Throwback Thursday- Saved By The Bell

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Summer to Fall Tunics


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New Crossbody Bags

Crossbody Bags

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5 Celeb Blogs We Love

Celebs are often some of the people we gather our own fashion inspiration from. If you’re looking for other tips and ideas, make sure to check out their blogs as well.

Celeb blogs can be a great place to gather inspiration and see what our favorite stars are wearing. Most magazines look to these people for fashion insight. They are often the ones to first find trends or start them, and have access to the insider fashion scoop. There are plenty of blogs out there that follow these celebs and post snapshots or other candid photos of them going about their day exhibiting their particular sense of style. But there’s something special about a celebrity that runs their own blog and tells us what they’re wearing, what they’re into, and what their ideas are more personally.

1. Tavi Gevinson. Sure, she isn’t a model or an actress, but she’s a great role model with a lot of fashion forward ideas. While her blog had taken more of a philosophical focus, she still exhibits her quirky style with grace and intelligence. Not only that, but she proves to be a great role model for young girls and adult women alike.

2. Beyonce, you can’t argue with the queen. Another powerful role model, Beyonce Knowles shares a lot of personal pictures and other stories on her page, showing more of her human side. They show a range of casual days to getting ready for a big concert, displaying a wide variety of looks and insight.

3. Lauren Conrad. She may be initially well known for her appearances on MTV reality dramas that are now nearing a decade old, but Lauren Conrad has proven to have a good head on her shoulders that knows not only how to carry herself respectfully but dress herself well while doing so. You can see into her burgeoning professional life while also sneaking a peek into her fashion and style insight. It’s never bad to take a few pointers.

4. Zooey Deschanel, she’s cute, she’s funny, and she seems to be everywhere now. From being in her own show, to singing, to modeling for makeup and other campaigns, she’s downright adorable and has a look completely her own. Take a look at her photos, thoughts and other quirky finds and gather some inspiration for yourself.

5. Kim Kardashian. If you want even more ways to keep up with this Kardashian, then definitely check out her blog. She dishes out style and makeup tips among sharing information regarding her business ventures and other endeavors. Regardless of her media persona, you can’t deny that she is still very much a fashion forward icon.

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12 Items to Always Keep in Your Purse

Never feel like you’re forgetting something when you go out ever again. Here is a list of some basic essentials everyone should keep in their purse.

Purses are not simply accessories, they serve a much more practical purpose as well. Though their usage as a viable fashion accessory is definitely a major plus, their ability to hold any number of daily essentials is what is most important. Though handbags differ greatly in size, shape, and capacity, there are 12 things everyone should keep in their purse in order to make sure they are always prepared for anything.

1. First is the most important: your wallet. Make sure your wallet has ID and any important credit cards and some cash with you at all times. Though you should always be sure these things are kept well guarded, you never know when or why you may need them on the road.

2. Tissues. Again, another practical item. These handy bits are usually needed when you can never find one, so make sure you always have an emergency travel size pack with you. They can be used for your nose, of course, but can also help fix makeup smudges or clean up stains quick from your clothing, your handbag or your face and skin.

3. Chapstick. Having chapped lips and no relief can be really uncomfortable. Making sure you have a small stick on you can help prevent dry or red lips.

4. Breath mints. You never know when you’ll need fresh breath! Great for dates or even just grabbing dinner with friends, you never know when you’ll eat something that just doesn’t want to leave your breath. While gum is also an option, breath mints actually do a better job of freshening your breath. Though gum is also minty, it absorbs a lot of the flavors already in your mouth and doesn’t completely get rid of them. Breath mints, however, can get rid of lingering tastes much better and they also freshen your breath, not just your mouth.

5. Makeup essentials. No matter what your makeup routine is for the day, be sure to have some foundation, powder, mascara or eyeliner. If you’re going out for the whole day or going out on a date, you may need to make some minor adjustments. Be sure to have your bare essentials to make those minor, but crucial fixes.

6. A nail file. There’s nothing worse than a broken nail on the run. They can be sharp and even get caught on and tear at your clothing to little or no fault of your own. Having a nail file on hand can really come in handy.

7. A pen. You can’t seem to find a writing utensil when you need to remember something, right? Always having one on hand is always a good idea. And even if you don’t end up using it, you’re sure to run into someone else who will.

8. A sewing kit. You don’t need an entire machine and a clunky box, but there are miniature sewing kits no bigger than a pack of matches. Wardrobe malfunctions usually occur when you least expect it, so be prepared to face the unexpected and meet it with preparedness.

9. Back up jewelry. A ring and a necklace or two can come in handy, especially if the day takes you somewhere unexpected.

