Wedding Wednesday- Oscar Themed

Oscar Themed Wedding

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Steampunk Inspired Weddings

Steampunk Wedding

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Pearl One Ring Knuckle Duster Clutch

Pearl Clutches

Accessorize with timeless pearls. Use this hard case one ring clutch to add some elegance to any look. Clutch purses are always classy. Even if their inherent design is modern and chic they always have an air of sophistication about … Continue reading

Bridal Clutches

Don’t forget to accessorize on your big day! Here are some unique clutches to add some character to your wedding ensemble.

Every bride seems to be preoccupied with her wedding dress, above most all things, when it comes to planning her wedding. It will be, after all, the focal point considering the bride is one of the two special people being honored on such a wonderful and meaningful day. And while the dress is important, of course, you can’t forget all of your other accessories! Though they may not be as important for the ceremony, they absolutely do become important when it comes to the reception. The reception will be all about feasting and dancing and celebrating, so why not glam up a little? And not to mention, you’ll want to have some of your essentials on hand, so why not accessorize with a unique bridal clutch?

Clutch purses are always elegant, no matter what style or look you happen to be going for, and they are more than perfect for your wedding. Even the most traditional and timeless dress can be accented with a unique clutch. For instance, a pure white satin rhinestone clutch with embellished enclosure would work wonderfully. It would also look great alongside a more vintage inspired or retro gown. The appearance of this bag hearkens back to a more romantic time that suits both dresses rather well. If you have a more modern dress, then an updated clutch would do well. Consider something like a black and white basket weave hard box clutch for a gown of sleeker design. This bag suits a more modern look in both its use of pattern as well as its black and white color scheme. Black and white is always classy but has just as much appeal to edgier looks, as well.

Don’t forget about destination weddings, either. Where your reception will take place can have just as much influence on your choice of accessories as your choice of gown. If you’re headed to warmer climates to celebrate your vows, then a mother of pearl hard box will suit a beachier scene perfectly. The mother of pearl insets reflect the seashells of the beach and can be used with more modern dresses as well, especially considering its geometric pattern. If you’re headed to a swanky, candle-lit venue then a pearl embellished one ring knuckle duster will do the trick. Working well with both classic and timeless pieces, this bag is glitzy yet elegant all at once.

Remember, while your dress may be the focus of your wedding ensemble, the accessories do just as much to complete the outfit!

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Bridal Clutch Bags


Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Weddings demand a different set of jewelry and accessories unlike any other occasion. Learn how to choose which pieces work best with your wedding day look.

A bride’s special day calls for special accessories. Every bride is different, and you should reflect your personality and sense of style. After all, it’s your big day. Overall decor depends on the bride and groom’s desire for a traditional or a quirky wedding, or perhaps somewhere in between. But the accessories that will accompany the wedding dress are essentially down to the bride herself.

Accenting your wedding dress is a personal decision. Much of what comes after first depends on the dress. What sort of style are you going for? Does the piece already feature a lot of adornment? What style does the dress already evoke? The answers to all of these questions will help guide you to which pieces you may want to choose to wear. For instance, if the dress features a lot of flashy beadwork, lace, and other flourishes, then minimalist jewelry will work best. Or perhaps none at all. If the dress is a work of art in itself, then too much jewelry or jewelry that is too busy will take away from its power.

If you’re wearing a simpler dress, however, then there is more room to play with different looks and ideas. If you are sporting a low or open neckline, or a strapless look, then a necklace or earrings will work great. Pairing a necklace and earring often crowds the upper portion of your look, unless you pair a simple stud earring set with a necklace, and the choice of either will also depend on your intended hair style on your wedding day. If the bodice isn’t too busy, then a statement necklace will look great, perfectly accenting your neck, shoulders, and torso. A statement necklace can be bold and bright, or a simple white, pearl design. It all depends on your personal style. Rings may work, but since the highlight of the day is the placement of the wedding ring during the ceremony then you might want to focus the attention on that ring alone. Bracelets are totally welcome, but try wearing one on your right hand to balance out the wedding ring after the ceremony.

Don’t forget, you can also change after the ceremony and before the reception. The reception is more about fun and comfort, so keep all of these things in mind when planning out your overall ensemble. More pronounced pieces can be brought out for the post-ceremony dancing and partying, and a change of shoe might also be in order to help you dance the night away more comfortably. If you’re afraid of mixing traditional with your own quirks, you can always reserve your personal touches for the reception and stick to simple tradition for the ceremony. That way, you have the best of both worlds. Your choice of wedding dress accessory is entirely up to you and your chosen wedding style.

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Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

One Ring Knuckle Duster Pearl Clutch

Clutch bags are the epitome of classy. Their presence as an accessory exudes an air of elegance, and this pearl embellished one ring knuckle duster is no exception. Though the bag also comes in the ever handy black or white options, this peachy pink color is incredibly hot right now, especially when it comes to dresses and floral prints. It’s color and style evokes the softness of spring but isn’t limited to that season alone. This soft pastel can be worn throughout the year with timeless colors and pieces.

If you want to play up the color of this pearl embellished clutch, a dress in a matching rosy pink will do the trick. Lace or dresses with some drapery add a different textured element that both contrasts and compliments the shine and luster of this clutch. If you’re going for more of a contrast beyond texture and fabric, going with a medium toned grey dress works perfectly. The dark tone of this color offsets the softness of the pink as well as enhances it. A dark grey is softer than a jet-black and therefore provides a softer, more seamless contrast to the color. These two tones provide a smooth distinction from one another without being too stark, complimenting the other well. You can choose an all peachy pink ensemble or all grey, or you can mix it up, such as a soft pink dress and grey shoe and vice versa.

Considering the pink shade of this one ring knuckle duster, floral prints and patterns using the same color family will work perfectly as well, whether you decide to go with a dress, or a printed blazer over similarly colored blouse and pant. When it comes to jewelry, you have some matching options. Rosy gold is totally in right now, and whether you pair this clutch with a statement necklace, a chunky bangle, or a set of earrings, the rosiness will compliment the handbag while imitating its pearly luster. Speaking of pearly, simple white pearls, whether necklace and/or earrings, work just as well and stand out a little more against the pink.

This color and style is appropriate for all seasons. While the floral nature of its color instantly evokes spring, which can easily translate into summer, it’s soft, pearlescent quality is suitable for the glimmer of winter months as well. Playing up the pink and texture of this handbag instantly creates an aura of romance year round. Add this beautiful cocktail clutch from Chicastic to your wardrobe now!

Pearl Embellished One Ring Wedding Evening Cocktail Clutch Bag