Disney Halloween Costumes

Everyone wants to be a Disney Princess! Isn’t that the dream since childhood? Well, you still can, but with a grown up twist! Check out Snow White, Belle, and Esmerelda below!

Snow White at the Office Halloween Costume


Items in this set:
Pink Chiffon Scarf
Purple Chiffon Scarf
Abstract Rhinestone Clutch
Latex Rubber Waist Trainer

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Gothic, Sexy Pumpkin, and Punk Rock Snow White

We are LOVING all the Halloween costumes that our followers over at Polyvore are creating! Keep em coming, guys! Here are a few of our favorites today!


Gothic Outfit


This gorgeous gothic outfit by angelique-von-tod is so incredibly rich and decadent, so luxurious. It may seem like we are describing a chocolate mouse, but look at these details that were added! Nothing was left out! We are so glad she used our Sexy Halter Lace Trim Corset in this set!


Happy Halloween!


Pumpkins may be round, but in this orange corset, you don’t have to be! This sexy pumpkin inspired outfit was created by mhightower1011 using our Orange Satin Lace Up Corset. Love the lace mask, too! A way to stay sexy and mysterious!

Punk Snow White


We saved our favorite for last! PUNK SNOW WHITE bypie-epic!! How creative is this?! Not only is it creative, it is incredibly sexy. Even though you are covered up, there is something about these pieces put together that just ROCK. What a great way to use our Sky Blue Satin Corset!

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Haerfest Witch Costume and Snow White at Work Costume

Hærfest Witch


This absolutely STUNNING Haerfest Witch costume was created by reginalove over at Polyvore! Our beautiful Beige Gold Satin Corset is the perfect base on which to build a costume like this! This would be a beautiful group costume idea, as well! If each of your friends designed their own witch costume based on different color corsets, that would make a fun theme, especially at a party or contest!


Snow White at the Office Halloween Costume


Another idea for the office is to go as Snow White! We created this costume with the working woman in mind! As you can see, even though the costume is centered around a corset, a cardigan can keep you covered up. This medium length pencil skirt and red heels can finish off the look beautifully! Don’t forget the poisoned apple, which in this case is one of our popular crystal clutch purses!


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