Something Blue Clutch Bag

Some traditions go a long way and one of them is carrying a something blue on your wedding day. Chicastic supports and believes in these lovely traditions. We have a wide collection of something blue clutch purses at Chicastic. This hard box satin clutch purse is a favorite and we have carried this design since the inception of Chicastic – one of the best selling, simple and classic, yest awesome.

Navy Blue Satin Hard Casual Clutch Bag with rhinestone panel & closure

Navy Blue Satin Hard Casual Clutch Bag with rhinestone panel & closure

Something Blue For Brides

Just about anyone who has or will plan a wedding has heard the bridal tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe” at some point during the planning of the wedding. However, not everyone is familiar with the history behind it and what makes it so important to a brides wedding ensemble.  The truth is, the origin of this English rhyme isn’t exactly known, but can be dated back to the Victorian era when it was said that keeping these traditions bring good luck to the bride to be and groom. Each piece is said to bring a different form of positive energy and good karma on the wedding day, for example, something old represents continuity, something new represents the couple creating a new union, and something borrowed can either represent borrowed happiness or a token of love from a friend or family member.  The something blue stands for purity and love, and “a sixpence in your shoe”? Well, a sixpence is a silver coin that dates back to 17th-20th century and a coin in you shoe represents good fortune throughout your marriage.

This age old tradition is still being kept alive by today’s brides and nowadays, brides are coming up with fun, unique ways to incorporate this tradition into their wedding ceremony.  Chicastic has been very helpful to brides in helping them find ways to keep the something blue part alive through our stock of bridal clutches, and stunning jewelry. If you want to add a bold pop of blue, grab a clutch from our something blue collection. We have something to suit any bride’s style and taste and plenty of shades of blue from bright to navy. If you are going for a more subtle splash of blue, our crystal drop down earrings will definitely do the trick. They are breathtaking and elegant, perfect for any bride. As an added bonus, choosing your something blue from Chicastic also doubles as a something new so you have two traditions covered with one purchase!

So brides to be, how do you plan on incorporating blue into you wedding day look? Have you considered a pretty clutch purse or glamorous accessories? And married women, how did you incorporate this important tradition into your wedding look? Comment and let us know we love hearing from our readers and we are sure future brides would love some ideas!

Something Blue for Brides

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Tips on How to choose the Perfect Bridal Purse

Wedding day is the most precious day of every woman’s life and they want to definitely look their best. The best dress, best shoes, best clutch, best jewelry & best hair accessories. Bridal Clutch Purse is one of the most essential accessories for the bride these days. No doubt clutch purses enhance beauty of any dress, along with, that they also provide utility because for the long wedding ceremony and reception you would need a couple things to keep you looking fresh and glowing like foundation, lipstick, mirror, etc.
In order to choose the best suited bridal purse, you need to first of all know your bridal dress. What color is it – White, Off White, Ivory, Cream, or some other color. Once you know the color of your dress, the first thing to decide about your clutch purse is how big or small should it be. Depending on how your dress drapes, how long it is, and how easy or difficult to manage it would be. For longer dresses with more drape you would be better off with a small more manageable clutch. However, with a simpler, shorter dress, you can go for a larger clutch purse.
With dresses which are embellished heavily, it’s recommended that you carry a simpler, plainer clutch purse. However, if your dress is the classic simple style, you can enhance it with a beautiful rhinestone embellished clutch purse.
Next question that sometimes bride worry about is, how to carry their clutch. It is recommended that if you have a shorter or a more manageable dress you can go with a ring handle bridal purse or a clutch purse to hold in your hand. But if your dress drapes long and is hard to manage, you would be better off with a bridal purse that comes with a chain string attached.
Lastly, one thing also to consider while choosing a clutch purse is, if you already have your ‘Something blue’ for the wedding? If not, our team at Chicastic recommends carrying a blue clutch purse to make it your something blue. It will not just be your blue for the day but it will add so much color & brightness to your dress and your wedding day that everyone’s eyes will be on you, all day!
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