Office Wear Fashion Accessories

The office demands a certain style and presence that is more professional, prim and proper. But contrary to popular belief, there is still wiggle room to be fashionable. While workplace attire differs from workplace to workplace, there is a general idea of office and professional fashion that blankets the working world. When it comes to office wear, neutrals tend to take center stage. Whether you’re shopping for suits, pants, skirts, or blouses, they tend to feature navy blue, beige, black, and white, sometimes with red mixed in. While these are all staple colors, they are not your only option. While all of these colors are associated with the professional world, they can be worn with contrasting colors or prints. A silky printed scarf, say a leopard print chiffon scarf, is a great accessory for the workplace. It can be worn in a knot at the neck or even draped over the shoulders to add some style while still looking sophisticated. You can also choose a shoe in a similar fashion. A conservative shoe in an eye-catching color or pattern will add that necessary oomph to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

When it comes to jewelry, choosing pieces that are elegant but still stand out are great. A bold statement necklace in a bright color adds dimension and color to a neutral blouse. Not to mention, it can be worn after work hours and blend your day and evening looks seamlessly. Remember, keep it to a minimum. If you’re wearing a statement piece, stick to that one piece. And if you’re going with a set, still stay away from adding too much bling to your ensemble. And when it comes to bags, try to stay away from formless, slouchy handbags or crossbodies. Go with the firm office flow and go with a leather handbag or hardcase clutch. You can even play around with color and style when it comes to bags as well, just make sure that it’s not too loud or distracting, but still fun and able to transition from the workplace to a night out on the town.

When it comes to dressing for the office, it’s best to remain on the conservative side. Feel free to accessorize and play with color and prints, but keep it minimal. That way you stay looking professional and you let the fashion speak for itself. The same goes for dressing outside of work as well, but there is a certain level of decorum that is expected to be upheld. Check out Chicastic for great office appropriate fashion accessories. 

Office Wear Fashion Accessories

Chain Strap Purses

Handbags are an important fashion accessory, and more so than many of us might think. Aside from fulfilling a more practical purpose, the shape, size, color and print of a bag makes a huge impression and are essentially a key element to any outfit, whether it’s intentional or not. While most of us tend to lean toward buying handbags that suit our style or are in a fairly neutral tone or color to best be worn with a wider variety outfits and for multiple occasions, they can be way more fun than that. Handbags don’t have to be loud or bold to make a statement or instill itself into an outfit and feel like more of an intentional addition.

Chain strap purses serve multiple purposes. Not only do they have the capacity to hold our daily essentials or conveniences, but they add color and depth to an outfit. Unlike other bags, the chain strap purse has its namesake to set it apart. The chain strap can act as more than just a shoulder piece and can double as more of a jewelry accessory as well. Taking on the roles of both handbag and jewelry accessory, they have a similar effect on an outfit as a necklace might but does so in a different and more dynamic way. Depending on the color and design, these straps can match most outfits and looks, especially if they are made of a simple gold or silver. If you opt for a more unique look, it can make just as much of a statement about your sense of style as any other piece of clothing. No matter the exact style of strap, they can be accentuated with similar jewelry such as rings or earrings in a matching style, tying your ensemble together and giving you a more purposeful and put-together look.

Most bags featuring a chain strap allow you to switch out the given one with another, oftentimes sold along with the bag. To change up a bag you might use often or if you’re wearing an outfit that demands a different set of accessories or accents, then try using multiple chain straps or pairing a chain with a leather or fabric strap to add depth and dimension. Get creative and experiment with different styles, colors, and combinations. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, you might just end up with several reincarnations of one bag that can give the illusion of several. Chicastic has a great collection of chain strap handbags and evening bags. Visit us now!

Chain Strap Purses

Must have handbags for women

Like any other fashion accessory, there are thousands of handbags to choose from. Here are some trending closet staples that are sure to keep you ahead of the fashion curve, no matter what you’re wearing

Handbags are an essential part of any wardrobe. Like any other fashion accessory, there is a handbag for just about every occasion. While a lot of us may wish we could snag a bag for every outfit or outing, or even one for every pair of shoes we may own, there are a few essential handbags to keep in your closet that will find a time and place.

Choosing a handbag isn’t just determined by what color scheme or overall style we’re sporting, but by what we actually need our handbag for! Sometimes we’re just running to the grocery store, other times we’re going on a day trip, or perhaps we’re planning an elegant night out. One handbag can’t fulfill all of these functional fashion duties so having any of the following bags in a style that suits you will ensure that you’re prepared for absolutely everything.

