Scarves For Springs

Scarves don’t just keep out the cold, they also happen to be great, simple, and versatile accessories. While they may not be as necessary as they are in winter, spring still carries a bit of a chill, making scarves are still completely appropriate to wear.

Fleece or flannel scarves are a bit too hot and stuffy for spring, but chiffon scarves, and knitted tube scarves are still comfortable and do their job. These accessories are lightweight and can still be used to layer when it gets exceptionally chilly outside. They can be worn with loose cardigans, light jackets, loose sweaters, blazers and they can even be worn alone over your top. Additionally, if you’ve forgotten your sweater or jacket, a long scarf can double as a makeshift pull over if tied and worn specifically. If you have an infinity scarf you can twist it and un-scrunch the fabric so it lays flat to act like a shrug. Similarly you can flatten any scarf to wear over your shoulders as a shawl as well. You can use these looks in a pinch or you can use them intentionally for a unique look.

Spring also allows us to play around with bright and refreshing colors. Pale pastels and some brighter, more neon colors are now in style and are totally appropriate for the season. Neutrals are always in style but spring brings color back into the world and so should your scarves! Try some pastels or pale yellows, pinks, greens, blues or purples to liven up a basic outfit. You can also try playing around with springtime prints like floral or paisley to evoke the spirit of the season. While floral patterns are an obvious spring choice, there are other patterns out there that are spring appropriate due to their color palette. Prints and patterns that use a lot of those previously mentioned pales and pastels, or use a lot of green, really evoke the feeling of the rejuvenation that has come to be synonymous with the season.

Chiffon Scarves can be worn with both casual and more professional or formal outfits depending on the material. Bring some new life to a few of your winter pieces and forego having to re-haul your entire wardrobe. Knowing how to accessorize according to the time of year and the occasion, you can mix and match most piece to last you well through the year. Check out the chiffon scarves at Chicastic now!

Spring Scarves

Prom On A Budget

Prom is often considered the most important event associated with high school, aside from graduation. But what with prom dresses, prom clutch, hair, transportation and after party fees, prom can also be the most expensive high school experience by far. But there is a solution. If you apply simple, smart shopping to your prom planning, you can save significantly.

1. Start early. Prom never really sneaks up on any of us. We’re aware of the event long before we even enter high school. While there is such a thing as planning too early, it might be advantageous to begin planning your prom outfit at the beginning of your senior year. Prom dresses and clutches are not yet in as high of demand considering it is not close to spring yet. Brainstorm what sorts of styles you would like to wear and compare that to what’s popular and available at stores. Unless you’re willing to go to great lengths to find a specific dress it will probably also cost you much more time and money. if you have an idea in mind you can keep an eye out for dresses throughout the year.

2. Take advantage of end of season and holiday sales. The school year starts just before the end of summer sales do, so be on the lookout! Check the formal sections of stores to look for deals and markdowns. Even though the dress is from summer, it will still be appropriate the following spring. Then of course, there are the holidays. Take advantage of Black Friday and holiday sales in November and December. Look for dresses that can translate to the spring season and any matching accessories you can find. Even if you find accessories and not a dress, it’s worth investing in accessories that are timeless and be worn with anything. That way they will match any style dress you end up purchasing.

3. Try thrifting. Thrift shops can be upscale too. There are specialty stores that specialize in certain eras of clothing and styles if that’s what you’re looking for, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look! Vintage fashion is totally in and will stand out against the crowd while still looking stylish. There are also thrift stores that accept items that are still in season if you’re looking for a more modern look. Also consider asking any older friends, siblings or cousins if they have dresses they have held onto. A lot of people save the dresses they have worn to weddings and dances because they’ve invested quite a bit of money in them and continue to take care of them in the event a future event pops up.

4. Be thrifty when it comes to accessories. You can find great fashion jewelry and prom clutch purses at Chicastic. 

Prom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and if you plan accordingly you can even have your ensemble picked out and ready to go well before prom comes around. Save yourself the money and the stress by planning ahead and by buying your prom accessories from Chicastic

Prom On A Budget

Oblong Scarves For Spring

For Starters Oblong is basically a rectangular shape with length much greater than width – sounds too simple, but that’s what it is. You might think what’s so different about this, but if you understand fashion it is the buzz word. Check out oblong scarves at Chicastic in solids and plaids. These are perfect for spring to keep you warm and stylish. You will definitely love the style and colors. Good to go with most attires and dresses these are great compliments to your wardrobe.

Yellow Plaid Oblong Scarf

Red Clutch Purses

A clutch bag is a versatile accessory, making a bold statement whether casual or formal. Use a red bag to add some oomph to one of your looks or learn how you can use it with your style.

Red is possibly the most fashion forward color out there. Not only has it held a place in fashion history for centuries, but it is just as powerful today as it ever was. No matter what though, it’s a bold color and always packs a punch while still remaining fairly traditional. If you’re looking to incorporate this color into your wardrobe, one great way to do so is with a red clutch bag.

The clutch often tends to have more power to make a bold statement than other handbags despite its size. This accessory is sleek in nature and always adds a bit of upscale couture to any ensemble. Not to mention, is always a good vehicle for providing that oomph you may feel an outfit needs. A statement clutch goes a long way without overpowering an outfit. It’s small and simple but its elegant appearance still has the ability to say a lot and really stand out. That’s why choosing a red clutch is a great way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe and still make a statement without revamping your entire closet.

