The Dog Days of Summer

Here’s a little history lesson for you: The Romans referred to the “dog days” as diēs caniculārēs and associated the hot weather with the star Sirius, the “Dog Star,” hence the name the “Dog Days of Summer”. Now when we hear the phrase, the though of swimming pools, ice pops and of course, Summer clothes come to mind. Here at Chicastic, we can help you beat the heat in style! You don’t have to sacrifice your fashion sense to be comfortable during these long Summer days. Stick with items that are loose and flowy and are not too heavy. Our collection of skirts and dresses have got you covered in a variety of colors patters. You can dress them up or down, but bottom line is that they are simultaneously fashionable and hot weather friendly. Breathabily of the fabric is also very important when trying to keep cool, so try to stick to cotton when you can. Our cotton Summer Tunics are perfect because not only are they breathable and comfortable, but they come in various colors, patterns, designs and lengths, that we have the perfect tunic no matter your style. Now if you’re more of a tee or tank with shorts kind of person, accessories, especially bold jewelry,is the best way to express your style without over-heating. With the right accessories, a simple shorts and tank combo becomes an outfit. This bracelet pairs nicely with an array of colors. Our necklaces make a great statement as do these great sterling silver cocktail rings. We have lots of colors and designs to choose from to fit any style. Stay cool with Chicastic!

Dog Days of Summer

Throwback Thursday- When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally

Hopefully you’re relaxing today after your New Year’s Eve festivities. Maybe you’re watching TV or a movie. In honor of this throwback Thursday we recommend When Harry Met Sally. It had a great New Year’s Eve moment.  The outfits Meg … Continue reading

Emmys Fashion- Get the Look for Less

Emmy Award Accessories

The Emmys were last night and the gowns and accessories didn’t disappoint. An added bonus was the E! Clutch Cam. It gave us fashion fans a chance to see the fabulous purses the stars were carrying. The trends we noticed … Continue reading

Silver Accessories

Silver Accessories

Silver is a great color to purchase accessories in due to its elegant look and its ability to work with many other colors. But when you think silver accessories, don’t only think of jewelry. Sure you can buy stunning silver … Continue reading

Cocktail Rings

Jewelry can do a lot more for an outfit than you may think. Cocktail jewelry works great for formal events but can be used for nights out as well as for the workplace.

Jewelry should be fun. Being able to mix and match pieces and create different looks is part of all the fun. While some sets work best when complete and worn together, mixing and matching pieces, whether they be jewelry or clothing, really maximizes your wardrobe beyond imagination. Wearing a different set of accessories with the same dress can create two completely different looks and it does not require you to spend any extra money. While an initial investment in a variety of clothing and accessories is vital, what is most important is each pieces ability to adapt to other pieces. This increases their inherent value ten fold. Cocktail jewelry is great when it comes to accessories. They can be worn with simply silver jewelry, bold statement pieces, or even by themselves.

Cocktail rings tend to be big and bold and work best with minimal jewelry. This doesn’t mean they can’t be worn with anything else, however. As stated before, cocktail rings can be worn with simple jewelry or other bold pieces. This mostly goes for necklaces. A cocktail ring is basically a statement necklace for your hands. Wearing one goes a long way, and considering their size, it is best to not wear it with other rings or even a bracelet. This ring, though it seems small on its own, goes a long way. Wearing one with a necklace, whether simple or bold, is perfect. Since the necklace and ring are far apart from one another, they can balance each other out if desired.

These accessories can also be versatile. A bright or fun cocktail ring is great for daytime wear, whether you’re headed to a big company lunch, an engagement party, or any other activity that takes place later in the day. Rings with color or with more daring shapes and designs work best for these kinds of occasions. Use one of these rings to brighten up your outfit and add some fun and flare to your look. If you’re headed to a more somber or formal event in the evening, then simpler, sleeker cocktail jewelry is a safer bet. Ones with a more minimalist design are adaptable but no less impressive. These rings are a bit more classic and timeless and can be made to match any elegant look.

No matter where you’re headed, one of these cocktail rings is sure to fit your needs while adding a bit of that Old Hollywood glamour to your look. Whether you opt for daytime fun or evening classic, one of these pieces is sure to flatter your fingers. Find the right ring for you at Chicastic.

Cocktail Rings

Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Weddings demand a different set of jewelry and accessories unlike any other occasion. Learn how to choose which pieces work best with your wedding day look.

A bride’s special day calls for special accessories. Every bride is different, and you should reflect your personality and sense of style. After all, it’s your big day. Overall decor depends on the bride and groom’s desire for a traditional or a quirky wedding, or perhaps somewhere in between. But the accessories that will accompany the wedding dress are essentially down to the bride herself.

Accenting your wedding dress is a personal decision. Much of what comes after first depends on the dress. What sort of style are you going for? Does the piece already feature a lot of adornment? What style does the dress already evoke? The answers to all of these questions will help guide you to which pieces you may want to choose to wear. For instance, if the dress features a lot of flashy beadwork, lace, and other flourishes, then minimalist jewelry will work best. Or perhaps none at all. If the dress is a work of art in itself, then too much jewelry or jewelry that is too busy will take away from its power.

If you’re wearing a simpler dress, however, then there is more room to play with different looks and ideas. If you are sporting a low or open neckline, or a strapless look, then a necklace or earrings will work great. Pairing a necklace and earring often crowds the upper portion of your look, unless you pair a simple stud earring set with a necklace, and the choice of either will also depend on your intended hair style on your wedding day. If the bodice isn’t too busy, then a statement necklace will look great, perfectly accenting your neck, shoulders, and torso. A statement necklace can be bold and bright, or a simple white, pearl design. It all depends on your personal style. Rings may work, but since the highlight of the day is the placement of the wedding ring during the ceremony then you might want to focus the attention on that ring alone. Bracelets are totally welcome, but try wearing one on your right hand to balance out the wedding ring after the ceremony.

