How To Fly Fashionably



Looking good while traveling can be a challenge, especially when flying. Unlike the slow paced hotel style accommodations of a cruise ship, or the flexibility of a driving yourself on a road trip, flying comes with its own set of challenges. From long lines to security checks to the tiny cramped space in an aircraft, comfort is key. However, comfort doesn’t have to come in the form of sweat pants and flip flops. Here are a few tips to keep you looking stylish even as you take the red eye cross country.



This isn’t the time to wear your spike heels or mini skirt. And unless you’re heading to a business meeting right off the plane, you don’t have to wear a business suit either. Keep your color scheme neutral. Black leggings and a chambray top, tank, or cardigan. You can even wear a soft knitted poncho (because airplanes can be a bit chilly). Keep it to 3 basic pieces (bottom, top, cardigan). If you must accessorize, a simple scarf will do. Don’t bother with belt. You’ll have to take it off at security, anyway.


Ballet flats work well in this situation, or even soft booties. Don’t forget the socks or peds! The last thing you want to do is have to take your shoes off at security and walk through the metal detector barefoot!

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Wrap your hair in a stylish scarf to keep it out of the way and in place. Airplane seats are known for not being very kind to the back of your head, and if you end up sleeping in a strange position your hair might end up looking worse than if you hadn’t bothered with it at all. You could even try a top-knot and a bandana to keep the strays away!


Not only do they function well as a last minute eye mask, they will hide any tiredness your eyes will show if you happen to fly the red-eye.

Vegan Leather Handbag


A large stylish tote can function as a carry on and hold any accessories you don’t want to wear on the plane. If you need to change your shoes after landing, you can keep them with you. Any touch up supplies such as your makeup, baby wipes and toothbrush can be kept close at hand, as well as a spare outfit and a clutch purse! In addition, a crossbody purse can also keep your wallet and phone close to you.


Don’t bother wearing your very best jewelry. It can get lost while traveling and you’ll never get it back. Time to invest in some inexpensive dupes. Go for cubic zirconia instead of diamonds, simple necklaces and delicate costume pieces.


The air on a plane can be very dry, so keep a small tube of moisturizer with you, as well as some lip balm or gloss. Drink plenty of water as well.

1. Avoid clothes that wrinkle.
2. Avoid clothes that are too tight.
3. Avoid traveling in your pajamas.
4. Avoid wearing white – traveling can be long and delays are frequent. It’s too much to keep your sanity while trying to keep your clothes clean.


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Packing for a Destination Wedding

Packing is stressful and sometimes it’s hard to limit what we want to bring. Plan ahead and think “mix and match” to make the most out of any traveling wardrobe.

Packing is always a bit nerve wracking. Without having your entire wardrobe at your disposal, you are instead forced to think ahead. What will the weather be like? What will I feel like wearing? What occasions will call for what outfits? It may feel even more difficult if you’re packing for a destination wedding, but this is actually a blessing. Knowing what your schedule will be like once you reach your new location helps determine what sorts of outfits you should bring, what to bring as backup, as well as how much to pack.

No matter where we’re going, we want to feel prepared for anything. Packing can be a bit tricky when it comes to thinking of every piece of clothing that might come in handy for any possible scenario, but there are some shortcuts you can take. Applying some mix and match know-how will definitely go a long way.

First of all, you know it’s a wedding, so have your outfit for the wedding day completely planned out and packed. This is perhaps the easiest part of the entire packing business! The rest will depend on where you’re going and how involved you are in the wedding party. First things first, think weather appropriate when it comes to thinking of casual outfits to pack, but try to be versatile. Throw in a dressy jacket or blazer and a fancy shoe that will match anything. That way, you always have a back up dressy outfit should the occasion arise without having to pack any extra ensembles. If you’re in the wedding party, then you will definitely want to bring additional dresses, shoes and accessories for the rehearsal dinner and other events. With these, try and bring pieces that are versatile and can match a wide variety of things. This way, you can mix and match jackets, dresses, shoes, purses and accessories from day to day without packing several individual outfits.

When it comes to accessories, bring some timeless ones as well as a few statement pieces. Traditional jewelry goes with everything and suits practically any occasion, always making itself useful. Statement pieces can be used to dress up more casual outfits or to transform dresses, tops and other ensembles into totally new and refreshed looks. These can also be used interchangeably between casual and formal, making them essential to maximizing your limited travel wardrobe. Remember, try to think of every possible scenario and what clothing will be called for. Then, try to think if you have pieces that can fulfill multiple purposes and can be used in a variety of ways. This way, you’ll be ready for anything.

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