Small fashion backpacks are back from the late nineties and are now clad in more sizes and patterns. Whether you’re planning a daytrip or packing for a cute park side picnic, one of these backpacks gives you the room to pack while still allowing you to look fashionable. While not as large as utility knapsacks, these handy bags still come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from the size of a small handbag to a large tote. This way, you can still look cute while not having to sacrifice anything you wish to carry with you for the day. You can choose from a sleek leather bag or patterned canvas bags.

Everyone needs a go-to convertible clutch. You can grab them on the way out to door on your way to meet a friend for lunch or change it up and grasp it with freshly manicured nails for a special night out. Clutches are always chic. They add a bit of glamour and are essential to dressing up any outfit or accompanying any already elegant number. Choose a style that best suits you or matches your overall wardrobe best, that way this staple bag can be used for any occasion that arises.

Large tote bags are always handy, not to mention trendy. They are great for any casual day and still help you look looking stylish. You can fit most of your daily essentials in one of these bad boys and not have to worry about finding a large grocery bag to carry it all around town in.

There are hundreds of other bags, and some styles suit some more than others, but with a few of these you can never go wrong. Chicastic has a variety of handbags in different styles and patterns. Check them out now!

Women's Handbags

Envelope Clutch – Modern Functionality Meets Effortless Chic

Like any other handbag, there are so many styles of clutch to choose from. But the envelope clutch stands the test of time.

Clutch bags are an easy go-to bag if you’re looking to glam up an outfit or look more professional or sophisticated. The envelope clutch has stood the test of time and its flexibility has seen to its long fashion life. It’s simple and functional design keeps it modern and functional, and its sleek design ensures that it is always effortlessly chic.

An easy go-to envelope clutch would be patent leather in any neutral color. This bag is timeless and classic, and above all goes with just about any ensemble, whether its casual or formal, playful or professional. While a good simple, neutral clutch is always a good decision, it doesn’t hurt to add some flare to any wardrobe. If you tend to wear solid colors or more subtle patters, a bold envelope clutch may be more your speed. With a bold color, whether it’s jewel-toned or neon, or even an animal print, one of these flashy clutches will add some oomph to any outfit without being over-the-top and will still look sleek and sophisticated. Even a flashy cocktail evening clutch purse can go with just about anything. The glam of this kind of bag can dress up any casual get-up or compliment any elegant ensemble, no matter what the occasion.

Envelope clutches are extremely useful to boot. Their closure and design keeps them simple and easy to hold and come in a variety of sizes depending on your need. The great thing about any purse is its ability to hold other important items, such as wallet, phone, makeup, or any other number of items, without making your overall outfit a victim of convenience. If you’re prone to losing things, try to find an envelope clutch with a wristlet or chain that you can keep easier track of and not lose as easily.

No matter what kind of envelope clutch you choose, it will last you a long while. The simplistic and timeless design of this clutch makes it incredibly versatile and will stand the test of time. No matter what trends come and go or what season it is, this simple piece will always be elegant and accent just about anything. Its sleekness keeps it constantly adaptable to any style it could be paired with, outfit-wise or jewelry-wise. An envelope clutch is a must-have handbag for any wardrobe and will continue to accessorize outfits and ensembles for years to come. Chicastic has a bunch of nice and trendy envelope clutches so buy one now!

Envelope Clutch Purse

Grey Canvas Casual Book Bag Shoulder Handbag With Wide Straps

If you are looking for a casual everyday, yet cool handbag check out these canvas bags at Chicastic. They are easy to carry and you can use them in multiple different ways and for purposes. You won’t find better prices anywhere- so, why wait? Get them now!!

Grey Canvas Casual Book Bag Shoulder Handbag With Wide Straps

Grey Canvas Casual Book Bag Shoulder Handbag With Wide Straps

Faur Fir Leather Handbag

Winters are here and what better than the feeling of warmth. Check out this stylish shoulder handbag with Fir cover in high quality faux leather at Chicastic. This is perfect to carry out your Tablet or small laptop and for everyday use to work or school.


Faux Fir Leather Handbag






Large Work Handbags with Shoulder Strap & Small Laptop Space

These are awesome everyday work large shoulder handbags with lots of pockets & room for everything you need on a day out! Most handbags come with extra long belt straps which make the bags more versatile.

Buy one for yourself now, at Chicastic at the End of summer sale!

Black Large Everyday Laptop Handbag with Double Handles & Extra Long Strap