Wedding Pinup Shoot

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Your big day is approaching, you’ve been working out and you’re looking the best you’ve ever looked. Take advantage of this moment and book a sexy photo shoot. It’s a great idea for a few reasons. First, you look amazing … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gifts for HER

Let her know she’s loved with a Valentine’s Day gift from Chicastic!  Explore the wonderful selection of purses, corsets, scarves, hats and accessories to make her Valentine’s Day perfect!


Valentine's Day Gifts!

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for single women!

Who says you need a boyfriend, husband, lover, or partner to buy you a present on Valentine’s Day. How about treating yourself to something you have been really desiring for, especially something that will dress you up or your wardrobe.

At Chicastic we believe that all women deserve the luxury to dress up special every single day, so why look for occassions to dress up yourself and your wardrobe. Come to Chicastic and search the treasure chest of so many goodies from Evening clutches, formal and casual purses, for occassions and just for fun, that red purse you had been craving for, pashminas in bright colors and animal prints, sterling silver cocktail rings, chainlink necklaces and bracelets and lots more. Valentine’s Day sale ends tonight!

Red Faux Patent Leather Snake skin print Casual/Formal Day/Evening Pleather Envelope Clutch Purse Bag

Sterling silver promise ring

As the name suggests the promise ring signifies a commitment to relationship before engagement. The concept has been traced back to early times usually associated with younger couples when they couldn’t financially afford to get married. With time the idea behind a promise ring might have changed, though it still signifies
strengthening of the most cherished human relationship – Love.

Promise rings are generally worn on the left ring finger, sometimes the left middle finger or
the right ring finger to prevent confusion with an actual engagement ring. These are excellent gifts for the valentine’s day. If you have someone in mind then this is the most perfect gift. Chicastic has an amazing
collection of beautiful sterling silver promise rings.

Sterling Silver CZ Diamond Interlink Circle Right hand Promise Ring

Valentine’s Day Gift – Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring with overnight shipping

This Sterling Silver 925 Rubies & Diamond CZ Valentine Heart Rose Pave Cocktail Ring will make you win her heart for sure. Be ready for your valentine date with this beautiful cocktail ring.

We have low overnight shipping rates because we know there are some last minute shoppers out there. So come to Chicastic now, and don’t lose this opportunity to win her heart or win it over again!

Sterling Silver 925 Rubies & White CZ Cocktail Ring

Bright & Beautiful Pashmina Shawl Scarves

100% Wool Cashmere Black & White Zebra Print Pashmina Scarf Shawl

The one good thing about winters is you get to have a new wardrobe – colorful cardigans and scarves, boots, hats, and coats. The vibrant colors like blue, red, orange, pink, and yellow and seen in abundance during this season- making up for the relatively cold & dull weather.

Scarves are just awesome – they can so easily convert a very simple outfit to a gorgeous and stylish one. Don’t tell me you don’t have one- visit Chicastic and you can find both pashmina shawls and infinity tube scarves in multiple colors.

Blue & Orange Polka Knitted Infinity Tube Cowl Neck Cozy Scarf

Sterling Silver & CZ Cocktail Rings

Today, we launched the most awaited Sterling Silver & CZ Cocktail Rings at Chicastic. There is a beautiful range of Cocktail rings and right hand rings, all in a variety of colors – The white sparkly diamond like Cubic Zirconia, Rubies, Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Black Diamond CZ made in 92.5% Sterling Silver with Rhodium polish.

These rings are so beautiful and perfect for many occassions – formal dinners, wedding parties, reception dinners and even just casual dinner outings. They also make amazing gifts for anyone, especially for a Valentine Day Gift this is just perfect. Make this ring just a Valentine’s Day Gift or a Promise ring, it’s upto you, but I can guarantee she would love it!

So, don’t wait, come to Chicastic and Buy Sterling Silver Black & White CZ Cubic Zirconia Flower Pave Setting Right hand Cocktail Ring with center CZ now!

Sterling Silver Black & White CZ Cubic Zirconia Flower Pave Setting Right hand Cocktail Ring with center CZ