A red clutch does a lot. The color alone demands a lot of attention, though this depends on the shade you choose. A true, primary red is incredibly daring. Not to mention, it can be used to match or offset a wide range of palettes. It would be best to pair this iconic color against a monochromatic outfit, such as, black, white or a mixture of both. This tricolor combo is a simple way to make a bold statement without looking flashy or that you’re trying too hard.

If the primary version isn’t quite your style, other tones and shades may work better with your closet and your skin tone. You can go lighter or darker, or even mix other colors in there depending on the relative temperature of the clothes you normally wear. A darker red works in much the same way a bright one does, but has a more subtle and sultry effect. A shade that includes more yellow suits brighter and warmer outfit palettes, while one that includes more blue is better matched with darker or cooler ones.

A red clutch can make any outfit stand out and look fashion forward. Though this color can work with practically anyone, there are different shades and tones out there to suit anyone’s tastes, just as there are countless clutch styles to match any outfit, ensemble, or overall sense of style. Chicastic has a great collection of red clutches, check them out now!

Red Basket Weave Clutch Purse

Snake Skin Pattern Hard Clutch Wallet

You have a great handbag which you like to always carry, but isn’t a woman’s purse always such a mess. Whenever you need anything especially a credit card or cash it’s always like a treasure hunt in there. Well, Chicastic has a solution to this problem – just check out the latest collection of hard clutch wallets in snake skin pattern. Available in any color you can think of and two different types of patterns these wallets aren’t just perfect to store your cards and cash in the right place but are also very cute to look at. Buy a wallet now at Chicastic!

Blue Snakeskin Pattern Hard Wallet

Envelope Clutch – Modern Functionality Meets Effortless Chic

Like any other handbag, there are so many styles of clutch to choose from. But the envelope clutch stands the test of time.

Clutch bags are an easy go-to bag if you’re looking to glam up an outfit or look more professional or sophisticated. The envelope clutch has stood the test of time and its flexibility has seen to its long fashion life. It’s simple and functional design keeps it modern and functional, and its sleek design ensures that it is always effortlessly chic.

An easy go-to envelope clutch would be patent leather in any neutral color. This bag is timeless and classic, and above all goes with just about any ensemble, whether its casual or formal, playful or professional. While a good simple, neutral clutch is always a good decision, it doesn’t hurt to add some flare to any wardrobe. If you tend to wear solid colors or more subtle patters, a bold envelope clutch may be more your speed. With a bold color, whether it’s jewel-toned or neon, or even an animal print, one of these flashy clutches will add some oomph to any outfit without being over-the-top and will still look sleek and sophisticated. Even a flashy cocktail evening clutch purse can go with just about anything. The glam of this kind of bag can dress up any casual get-up or compliment any elegant ensemble, no matter what the occasion.

Envelope clutches are extremely useful to boot. Their closure and design keeps them simple and easy to hold and come in a variety of sizes depending on your need. The great thing about any purse is its ability to hold other important items, such as wallet, phone, makeup, or any other number of items, without making your overall outfit a victim of convenience. If you’re prone to losing things, try to find an envelope clutch with a wristlet or chain that you can keep easier track of and not lose as easily.

No matter what kind of envelope clutch you choose, it will last you a long while. The simplistic and timeless design of this clutch makes it incredibly versatile and will stand the test of time. No matter what trends come and go or what season it is, this simple piece will always be elegant and accent just about anything. Its sleekness keeps it constantly adaptable to any style it could be paired with, outfit-wise or jewelry-wise. An envelope clutch is a must-have handbag for any wardrobe and will continue to accessorize outfits and ensembles for years to come. Chicastic has a bunch of nice and trendy envelope clutches so buy one now!

Envelope Clutch Purse

Clutch Purses Under $50

Everybody is looking for holiday gifts at this time of the year and since we want to buy all our near and dear ones a gift, we need to stay on budget. Chicastic brings New Arrival Clutch Purses under $50 which are trendy gifts because they are brand new arrivals and they make affordable gifts because they are all under $50. Visit Chicastic now to find the clutch purse for the ones you love.

Clutch Purses Under $50

Royal Blue Faux Patent Leather Clutch

Studs are a trend that aren’t going away anytime soon and since Chicastic loves bringing you the latest trends at affordable prices, we have a royal blue faux patent leather envelope clutch purse available now. Perfect for a night out, this color combined with the fierce studs is a winner this spring and will make you feel like the rockstar you are. Get it today in blue, red, black, silver, or gold.

All That Glitters is Gold

Gold accessories are a great way to add a bit of sparkle and shine without having to wear diamonds and at Chicastic, gold is something we are anything but short of. From our dazzling handbags and clutch purses to our jewelry that wows, the style possibilities are endless when it comes to our collection of gold! Check out some of our favorite gold looks such as our gold tone triangle accent necklace, gold tone hollow cuff bracelet, gold hard box cocktail evening clutch pursegold sequin clutch bag, and gold tone mesh loop cuff bracelet.

Everyday Tote Handbags

Chicastic offers a variety of stylish, affordable everyday handbags that will leave a lasting impression on anyone that sees you wearing them. These bags are great because they can easily transition from season to season and have enough space to hold everything you need. Be effortlessly chic on the streets in one of our totes today and take a look at our other casual handbags.