Waist Training Corsets

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Throwback Thursday- 1920s Gangster Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Gangster

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Throwback Thursday- Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Outfit

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Corset Shapewear

Waist Cinching Corset

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Halloween Costume Corsets

Halloween Corsets

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Renaissance Faire Outfits

Renaissance Faire Corsets

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How to wear a corset outside?

Corsets were historically used to hold and form the waistline into an attractive hourglass shape. Though most people think of corsets and undergarments, with some careful wardrobe choices, the corset can also be worn in public. This is what makes the corset special. It can transition from underwear to outerwear with little effort. Here are some ideas on how to wear a corset in public.

1. Lace up your corset over a pretty white blouse. The details on the corset will stand out beautifully against the white fabric. Also, the fabric barrier between you and the corset will make it more comfortable to wear for a long period of time. You can wear an underbust OR overbust corset with this style.
2. Wear your corset with pants or jeans. Pants can ground a corset for every day wear. Make sure the corset is long enough to overlap your pants’ waist. Because a corset is a very sensual article of clothing, it may look a little too inappropriate in public with skin showing. Add a blazer if you wish to cover up a little more.
3. Pair your corset with a pencil skirt and heels. Although this may not be appropriate for work, it is a daring look for a night out on the town.
4. DO consider wearing a corset as part of your wedding ensemble. Pair a white beaded corset over a tea-length or full-length lace skirt. It is a beautiful alternative to the traditional wedding dress.
5. Wear an underbust corset over a v-neck body suit for some added shape and sexuality.
6. Wear a pair of tight cropped pants or hot pants with a corset for an incredibly sexy look. Finish with a pair of dramatic earrings or pretty necklace to draw attention to your face.

Some Corset Don’ts

1. Do not wear the corset with a full skirt (unless for a wedding) or you may look like you are wearing a costume.
2. Stay away from mini skirts with a corset, or you run the risk of looking trashy.
3. Do not wear an underbust corset in public without a shirt underneath.
4. Consider other shoe options aside from boots when wearing a corset. Boots may take your outfit in a cowboy themed direction that you may not want.

Corsets are beautiful and functional pieces of clothing. Once only used for waist trimming and lingerie, they are now major players in the world of fashion. These tips will help you wear your corset in fashionable and alternative ways. Chicastic is a great place to buy all kinds of corsets. If you are looking for one then visit Chicastic to buy one now!

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