Black & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

You are all set for your weekend outing or an evening party and got your dress all ready and decided. Add a bit of spice to your looks with this sexy clutch purse at Chicastic. Take a look at our casual and party style clutch bags and we are sure our collection will blow you and take you by surprise. The rhinestones on this crystal box clutch purse will shine like a moon.

Black & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Black & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Holiday Gift Ideas For Women

Finding the perfect gift for the women in your life can sometimes be a challenge. Depending for whom you are buying that special present, it can be difficult to pick the right item. Here are a few ideas that can help you determine what to buy for your wife, mother, grandmother, girlfriend daughter, or female friend on special occasions.

Ask yourself a few questions. Who are you buying the gift for? Your grandmother would not necessarily like the same things that your girlfriend or wife would like. It would be awkward to purchase a gift for a female friend that is more girlfriend appropriate. Next, ask yourself what this person likes in terms of color. Does this woman enjoy nights out or does she prefer casual lunches and coffee dates? More than likely, whomever you are buying for is someone who enjoys different things, which multiplies your options.

Every woman loves purses. If you take a look into any ladies’ closet, you will see that they have a collection of bags, one for every occasion. Thankfully, handbags come in a plethora of styles suited to fit anyone. Younger girls may enjoy miniature backpacks and cross body satchels that they can use for school or trips to the mall. Envelope clutches are also very popular among young ladies. Colorful jewelry is also a fine choice of gift for teens.

Your girlfriend will have a totally different expectation from you. She will be expecting something special, something unique and something that you have given careful thought. They want to make sure that you are paying attention to them and their interests. Jewelry is always a very good option. Sterling silver rings studded in cubic zirconia are beautiful and less expensive than diamonds. Affordable and elegant, you can even add a pair of earrings. Unless you are at a very serious point in your relationship, it is okay to stick with CZ stones rather than diamonds.

If the woman you are buying for is a friend, then you may want to purchase something fun for her, something she would never think of to buy for herself. Glittering clutch purses are a great gift. You can get one in her favorite color, or stay neutral with silver, black, gold, or bronze so that it matches every outfit. Just make sure it is large enough to fit a cell phone, keys, credit card and lipstick. There is no point to a gift unless it is usable.

Your mother and grandmother will probably not enjoy a tiny clutch or a miniature backpack. But maybe they would like a colorful totebag, or handbag in their favorite color. Bangles are a wonderful gift, and fit almost every wrist! Or you can purchase them a set of scarves in different shades or patterns.

Choosing the right gift for the women in your life can be confusing. With so many styles and products out there, it can be hard to pick just one. These tips should help you decide on the perfect gift.

To find the perfect gift for the woman in your life, go to Chicastic now and I am sure you will find something beautiful and appropriate for her.

Holiday Gifts For Women

Black Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse

This vintage inspired Black Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse by Chicastic is reminiscent of a simpler time but it is anything but simple!  The handbeaded details on this purse are so exquisite!  Its classic style and soft wave pattern speak of times past but it’s the classic lines of this purse that make it so timeless.  Much like the the dresses pictured with it, these are styles that will live forever. This Black Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse can be paired with a 50’s style shift dress, or bring it to the 21st Century with leggings, boots and a flowy top.  Perfect for a night out, or a casual afternoon.  It goes without saying that this Black Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse is the perfect accessory.  Fits all your essentials like your keys, credit card and phone.  Comes fitted with an optional chain string!  Free shipping in the US!

Black Floral Print Lace Up Corset

Black Floral Print Sexy Strong Boned Corset Lace Up Bustier

Corsets have made the shift from undergarment to outerwear!  No longer are corsets relegated to stay under your clothes!  The infinite patterns, styles and fabrics make this trend possible!  This Black Floral Print Sexy Strong Boned Corset Lace Up Bustier by Chicastic is so sexy.  Paired with some cowboy boots, it gives you that “country girl” look without going straight to the farm!  Floral Print Corsets have such a duality of sexiness and playfulness that magnetizes your look!  If you are concerned about a little “wardrobe malfunction” just use a little double sided tape to keep things in place!  Every corset is made with steel bones to keep its shape for years to come!  This Black Floral Print Sexy Strong Boned Corset Lace Up Bustier by Chicastic also comes in Blue.

Sterling Silver Black & White Cubic Zirconia Pave Ring


Ladies of the 90’s, do you remember the Yin&Yang trend?  Yin&Yang jewelry was everywhere, and most of us were probably unaware of its meaning.  According to Wikipedia, “Many natural dualities (such as female and male, dark and light, low and high, cold and hot, water and fire, life and death, and so on) are thought of as physical manifestations of the yin-yang concept. The concept lies at the origins of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy.”  In short, Yin&Yang are complementary forces, who come together to form a greater whole.

