Blue Fashion Accessories

Blue is a nice pleasing color to incorporate into your wardrobe.  It can vary from a pastel baby blue, to teal, to royal blue, to navy.  There’s a shade for everyone.

Keep the airy quality of a light blue dress by pairing it with white or silver accessories.  Or toughen up the look with a contrasting black purse and shoes.  Try a darker shade of blue for your outfit and match your accessories or try a red purse for a wow factor.

A purse or earrings can even be your something blue at your wedding.

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Pastels for Spring

What says “spring” more than pastels? Here are some tips to keep in mind when adding these colors to your ensemble.

Spring is the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe. Now that the dreary weather of winter is gone, you can break out of those dark colors and step into the light. Autumn and winter are best for rich jewel tones and deep shades, but spring beckons the sun to come back out and the weather starts to tempt us to come outside just as everything is blooming. Incorporating pastels into your wardrobe will really reflect the season, and brighter ones have actually been proven to improve your mood. Match your wardrobe with the feeling of spring by working these light shades to your look.

Pastels are a bit like statement colors, they should be used sparingly and with purpose. First, decide whether you want to wear it as an accent piece or as more of a focal point of your outfit. If you’re using it minimally, a statement clutch purse is a great way to incorporate it into your seasonal wardrobe. This way you can add it to any outfit on the go and it can act as the perfect spring accent. If you’re looking to wear it as a main focal point, then be careful of pairing it with other colors. Matching colors or ones that belong to the same family can work, but be sure to use neutrals to break up your look and create balance. Dark and light neutrals both work with pastels, but be wary of using too many other light colors together. Using too many like colors can create a washed out look, so darker or medium toned neutrals will help break up your look and let your pastels stand out as much as possible.

Don’t underestimate pastel jewelry either. Accessories like statement necklaces and enamel laquered jewelry can lighten your look no matter what you’re wearing. With smaller accent pieces, you can mix and match colors more easily since the effect is much more subtle. Add it to light or dark outfits, casual or dressy. Either way, you will look fresh and more than ready to greet the spring weather. Do be careful mixing too many pastels together, especially between jewelry, accessories and clothing items. Mixing pastels with neutrals and jewel or earth tones will help balance out your look and make your pastels stand out even more depending on your desired look. Balance is key and will help your desired statement pieces stand out all the more.

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Pastel Accessories

April Fashion

April can be a temperamental month but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. Be sure you’re ready for anything and still look chic.

April weather can be a bit unpredictable. Even though the temperatures are finally warming up, we can often be bogged with sporadic rain showers and the temps can still vary from the 40’s to the 60’s and even 70’s. The trick to April fashion is being prepared for any weather and still looking great.

The weather this time of year can call on practically any outfit you have ready in your closet. One day can have you feeling like it’s winter again and another can force you to bust out your summer clothes. The best thing to do to counter this is to layer. Layering will ensure that you are prepared for any weather as well as any random or unexpected weather changes. The best items to use are light clothing, like a loose cardigan, that when combined can create warm, cozy combinations that aren’t too warm, and can be easily removed if you need to cool off and breathe a little. The fun thing about layering is that you are basically wearing several outfits in one, which can definitely come in handy if something comes up or if the weather spoils an item or two with a random rain shower.

While it can rain any time of the year, the spring and late fall are when it’s at its worst so it’s best to keep ready. Wear shoes that are naturally water resistant or be sure to carry a spare in your bag if you’re unsure of the weather. Shoes with fabric made of suede or fragile canvas materials can easily become ruined when wet so it may be best to keep the suede for autumn and winter and hold onto some canvas shoes until summer, unless they are the kind that can be easily washed. Leather, patent leather or even pleather are all great materials to use in rainy weather and can be made extra resistant with a water sealant spray. If you still feel like rocking your favorite shoes that happen to be more sensitive to moisture, then be sure to be one of those people who carries an extra pair or shoe covers on hand.

Regardless of playing it safe, feel free to break out those bright pastel colors to welcome the spring. Regardless of what the forecast is, these colors will brighten your mood and pump you up for the warmer temps to come. Let your outfit match the excitement of the season by incorporating lighter shades and tones into your look.

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April Fashion

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Springtime is one of the more popular times to get married, but what do you wear to a spring wedding? Try refreshing your look for the warmth of the season by adding some color and natural inspired patterns to your look.

Spring weddings, like any wedding, will indicate the desired dress code on the invitation or RSVP card. But this provided suggestion does not always help you decide on what to wear. Though whether the invite says whether it is casual, black tie, or anything in between, it’s fun to take advantage of the season and use colors that will reflect the weather and the latest fashions.

When it comes to black tie or elegant formal weddings, you may feel like you are not left with a lot of wiggle room, but it does allow you to be a little creative. Even though these sorts of events call for floor length gowns, you can still play around with color and texture. While formal events still call for simplistic elegance, you can still try to incorporate pastels and other spring colors such as orchid. Even if you want to choose a more conservative dress with more neutral or understated but classic color, you can still accessorize with colors of the season. Colored bangles, wrist cuffs or statement necklaces are great ways to include brighter colors without making it the focal point of your look.

More casual weddings offer you a lot more leeway to experiment or have fun. While it is still a wedding and you shouldn’t look too over the top and take attention away from the bride, a more casual setting can allow you to incorporate busier patterns and colors than a more formal wedding. Play around with spring prints like florals that can still be classy and dressy. You might also feel more comfortable using colors and playing with texture when invited to a more casual wedding. Whether you’re going super casual and wearing a cotton dress or going a little more upscale with a cocktail number, there is a lot more room to play around with.

If you’re still not sure about what to wear to a wedding, pay attention to the location listed on the invitation. It will help provide you with some clues as to what to wear, especially when it comes to fabric. A destination beach wedding may call for chiffon if you’re looking for elegant and perhaps an embellished cotton if the wedding is casual. A chic city locale may call for ensembles of a sleeker material. But if you want to take advantage of the season, try to incorporate some color and add some of that fresh spring feel to brighten your look.

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Spring Wedding Accessories