Duster Knuckle Clutch

Gold can be great in a pinch. Add that oomph to your outfit with this glittery gold clutch.

Looking glamorous can have a lot of meanings and may differ depending on who you are talking to. But no matter what, gold always has the power to add oomph to an outfit. The key with gold is to use it wisely and sparingly. Bring your evening ensemble to the next level with this gold glitter duster knuckle clutch.

This bag can go two ways, if not more. But when it comes to evening events, it can be worn to a high class formal event just as well as it can to a night out with the girls. It all depends on what you’re wearing it with. If you’re heading out to a glamorous formal event, clad in an evening gown and timeless jewelry, this handbag can add that bit of boldness you’re looking for without requiring you to overhaul your whole look. While looking timeless and traditional for a formal event is nothing but expected, having a statement piece to set you apart from the crowd can make you feel bold while you still adhere to the rules of formal wear. Against a neutral evening gown, this bag sparkles and shines and since it is so small it will attract just the right amount of attention.

If you’re planning a more casual night out that still calls for you to dress to the nines, then this bag will work just as well. If you’re going to a less formal event then you have much more freedom to play around with dresses in terms of color and texture. You can use this bag to inspire your jewelry by adding other sparkly or metallic gold pieces and shoes to add that wow factor to a cocktail dress or even more casual outfit. Even if you’re going out on a date, this clutch can be used along with a basic outfit and, say, a statement necklace to jazz it up a little.

This bag has multiple purposes, but the trick is not to go overboard. If you choose to wear matching accessories, choose one or two choice items and make sure they aren’t crowded around the same area. For instance, a statement earring and metallic gold shoes would be great with this clutch when worn with a cocktail dress. If worn to jazz up a casual outfit, a bold necklace is perhaps the only other accessory you need. Subtlety goes a long way with gold and still adds that glamorous effect.

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Gold Glitter Duster Knuckle Clutch

Turquoise Mint Stone Statement Jewelry Set

Statement pieces are great for dressing up outfits, but statement sets can give you a whole new kind of arsenal to work with. Learn the different styles and combinations you can employ with this stone jewelry set.

Statement pieces are all the rage right now. They can be worn with basic tees, button-ups, little black dresses, you name it. But they also come in a countless number of different styles. Chunky chain or enamel jewelry gives off that sleek city vibe while layered chains and beads are more bohemian. No matter what the style, they all make a statement, as their namesake would suggest. This large turquoise mint stone statement necklace jewelry set makes a statement while walking the line between these two styles.

The large inset stones invoke that bohemian, earthy feel and yet their bold and chunky display invokes sleeker styles. Wear it with flowing lace and loose cardigans for a laid-back gypsy feel. When worn with earth tones, such as browns, creams, beige, hunter, sage or grass greens, sky and ocean blues in layers and long flowing lace and embroidery, you can invoke that old-world look while keeping comfy and casual. The earthy nature of the stones themselves lend easily to this look and can inspire the color scheme of your outfit, or the turquoise can be used to offset it. If you’re going to match, choose some blues or other shades in that family. If you choose to offset it, however, then wear it against whites, creams, browns or even beige so the startling minty turquoise makes its statement. Every part of the set adds to the bohemian look which is characterized by a gypsy-like use of jewelry, yet does so without going overboard.

Alternatively, you could also opt to wear this set with a sleek black dress and ankle booties for that city chic look. This set can go either way and that’s the beauty of it. Though it can be worn with other colors, these pieces particularly stand out when worn with a form-fitting black ensemble. This can mean a body-con dress or a top with skinny jeans or even leather pants or leggings (or leggings that look like leather or something similar). When paired with a sleek, sophisticated yet minimal outfit, each part of this set is allowed to shine to its fullest. The mint color jumps out against the black, and the gold metalwork works to aid that as well.

Feel free to mix and match and see which looks feel right, but this set is incredibly versatile, no matter what you choose. Wear just the necklace or bracelet, or any combination of the three to create different looks and effects. Create your own statement and be creative.

You can purchase this statement necklace jewelry set at Chicastic today!Turquoise Mint Stone Statement Jewelry Set

Statement Pieces

Statement jewelry will always have a place in fashion no matter what, and with so many options, its hard to know what will work for you. The typical rule of thumb for statement pieces, whether it is earrings, a bracelet or a necklace is to wear a bold statement piece, then go minimal with the rest of your jewelry.  Sometimes opting out of wearing any other pieces is a good option if your statement piece is bold and daring enough solo.

For example, Chicastic’s antique style brass chain and bead necklace is the perfect statement necklace that says a lot on its own without the need of other accessories. Simple matching studs or a minimal amount of arm candy can be worn with this necklace but it isn’t necessary at all.

Statement earrings, such as the green, gold and black tassel earrings below are another option for the perfect statement piece. These earrings do not require anything else with them at all. Just pull you hair back so you can easily show off these earrings and you are good to go!

This Chicastic piece, the multi color and gold tone bib necklace is the final, and boldest example of a great statement piece. If you are wearing something with a lower neckline, this is a great option to have. Especially if you are wearing one or a few of the colors  featured on the necklace since it can easily pick them up making your entire look that much more appealing.


What is your favorite kind of statement piece? How often do you find yourself wearing it? Comment below and let us know!