Day Trip Accessories

Day Trip Accessories

Day trips are fun and an exciting change of pace. But how does one accessorize? Day trips are great but they can also be a bit stressful. Since you’re moving around a lot, going from one place to another, you … Continue reading

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Face it. We are not built the same. Some of us are petite and sweet, others are tall and statuesque while others are curvy and voluptuous. We are all familiar with the basic fashion rules to help accentuate the parts of our physique that we like the best while hiding the parts we are less happy to share. Those rules extend to the purses we carry. The right purse can make all the difference in complimenting your body type. Take a look at the list below to help you decide which purse flatters your shape best.

For all body types, please remember to consider the shape of the handbag before purchasing. It is a good idea to pick a purse that is shaped opposite to your type. Generally, curvy women should carry angled purses while a woman whose shape is less round should carry a bag with softer edges. A good rule to follow is to not carry the handbag closest to the area of your body that you do not want to draw attention to.

Petite – Smaller statured women should be careful not to carry a purse that is too big. Large bags will overwhelm a small frame. Medium to small is a better size to shoot for. Longer straps are more flattering than shorter straps, so long as the straps are not too lengthy. Small clutches, miniature backpacks and petite totes are all great for shorter women.

Tall – While the tote bag may overwhelm the petite woman, they absolutely flatter a taller person. Your long arms are accentuated and in proportion while carrying this bag. However, make sure the handles are long enough to carry the bag on your shoulder. Shorter handles will not look proportionate and add awkwardness. A satchel is your favorite color is also another good choice.

Curvy – Purses that land right above the waistline is very flattering. Make sure to avoid small clutches and purses as they may get lost against your figure. Larger envelope clutches are flattering, as are larger satchels and totes with short to medium length straps.

Remember, as with all fashion trends, do not be tempted to wear styles that don’t suit your body type. It is better to stay with classic lines that fit well rather than a fly-by-night trend that is unflattering to your body. Take your time when deciding which purse is right for you.

Checkout Chicastic to make your right choice.

Women's Accessories

Women’s Accessories

Wardrobe Essential Accessories For Women

It is smart to invest in a few good quality wardrobe essentials than to spend cheaply on a lot of clothing items you may not wear very often.  No matter what your budget, if you have these basic pieces in your wardrobe, you can always look like a million bucks!

  1. A Black Blazer is essential for every young professional woman because it goes with everything.  Like the little black dress, it must fit your body perfectly.  Paying a little extra to get it tailored is worth it!
  2. A Colorful Scarf can make a difference to any outfit!  Best of all, they come in all colors, patterns and fabrics!  Keep your neck warm with a soft pashmina in a bright pink, add sass to your LBD with a leopard print silk scarf, or bring out your eyes in a scarf that matches their color!  The possibilities are virtually endless!
  3. A Black Pencil Skirt, like the LBD, can also transform from office wear to evening!  You can pair this skirt with a button down for the office, or a sleeveless peplum top for going out later that night!
  4. A Sparkly Clutch is perfect for any special occasion!  Be sure to choose one in a neutral shade or color so that it can incorporate into as many outfits as possible!  Maybe a gold toned clutch covered in rhinestones, or perhaps a beige clutch, or even a black satin clutch with a glittery clasp.  They hardly take up any room in your closet, so why not get two?
  5. A Colorful Tote can take the simplest outfit to the next level!  If functionality is important to you, the tote is the answer.  Make sure you choose one with stability and lined in a fabric that can be easily wiped clean.  It is a practical investment, perfect for work or shopping!
  6. Black Pumps are a MUST for every woman, no exceptions!  They can be worn to work, and straight to the bar afterwards!  Invest in a classic, fashionable and high quality pair as these will be getting the most wear time out of anything in your closet.  Keep a classy yet sensible heel (no stilettos here) to make sure they are office appropriate.
  7. A White Button down is like a blank canvas.  It can be paired with ANY color, tucked in or left loose, under a blazer or over a tank top, be flirty with a skirt or professional with slacks.  No woman should be left without one, or two!

With these wardrobe basics in your closet, you are sure to always step out of your house in style.  As with any of your wardrobe pieces, make sure you check the fabric and care label.  Knowing what care these garments need will make them last longer. For some  great wardrobe essentials such as evening bags, clutches, tote handbags, colorful scarves visit Chicastic now!

Grey, Black & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Blogger Sincerely, Lo Gets Chicastic

Fashion blogger Lauren Denny, gets Chicastic for her loyal readers in one of her latest post on her blog Sincerely, Lo.  Her super casual look is given a fierce touch with her  dark brown leopard print handbag from Chicastic and the readers (including us!) are loving this look. Check out her post here then head over to Chicastic to get this bag, and other clutches, handbags, and totes from us!

Please fee free to chat with us with any questions or concerns about the above item.

Woven Leather Tote Handbags – Hottest Summer Handbags 2012

These Large Woven Leather Shoulder Handbags and Totes are the hottest thing this summer. Carry as much stuff as you need in these large handbags and the soft & comfortable shoulder handles will never tire you.

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