10. Hair accessories. You don’t need anything fancy, but a hair elastic and a bobby pin or two can be really useful if your hair is ruined by the weather or if you simply wish to change up your look on the go.

11. A phone charger. In this day and age, we rely on our phones more than ever before. Because we’re so used to having everything stored, we rarely remember important phone numbers in case of an emergency. Be sure to have a phone charger, a charger case, or simply a fully charged phone in case of emergency, or simply boredom.

12. Tampon or pad. This one is rather self explanatory. Be prepared!

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Tube Scarves for Spring

Scarves are practically useful all year round, especially in Spring. Make sure you have an infinity scarf or any kind of warm wrap around to stay prepared for weather change.

Spring is finally here but that does not mean that the cold is completely gone. Even though the warmer weather is more than welcome, it can still be a bit temperamental and is known to change its mind about the temperature throughout any given day. Spring fashion is all about being prepared and tube scarves are more than ready to take up the challenge. Not only do they serve a practical purpose by keeping us warm, but they also look fabulous and still appear chic.

Staying warm can be fashionable and tube scarves are perfect examples of that. These accessories are incredibly versatile, cute, and totally useful. They can be worn in a variety of ways, with various outfits, to different occasions, and keep us toasty and warm to boot. This is especially useful when planning a spring outfit. Planning an ensemble during the springtime months can be confusing and quite a hassle. The morning and evening may be cold, with warmer, breezy afternoons that are mixes of hot and cool. You might not want to wear a heavy coat but you might not want to bare it all either. This is where the tube scarves come in. They are perfect for layering, and are simultaneously lightweight and warming against the cooling spring winds. Choosing one to go along with an outfit cannot go wrong and can only come in handy.

These handy accessories can be worn with practically any outfit and it is always good to have a few of them on hand. Be sure to cover your bases and appeal to your own style. Have some neutrals, some prints or even some bright colors or differing materials. That way, you are sure to have a scarf to match everything, from your outfit to your mood, and especially the weather. Wear one with an over-sized sweater, a tee shirt and jeans, a dress, along with a cardigan, a blazer, practically anything. These lightweight accessories are also easy to remove and stick in a handbag if they get in the way or become too warm. In any case, it is always handy to have one, and it wouldn’t hurt to keep one in your handbag in case the occasion or the weather calls for one. They are always adorable and are just as comfortable. They are incredibly easy to mix and match with and can even be used to inspire entire outfits.

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Spring Scarves

Accessories From Small Town to Big City Chic

Different looks call for different accessories. Go one way or the other, but always feel free to mix and match.

The quintessential American small town and big city seem like polar opposites, right? While they do differ in ideology and lifestyle, not everything is completely different. Each are known for their overall style and fashion presence, but it never hurt anyone to mix and match, whether you live on a farm, in a major city, or somewhere in between. Each location has a style all their own and you don’t have to choose just one!

Small town fashion is very much down to earth and relaxed. Much like the lifestyle found outside of the bustling city, small town or country fashion usually tends to reflect this lifestyle. Country or bohemian styles can evoke that earthy, laid back feel. Floral prints and paisleys are perfect for this look. Floral prints, whether they are roses, daisies or ivy prints reflect the greenery and nature found in abundance outside of the city. The foliage and wildlife are seen very much in their patterns, whether they happen to be scarves, canvas handbags, vests, or cardigans, these prints are a great addition to any wardrobe. In that same vein, soft, natural colors are also great if you’re going for that country or small town look, especially when paired with distressed or faded denim and leather boots or booties. Soft or light colors, like whites, creams and pastels of any shade are also part of the small town look and work well with earthy tones including greens, browns and deep blues.

City chic is a little more sleek and simple. While patterns and prints work really well with small town, the one major city chic pattern is animal print. Otherwise, the city look uses more sleek textures such as patent leather, shimmery metallics or bold solid colors with matte finishes. This look almost mirrors the buildings of the big city, sleek glass structures with powerful silhouettes. Animal print clutches paired with chunky chains bracelets or necklaces or bold statement pieces go with this look as well. Colors tend to be in basic neutral, such as black or white, and use bold jewel-tones. Clutch purses in patent leather or matte leather go with everything and black is a major staple color, whether you’re choosing a bag, shoe or piece of jewelry.

As with everything, especially with accessories, mixing and matching is always encouraged. Even though accessories may be associated with certain looks, pairing two different genres together is never a bad thing as long as you color coordinate by matching or offsetting.

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How to Travel Light with Multifunctional Accessories

Packing is hard, you never quite know what you’ll want to wear on any given day of a planned trip or vacation. Try to keep it simple to make sure you have an accessory for everything. Packing is always a … Continue reading

Wardrobe Essentials

The list of “must-haves” is seemingly neverending, but there are some essentials that never quite leave the list.

