an easy way for them to update their outfits!  Remember that teens live in “the now” and may not necessarily enjoy vintage pieces.  They are into what is trendy, not necessarily on what is timeless.  For your more adventurous teen, a statement necklace and matching earrings is something they may enjoy wearing.  A teen who is more understated may enjoy a pastel enamel bracelet or a gold toned chain and pendant.

Clutch purses are an extremely popular trend!  Teenage girls love purses, and that love only grows as they get older.  The wonderful thing about clutch purses is that you can find one to match any personality, any occasion and any taste!  Neon hardbox clutches are great summer gifts.  Their bright colors and compact frame are perfect for the on the go teen!  For your more dramatic teenager, black leather studded clutch purse is your best bet.  Or for a girl who loves sparkles, clutch purses come in all sorts of colors and encrusted with crystals and rhinestones!

Another way teenage girls update their wardrobes is by wearing a colorful scarf!  The best thing about fashion scarves is that even the simplest of scarves can change the look of an entire outfit!  They come in all colors, patterns and fabrics.  They also take up hardly any room in a teen girl’s closet!  Choose lightweight chiffon scarves for spring and summer, or a warmer pashmina wrap for fall and winter.  Animal print scarves are very popular among teens, and you can choose between leopard, zebra or snake print!

Remember, teenagers are still trying to figure out who they are, and that includes their style. With these ideas in mind, it will not be hard to find the perfect gift for the teen girl in your life. You can find a lot of these gift items at Chicastic which is a nice place for fashion accessories.

Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

How to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

A definite wardrobe must have for any woman is the “LBD”, or Little Black Dress.  The
Little Black dress will never go out of style, and will always be a sophisticated and
elegant wardrobe staple.  The pieces you choose to highlight your LBD can turn a classic
shift dress into a daring statement.  Be creative!  Here are a few tips to turn your Little
Black Dress into something very unique, and tailored to your individual style.

The right piece of jewelry can make the difference between a night out at the club or an
afternoon lunch with friends!  With so many styles of earrings, bracelets and necklaces,
you can wear your favorite Little Black Dress several weekends in a row and no one will
notice!  However, take care not to overdo it.  If your earrings tangle into your earrings,
you are probably wearing the wrong combination.

The right necklace can turn any LBD into a fashion forward ensemble.  An extra long
necklace gives your basic black dress a sleek, sophisticated and sexy look!  If a
conservative look is more your speed, try a classic pearl necklace.  If you want to be a
little more creative, try a chunky and colorful necklace. A bold, bright statement necklace
instantly adds personality to any outfit.

Sometimes, all you need are a pair of funky earrings.  Choose something bold and bright.
Hoops, studs, or dangles are all wonderful options, as long as they are unique.  Because
the dress you are accessorizing is basic black, you need something for contrast.
Bracelets, when stacked right, can also dazzle up your Little Black Dress.  The key is not
to be afraid of color!

Another accessory that can take your outfit from day to evening is the purse.  Start your
workday with a larger shoulder bag, or even a casual cross body bag.  After work,
exchange your handbag for a small, sophisticated clutch.   Clutches come in all colors, so
the choice is all yours!

When the weather becomes cooler, scarves are a necessity.  Solid silk scarves can add a
touch of sophisticated glam, while an animal print pashmina shawl will keep you warm
and add plenty of style!

Because of its iconic status in fashion, the “LBD” can be dressed up or dressed down to
fit any occasion.  With a few accessories, the Little Black Dress can transform itself for
any event! Chicastic is a great place to buy fashion accessories to go with your Little Black Dress.

Little Black Dress Accessories

Multicolor Floral Print Chiffon Scarf

Springtime Floral Scarf

Springtime is HERE!  For most of us anyway.  Time to start putting away the bulky wool scarves and replace them with a beautiful floral print scarf from Chicastic!  Offered in many colors, the floral print scarf comes in a light chiffon material or if you’d like something more substantial, Chicastic has a wide array of floral pashmina scarves as well.  The scarf featured above is the Multicolor Floral Print 100% Polyester Chiffon Neck Scarf.  It will complement your spring wardrobe beautifully.  If you only buy one scarf this season, make sure it is the Multicolor Floral Print 100% Polyester Chiffon Neck Scarf from Chicastic!

Floral Print Scarves!

Chicastic has a wide selection of Floral Print Scarves Floral Prints are feminine and flirty.  Chicastic has Floral Print Scarves in every pattern and color that will brighten up anyone’s wardrobe.  Every girl has their go-to “uniform,” their “signature look” if you will.  What better way to spice up your day to day look than with a Floral Print Scarf from Chicastic!

Blue & White Floral Leaf Print Scarf

Mixing patterns has never been hotter!  Pair up a striped shirt with a floral print scarf, and finish it off with a snakeskin print purseChicastic‘s wide variety of patterned pashmina scarves come in many prints to fit every style and personality!  You’ll find animal print pashmina scarves, floral print pashmina scarves or if you’re just looking for a splash of color, we also have solid color pashmina scarves!

Something Blue

Rainy Days and Mondays

Don’t let these rainy days get you down! Chicastic has many styles of hats, scarves and purses to keep you in vogue even during inclement weather!

Rainy Days and Mondays

newsboy cap

The Women’s Brown Leatherette Wool Blend Newsboy Cap Flat Driving Hat is a perfect, casual and stylish cap to keep off the elements as well as keep you in style!  This Wool Newsboy Cap is also available in Black and Brown and Black and Grey.

The Floral and Animal Print 100% Wool Pashmina Scarf has hints of orange, grey and beige.  Add a touch of warmth and sun to your rainy day outfit!  This 100% Wool Pashmina Scarf is also available in other colors and patterns!

This Beige Light Brown Faux Ostrich Leather Satchel Shoulder Handbag with Long Crossbody Strap is a great purse for work and every day use.  Ostrich print is very trendy these days and what better way to add this trend to your wardrobe than with an Ostrich Leather Satchel Shoulder Handbag?

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