Red & Pink Evening Bags, Pashmina, & Scarf – Color of February

One very interesting fact about the new internet age is you can easily browse and read what people think about certain things. For example if you try to find what color each month represents you will find multiple different answers with one explanation more convincing than the other. Surprisingly most chose Red and Pink for February relating that to heart since it is the month of the valentine.

If you have been one of those very busy or forgetful ones who didn’t get a valentine’s gift worry no more, you can get a gift at Chicastic which would make her too happy to forget the belated gift. Chicastic has a beautiful collection of pink and red clutch purses and equally colorful pashmina shawls, sterling silver rings and infinity tube scarves.

Red Crinkle Pintuck Satin Minaudiere Hard Evening Clutch Bag with Rhinestone Brooch Pin

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Are you ready with your gift for this valentine’s day? It better be something special because it is no ordinary day.

Don’t worry if you still don’t have any ideas in mind. We are there to make your valentine’s day all rosey and pink with our great collection of red & pink clutch bags and pashmina scarves. And to make it even better just get her a special cocktail ring – we guarantee you would end up happy and satisfied with whatever choice you make. These are sure shot formulas to see her happy! Visit Chicastic before more time flies by.

Royal Look Burgundy Red Silk Rhinestone Clutch Purse Bag

Black Satin Skull Knuckle Duster Hard Clutch Bag

Skull Duster Knuckle clutch bags are a very unique yet very bold piece of fashion accessories. They make a style statement of their own. These are unique clutch bags which would not appeal to everybody but there are those bold few who love the Knuckle Dusters be it in rings, necklaces or clutch bags.

So we are bringing Skull Knuckle Duster in a very Satin fabric, bound on a hard clutch bag in very neutral colors – black and silver which go with mostly everything but still make you stand out in the crowd. So buy Knuckle Duster Clutch Purse Now!

Black Satin Skull Knuckle Duster Hard Clutch Bag

Knuckle Duster Clutch Bag

Decades ago the first time Knuckles were used in history no one would have ever imagined that there would be a time when they will find an application in women’s accessory. Knuckles were used as weapons- they were made of a strong metal and shaped to fit around the knuckles with a design to preserve and concentrate a punch’s force by directing it towards a harder and smaller contact area.

One has to appreciate human imagination which turned them into a design for holding clutch bags. In fact the knuckle duster clutch purses are one of the hottest selling items today. The way they fit into the fingers makes it look absolutely pretty and gorgeous. They are a perfect accessory to compliment any outfit. They make you look stylish, yet bold! So come and buy Knuckle Duster clutch bags at Chicastic now!

Bronze Shimmer Duster Knuckle Metal Hard Clutch Purse Bag

Valentine’s Day Special Evening Clutch Bags

Season of pink and red is here – Valentine’s day, known as a day when lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers (typically pink and red roses), sending greeting cards, and giving gifts is round the corner. You might think it is still a month away, but I am sure the day is already on everybody’s minds and people have already started thinking about gifts they would want to buy for their loved ones especially – mom, wife, girlfriend, friends, sisters who are so special!

One would typically associate the Valentine’s day with red and pink colored heart shapes be it bakery or balloons or dresses and even accessories. Choosing a gift and that too a valentine’s gift can be very challenging. Chicastic makes this easy for you- it has a beautiful collection of red and pick clutch purses and pure wool pashmina shawls – just perfect for these winters. And to top that Chicastic offers gift wrapping service – so, go and make use of this offer and surprise your valentine.

Elegant Red Satin Wedding & Evening Clutch Purse Bag with rhinestones

Evening Clutch Handbags

Holiday and festive season is around, which means a lot of parties and get together events. There are office parties for the holiday season, Christmas parties, and of course the much awaited new year’s evening party.

This is a great time for all ladies out there to show off their wardrobe. One essential woman’s accessory considered to be a great fashion statement is a clutch purse and definitely it is a big time decision for the party. A sexy stylish evening bag or clutch bag can add glamour to that dull dress or it could just add a new dimension to that shimmering party outfit. Chicastic has a special collection of evening clutches just for that special party of yours.

Beige Satin Hard Casual Clutch Bag with rhinestone panel & closure

Red Satin Rose Setting Wedding/Evening Clutch bag

It may sound surprising, but it does happen that when the new stock of clutch bags come in there is always that one particular design which totally stands out from the rest and in my mind, I think this one is going to become the next hot selling item and that ultimately happens.

Does it mean that what looks pretty and nice to my eyes is in general that attractive, or perhaps over a period of time I understand people’s taste better – something to be definitely proud of. I think it is the right opportunity to introduce my next prediction and see if that is what women and girls out there like – I really love this red satin rose setting clutch purse – purely elegant and such a pleasure to hold in the hand.

Red Satin Shell Rose Flower Wedding/Evening Clutch Purse Bag