This Sterling Silver Black & White CZ Cubic Zirconia Half Circle Pave Setting Right Hand Cocktail Ring by Chicastic is a re-imagined concept of Yin&Yang.  This ring is so beautiful with the black and white crystals reaching up from the band to embrace each other in unity.  The Sterling Silver Black & White Cubic Zirconia Pave Ring is a sophisticated way to express the whole of your spirit without going full retro.  Because as you know, you never go full retro.  Our jewelry comes boxed and ready to give to that special someone, or just keep it for yourself!  Free shipping in the US!

Candy Colored Wallets!

These Faux Leather Checkbook Wallets by Chicastic are perfect for filling up your grown up Easter Basket!  Candy colored faux leather make these the perfect Easter gifts for the special lady in your life!  Everyone appreciates a gift that is useful, but even more so FUN!  At only $9.99, these Faux Leather Checkbook Wallets fit the bill (pun intended!) perfectly!


  • Pockets for Cash
  • Zipper Pocket
  • Room for Checkbook
  • Extra Pockets for Credit Cards
  • Measures – Length 7″ x Height 3.5″ x Width 0.5″

Free shipping within the US!!

Somewhere Between Winter and Spring

When you think winter is that season that just won’t go away, Spring sneaks in, takes Winter by the hand and gently escorts him to the other side of the world.  But it’s that in-between season that can be so confusing!  Don’t worry, Chicastic has you covered!  With our wide selection of winter hats and scarves, we can still revel in Winter while welcoming the Spring!

The Dark Grey Wool Blend Women’s Fiddler Hat Military Style Cap With Studs is a stylish way to fend off the cool end of winter but can also transition into a spring style!  The metal studs give the Dark Grey Wool Blend Women’s Fiddler Hat Military Style Cap a unique accent to the military style of this cap.  It is also available in CAMEL.

The Black & Ivory Crochet Style Square Infinity Tube Cowl Neck Cozy Scarf With Fringes is such a fun little scarf.  The soft and open crochet stitches keep you warm, yet doesn’t overheat you either!  Clearly a double duty scarf, Black & Ivory Crochet Style Square Infinity Tube Cowl Neck Cozy Scarf With Fringes keeps enough warmth fashionably in.  Also available in Black & Grey.


Somewhere between Winter and Spring


Multicolor Floral Print Chiffon Scarf

Springtime Floral Scarf

Springtime is HERE!  For most of us anyway.  Time to start putting away the bulky wool scarves and replace them with a beautiful floral print scarf from Chicastic!  Offered in many colors, the floral print scarf comes in a light chiffon material or if you’d like something more substantial, Chicastic has a wide array of floral pashmina scarves as well.  The scarf featured above is the Multicolor Floral Print 100% Polyester Chiffon Neck Scarf.  It will complement your spring wardrobe beautifully.  If you only buy one scarf this season, make sure it is the Multicolor Floral Print 100% Polyester Chiffon Neck Scarf from Chicastic!

Purple Prom Purses!

Chicastic has several styles of purple prom purses to complement every shade of purple prom dress!  From light violets to deep plums, Chicastic’s selection of purple prom purses are sure to “wow” any young lady with an affinity for the color of royalty.  From vintage style prom purses, crystal prom purses, and knuckle duster purses, Chicastic‘s selection of purple prom purses is unmatched anywhere else!  Feel like royalty with a purple prom purse from Chicastic!


Purple Prom

Deep Sky Blue Velvet One Ring Knuckle Duster Clutch

Deep Sky Blue Velvet Suede Rhinestone Studded One Ring Knuckle Duster Style Evening Cocktail Minaudiere Clutch Bag

Knuckle duster clutches are such hardcore fashion!  Knuckle dusters, aka “brass knuckles,” were originally designed as a weapon used to enhance the strength of a punch.  Little did we realize that these weapons would one day be incorporated into such a cute and dainty fashion accessory such as the clutch purse!  Maybe 4 rings are too much, and you’d like to go a little sweeter.  Chicastic offers this darling Deep Sky Blue Velvet One Ring Knuckle Duster Clutch as a stylish alternative to the four ring knuckle duster clutch.  The Deep Sky Blue Velvet One Ring Knuckle Duster Clutch is studded with rhinestones on one side to further enhance its soft and sophisticated beauty.  The one ring knuckle duster clutch is also available in other colors and prints!