Royal Blue Rhinestone Hard Box Clutch

We think it’s safe to say that every girl at some point has had childhood dreams of becoming a princess and our Royal Blue Rhinestone Crystal Hardbox Clutch Purse allows you to take a little piece of that nostalgic dream with you where every you go.  The detailed crystal designs along with the black chain string create an overall look of class, style, and sophistication. Wear it with your favorite dress to feel like royalty or dress it down with chic pair of dark skinny jeans and your favorite blazer for a night out with your girl friends. Find this and other clutch purses like this in our Chic and Glamorous Collection at Chicastic.

Royal Blue Clutches with Rhinestone

Ever wondered why there is a shade of blue called royal? When you hear the word royal what comes to mind are concepts like a royal family, a royal decree, royal palace, or a royal patronage – something to do with a king or queen. Royal signifies extraordinary beyond the league of normal like a royal wedding.

The color blue is lucky to be associated with royal – traditionally defined in dictionaries as a deep to dark blue, often with a purple or faint reddish tinge. Royal blue clutch purse are the perfect companion which will make you look royal and great. Chicastic has a beautiful collection of these clutches – absolutely unique and brilliant.

Royal Blue Evening Clutch Purse Bag with Pleated satin and Rhinestones Setting