Patriotic Purses

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. That means red, white and blue everything. Jump on the patriotic bandwagon with these bold colored purses. This red basket weave clutch is a perfect addition to your warm weather wardrobe. Its textured weave … Continue reading

White Rose Flower Shaped Satin Wedding & Bridal Clutch Bag Purse

Every brides needs a little something extra to make her wedding day more beautiful, more special! Which is why, Chicastic brings to you a very wide range of White & Ivory Bridal Clutch Purses and also Something Blue Clutch Purses to make your special something blue for the day and make your traditional wedding complete.

This White Rose Flower Shaped Bridal Clutch is so beautiful and is sure to enhance the beauty of not just your dress but also of your day! Buy it now at Chicastic!

White Rose Flower Shaped Satin Wedding & Bridal Clutch Bag Purse


Something Blue Bridal Clutch Purse Collection

Confused what to have as your “Something blue” on your wedding day. We also solved that problem for you! Chicastic‘s team has selected some beautiful blue clutch purses to be your perfect “Something Blue”. Come and add more beauty and color to the most beautiful day of your life!

Royal blue wedding and evening clutch bags – Something blue clutch purse

The concept of something blue for Christian weddings is so unique and beautiful. Chicastic is proud to introduce a whole new range of blue clutch bags as a symbol for something blue. Participating in someone’s happiness is our motto and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Browse our collection of royal blue clutch bags in various shades and styles and make your perfect choice.


Royal Blue Sapphire Blue Silk Evening Wedding Clutch Bag With Austrian Rhinestone Setting


Something blue bridal clutch purse

Peacock Blue/ Royal Look Navy Blue Silk Rhinestone Wedding/Evening Clutch Purse Bag (Something blue)

This is part of a famous old poem which dates back to the Victorian era where each item represents a good luck token for the bride and if she carries all of them on her wedding day, she will have a happy marriage. Blue has been connected to weddings for centuries. In ancient Rome, brides wore blue to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity. Christianity has long dressed the Virgin Mary in blue, so purity was associated with the color. Before the 19th century, blue was in fact the most popular color for wedding gowns, as evidenced in proverbs like, “Marry in blue, lover be true.”

So, if you are looking for that blue accessory for the wedding day, then Chicastic is the right place. Chicastic has an excellent collection of clutches in various shades of blue to go with your gown and shoes and be your “Something blue” for the wedding.



Royal Blue clutch bags

Ever wondered why there is a shade of blue called royal? When you hear the word royal what comes to mind are concepts like a royal family, a royal decree, royal palace, or a royal patronage – something to do with a king or queen. Royal signifies extraordinary beyond the league of normal like a royal wedding.

The color blue is lucky to be associated with royal – traditionally defined in dictionaries as a deep to dark blue, often with a purple or faint reddish tinge. Royal blue clutch purse are the perfect companion which will make you look royal and great. Chicastic has a beautiful collection of these clutches – absolutely unique and brilliant.

Royal Blue Clutch Purse

Bridal & Bridesmaid Clutch Purses

I think every girl would agree that the one day they cherish all their life is the day of their wedding. It is the most special occasion which can’t be matched with anything else.

For the most important day in their life brides start thinking about their dresses and accessories months even years before the date. The excitement brides have while deciding their dresses, bridal clutch purses, and other accessories is unparalleled.

Chicastic has an amazing collection of clutch bags with a whole section dedicated for bridal clutch purses in White & Ivory and also a section for Wedding clutch purses with other colors for the bride and huge collection for the bridesmaids which would go perfect for any wedding.

This Navy Blue Purse below is one of the most popular bridal purses at Chicastic. Girls love to make it their “something blue” and even buy it as gifts for their bridesmaids.

Royal Look Navy Blue Silk Rhinestone Wedding/Evening Clutch Purse Bag