How to Match Your Wedding Date

The last time you worried about matching your date was probably prom, but once your friends start getting married you’ll have to deal with this issue again once you’re invited. Here are some ways to match your date without matching … Continue reading

Black and White Leopard Print 100% Wool Cashmere Pashmina Shawl Wrap

Amongst all the pashmina scarves that Chicastic carries, the one that caught my attention most is a Black and White Leopard Print Cashmere Pashmina Wrap. Normally Leopard Print scarves only have leopard spots on them but this particular style has actual leopards printed on the scarf.

This scarf is so beautiful that it became a hit the day we launched it on Chicastic. It looks like a beautiful painting very artistically printed onto the soft cashmere wool pashmina shawl wrap. These Pashmina scarves which normally sell anywhere between $75-$120 but are currently on sale at $27.99. Buy now!


Leopard Print Scarf