Don’t forget, you can also change after the ceremony and before the reception. The reception is more about fun and comfort, so keep all of these things in mind when planning out your overall ensemble. More pronounced pieces can be brought out for the post-ceremony dancing and partying, and a change of shoe might also be in order to help you dance the night away more comfortably. If you’re afraid of mixing traditional with your own quirks, you can always reserve your personal touches for the reception and stick to simple tradition for the ceremony. That way, you have the best of both worlds. Your choice of wedding dress accessory is entirely up to you and your chosen wedding style.

Find the perfect one for your wedding day at Chicastic.

Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Anniversary Gifts for her

Remembering an anniversary is a big deal, and getting the perfect gift to show your loved one just how much you appreciate another month, year or decade together is just as important. Of course, we shouldn’t need an occasion to bestow gifts on our significant others and we should tell them just how important they are as often as we can, but special occasions are milestones and they help keep relationships strong, too. Here are some romantic gift ideas that might help you show your love.

When one thinks of anniversaries, images of flowers, fancy gourmet chocolate, elegant candlelight dinners and fancy jewelry come to mind. These are classic gift ideas that never go out of style. Giving some classic cocktail jewelry and perhaps a matching elegant envelope clutch would be a great pre-dinner gift, that way she can wear her new accessories out on your special night. Classic silver or diamond jewelry is always a best-seller and a great gift choice if you aren’t sure what she might like exactly. These pieces reflect the occasion and are timeless pieces she can wear to any formal or romantic occasion. A new twist on these classic gifts could be an all-inclusive gift basket. Place the jewelry or accessories in the center, with an envelope holding a dinner reservation tucked between, including chocolate and flowers to cushion the main attraction.

But you don’t always have to go out to celebrate. Perhaps gather the same items, but instead of a reservation, place some uncooked gourmet dinner ingredients and recipes as part of the gift to cook together with some new, sensuous candles and flowers to adorn your private romantic dinner table. You can still dress up if you’re dining in, and she’d love to test out her new jewelry anywhere, especially for the one she loves. Light some of the new candles at the dinner table with your fresh flowers for the centerpiece as you two sit down to dinner dressed in your best and create your own more personal anniversary ambiance.

Aside from these classic gift ideas, you know your significant other best. A scrapbook of shared memories, a rare edition of a book they’ve been meaning to read or already love, tickets to a concert you’d both love to attend, reservations for a surprise vacation, or even some luscious intimates are other great ideas. In any case, no matter what the gift, the intimate thought that goes into choosing and giving a gift is the most important of all.

Chicastic has great anniversary gifts for her. You just have to find the right one.

Anniversary Gifts For Her

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Bridesmaids are often composed of close family, friends and relatives that are incredibly close to the bride. They may have earned their spot in the bridal party for being there for the bride at some crucial time in the past, but what the bridesmaids do during the engagement and wedding process and events is just as important. They gather everyone for the bride’s events, plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and help the busy bride make sure everything is set and ready for the big day. Just as brides get gifts to celebrate their future lives as being part of a married couple making a new life together, bridesmaids deserve a little something to since they make sure this loving relationship is made possible by helping prepare the wedding.


One great way to thank your bridesmaids is by giving them great accessories, preferably ones they can wear to the wedding, too! Sure, the bride is the center of attention during the wedding, but the bridesmaids are also dressed to draw attention and better accent the beautiful bride. A great gift to give to bridesmaids would be matching clutches to wear and use during the wedding ceremony and reception. Give each bridesmaid a clutch that suits her best yet perhaps all match within your bridal party color scheme. That way, the clutch will work well at the wedding and the bridesmaids can each use them for other, future occasions. Give one a rhinestone studded cocktail clutch if she has more of a vintage flair, and perhaps give your tough-gal bridesmaid a knuckle duster clutch. There is a clutch for everyone and there are bound to be styles in the color that best suits your wedding decor and color scheme.


Another great idea would be to bestow jewelry to each bridesmaid. Like the clutches, you can give each woman a piece or set of jewelry that suits her best, and can be worn to your wedding as well as future events your bridesmaids may attend (perhaps even a future bridesmaid’s wedding!). Sterling silver is always in style and goes with just about anything. Get each bridesmaid a sterling silver cocktail ring in differing styles. From afar, their outfits will look stunningly similar when paired with the bridesmaid’s gowns, and yet each ring will be unique and reflect the woman wearing it so she can wear it for years to come.


Both of these bridesmaid gift ideas are useful for your own wedding and will serve as reminders of your gratitude for having been a part of your special day. To buy your bridesmaid some stylish gifts to say thank you, visit Chicastic now!

perfect bridesmaid gifts


Vintage Silver Tone Cuff

This vintage inspired silver tone cuff from Chicastic is a must have this season. Especially if you are having a difficult time trying to find a bracelet to go with the rest of your silver tone jewelry.  This cuff is simple enough in design that it can go with anything but large enough to make a bold statement that doesn’t overpower the rest of your look. Get this cuff in silver or gold at Chicastic today and enjoy how versatile it can be with any look for any occasion.

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High Fashion Look For Less At Chicastic

Looking for the perfect silver cocktail ring that has the upscale look at a low price? Well, Chicastic is here to show you that once again, we’ve have the perfect ring for you. Our sterling silver cocktail ring is nearly identical to this diamond and silver cocktail ring by David Yurman. This piece will have people doing double takes at your ring finger and its breathtaking design will leave you speechless. Take a look for yourself to see the resemblance and get your hands on our version of this ring today!

Look For Less- Silver Rings

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