Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings on Sale

Chicastic offers sterling silver cocktail rings for every beautiful finger, for every day of our life, and every occasion in your life. Sterling silver rings have a special ability to be able to add a special personality to whomever wears them and also can captivate any wandering gaze. Our collection is carefully chosen to make sure that there’s a ring for everybody and every occasion, and extremely affordable. So go ahead and buy a sterling silver cocktail ring or promise ring, experiment with some new looks, and look fashionable at great prices!

Sterling Silver 925 Micro Pave Clover Four Leaf CZ Cocktail Ring Promise Ring

Sterling silver promise ring

As the name suggests the promise ring signifies a commitment to relationship before engagement. The concept has been traced back to early times usually associated with younger couples when they couldn’t financially afford to get married. With time the idea behind a promise ring might have changed, though it still signifies
strengthening of the most cherished human relationship – Love.

Promise rings are generally worn on the left ring finger, sometimes the left middle finger or
the right ring finger to prevent confusion with an actual engagement ring. These are excellent gifts for the valentine’s day. If you have someone in mind then this is the most perfect gift. Chicastic has an amazing
collection of beautiful sterling silver promise rings.

Sterling Silver CZ Diamond Interlink Circle Right hand Promise Ring

Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover Promise Ring Cocktail Ring

This beautiful Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover Promise Ring is the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your sweetheart. It is sure to bring a big smile on her face and you know how precious that is! Make it your sweetheart’s promise ring, or mom’s cocktail ring and see the magic!

So come to Chicastic now and buy your Valentine the perfect gift and make her day and yours too! There’s still plenty of time for having it shipped with our free shipping option.

Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover Promise Ring Cocktail Ring


Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings & Promise Rings for your Valentine

The day of love- Valentine’s day is coming near. Are you all ready with your gift to make this special day all the more special with red roses and a beautiful gift?

If you don’t know what is the best way to express your emotions and love then the easiest way is the perfect gift. Cocktail rings are the in thing and one of the latest fashion accessories. Chicastic just has that right ring for you to buy as that special gift. The collection has very unique and beautiful designs. Make this valentine’s day special for her, turn your relationship into a promise, with this beautiful promise ring for your girl.

Sterling Silver 925 CZ Lightning Promise Ring

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Sterling Silver CZ Diamond Interlink Circle Right hand Cocktail Promise Ring

It is time to pick and choose Valentine’s Day gifts for those you love and adore. There are no simple words to express the importance of this day and what it really means. In short and simple words, it’s the day when you get a chance to express your emotions and feelings.

If you are still undecided on what to buy for your mom, wife, girlfriend, friend or sister, come to Chicastic! Because what would be a better place to buy a gift for a woman, than a place that understands women the best! We have fun things for women all age and with different tastes. Chicastic has a special valentine’s collection of pink and red evening bags and clutch purses, pashminas, cocktail rings or make it your own promise ring. They are absolutely gorgeous and pretty and will complement extremely well with those bunch of red roses you already have in mind.

Red Shimmer Evening Clutch Bag

Sterling Silver & CZ Cocktail Rings

Today, we launched the most awaited Sterling Silver & CZ Cocktail Rings at Chicastic. There is a beautiful range of Cocktail rings and right hand rings, all in a variety of colors – The white sparkly diamond like Cubic Zirconia, Rubies, Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Black Diamond CZ made in 92.5% Sterling Silver with Rhodium polish.

These rings are so beautiful and perfect for many occassions – formal dinners, wedding parties, reception dinners and even just casual dinner outings. They also make amazing gifts for anyone, especially for a Valentine Day Gift this is just perfect. Make this ring just a Valentine’s Day Gift or a Promise ring, it’s upto you, but I can guarantee she would love it!

So, don’t wait, come to Chicastic and Buy Sterling Silver Black & White CZ Cubic Zirconia Flower Pave Setting Right hand Cocktail Ring with center CZ now!

Sterling Silver Black & White CZ Cubic Zirconia Flower Pave Setting Right hand Cocktail Ring with center CZ