Every wardrobe needs a few essentials. While your look is always entirely your own and adheres to your particular tastes, there are some basics that everyone should have, and each one can reflect your personality at the same time. These fashionista must-haves will always come handy in a pinch, will definitely be worn on more than one occasion, and can be used for years to come. Not only that, but your choice of style and flourish will make each one entirely your own.

1. A bold bag. A bag is an often overlooked accessory. These pieces are handy as well as fashionable. They don’t just hold your stuff but look good, and make you look good, while doing so. A bold patterned or colored bag is a great addition to any wardrobe. They can dress up or add flare to a basic tee and jeans ensemble and can just as easily be worn on a night out. A small to medium bag is best for this sort of thing, since they are more versatile than oversized bags. Choose a bold color (a jewel-tone, pastel, or even a neutral in an interesting or sleek material) or a pattern (whether multi-colored, geometric, boho, or animal print) that goes with a majority of your clothing. That way, you can whip this bag out for any occasion and look fabulous no matter what.

2. Statement jewelry. Everyone has one major go-to piece that dazzles them up, no matter where they’re going, and just screams “me!”. Statement necklaces are all the rage right now, but other pieces of jewelry can work too, whether it’s an intricate arm cuff or a vintage ring, one statement piece will always leave a personal stamp on whatever you’re wearing.

3. Little black dress. Everyone needs a little black dress! They can be dressed up (especially with a statement piece from item number 2) or dressed down with a flannel shirt or anything you prefer. These dresses can also come in a variety of styles on their own. No little black dress is treated the same, though they all serve the same purpose. Choose a dress in a cut that fits your figure best, and then move on to figure out which textures or adornments suit your personality and general sense of style. A basic dress is always safe, but one with a little more character will go that extra mile to defining your own individual sense of style.

4. Boots. These have become an absolute must for every wardrobe, luckily there are styles, lengths and colors to suit absolutely everyone, and almost encourages that you have more than one pair. You can go for that tough city look with knee-high black boots, or you can opt for the tamer light leather booties with lace inlays. Having one or both is perfectly acceptable, along with any style or color in between. Each and every style of boot goes with just about anything now, even if there is a particular boot for every style as it is. These are great must-haves that are cute as well as comfortable.

5. Scarf. A scarf always comes in handy. Sometimes outfits just seem to be missing something and other times it just happens to be a bit chilly outside. Scarves, especially chiffon scarves, are incredibly versatile. You can be sure to have several in your wardrobe to match any color set or look you want to exhibit. These, like boots, are comfy as well as practical, and can be used to maximize your wardrobe while keeping you a bit warm as well.

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Beige Gold Clutch Purses & Accessories

Neutrals are often known for being conservative, colors that are used to tone down others or as blank canvases on which to layer colors and patterns. But neutrals are more powerful than that. We usually think that they are only used as a base on which to display our fashion accessories and dress up with bold colors, but they are just as powerful as accessories, too. Beige is often an overlooked color, but it can have a lot more power if you know how you use it correctly. Though often associated with conservative looks, it can actually be used to effect when used as an accessory.

We often think of accessories as a means to dress up an outfit, but these handy accents can also be used to add balance and symmetry, resulting in an overall put-together and polished look. Beige accessories do just that. If you’re wearing an outfit that features bright colors or patterns, a beige clutch purse can be just the thing. While you want to stay away from flashy jewelry when wearing bold or daring colors and prints, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize at all. Use a beige waist belt or sash to add symmetry to a patterned dress. The addition of a neutral accessory breaks up the outfit, creating shape and dimension without making your outfit more complex or too busy.

In fact, the addition of a neutral accessory, such as a sash or even a scarf, can tone down an outfit without actually taking away from the ensemble itself. Bold tones, shades and patterns can often stand on their own, and the addition of accessories can make an outfit too complicated and over the top. Just as accessories are worn to dress up or add oomph to simpler or more basic outfits, neutral accessories can add necessary balance to make more daring styles look put-together and balanced. Aside from pieces like scarves or belts, beige handbags are a great neutral accessory. A beige bag goes with everything and can still be jazzed up with a chain strap. Jewelry is also another simple option. A beige bangle, earrings or statement necklace has a similar effect in gold, to which it is similar in shade and tone, but is not nearly as flashy or shiny. A beige piece of jewelry can still give you the effect of wearing an accessory while remaining subtle.

Beige, and other neutrals, have the power to add a professional looking balance to outfits. It all depends on balance and the look you are aiming to achieve. Visit Chicastic now to find your favorite beige accessory.

Beige Clutch Purse & Accessories