New Year’s Eve Outfit

December is filled with special occasions. It’s as if every week there is a new holiday to celebrate.

One of our favorites is New Year’s Eve.

It’s a night of fun, friends, family and fashion. What could be better than that?

Picking out an outfit all depends on the type of night you are going to have. Pajama parties are becoming the latest way to ring in the new year. While other people are still going out to town for parties.

No matter how you choose to bring in the new year and out with the old, you should always look your best.

Sparkles and sequins seem to be the favorite style when picking out a New Year’s Eve outfit. Don’t go overboard though. Keep to one or two pieces that shine. Is your dress all shimmery? Than choose accessories that are solid and neutral. Is your outfit all one solid color? Make it pop with sparkly shoes and a handbag. We offer excellent dress shoes for any occasion in plenty of colors!

Outfit New YearOutfit New Year 2Outfit New Year 3

Having a pajama party? Look cool and relaxed while still effortlessly beautiful. Matching top and bottom sets are always the perfect way to go. Plaid and striped pajamas are totally in this season. Don’t forget about your feet! Slippers are a way to pull the whole look together. Want to add a robe to the mix? Check out our satin robes in red, black and white.


Have fun with your outfit! After all, this is the first one of the new year. Better make it one worth remembering!

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What to Wear Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning and time to wake up to what Santa left under your tree. Friends and family¬† are gathered all around opening the gifts left behind with the smell of hot chocolate and Christmas breakfast filling the air. Everyone’s laughing, enjoying the company, and here’s your dad pulling out his brand new iPhone to take pictures of everyone opening up their gifts.

You definitely don’t want to look back on those pictures embarrassed at your bed head and unmatched sweats you wore the night before.

So why not wake up looking like the princess you are?

~ Plaid Pajama Pants ~


Nothing says festive Christmas morning like a pair of red plaid pajama pants. Matched with a plain black t-shirt and snug black slippers, you’re sure to impress family by how casually cool you look right after waking up!

~ Onesie Pajamas ~


Spending the holiday morning with younger family members? Why not wear a onesie? They are warm and so comfortable. You can pretend like you’re a kid again while watching the little ones open up their gifts!


~ Satin Nightgown ~


Just you and your significant other Christmas morning? Wearing satin makes you look and feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. Adding a satin robe keeps you warm and toasty while you exchange gifts with that special someone.


There’s no reason to not look cute Christmas morning! After all, those pictures will end up on social media!


Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in your Life

It’s that time of year again. The time of gift giving and holiday cheer! It’s an easy time to show how much you love that¬†special woman in your life. The hard part… what to get her? Chicastic has a few ideas your significant other will love!

*Clutch Purse*


Every women in your life should have one of these! They are cute and totally affordable. Want to surprise her even more? Fill it with makeup, candy and gift cards to her favorite stores. After all nobody likes opening up an empty purse!

*Waist Trainers*


The latest trend in Hollywood! She probably has this pinned on Pinterest or has raved about it to her friends but just never had the time to buy one herself. Pair this with some lingerie and your girl will feel like a million dollars!

*Satin Robes*


What woman doesn’t like to get ready while already feeling sexy? Buy her one of these and she’ll never get out of it! Perfect for lounging around in after the shower or right before bed. The special woman in your life will love the way this feels. Try adding a makeup set to this for the perfect getting ready gift!



What girl doesn’t love a nice pair of shoes? Give her a pair of heels that she can wear when you take her out for a night on the town.



Every woman needs jewelry so why not get your girl a beautiful necklace or ring?