How to measure yourself for a corset?

Corsets can help to give you shape and define your waistline. However, they are useless if they are not the right size to fit your body. This video will show you how to measure yourself for a Chicastic corset.

How to put on a corset?

Corsets are one of the sexiest pieces a woman can have in her wardrobe. Suitable to wear in public and in private, corsets help to shape your body and boost your confidence. They can be tricky to put on if you are unfamiliar with how they work. This video will show you how to properly put on a Chicastic corset.

Vintage Style Corset

“The corset has also much to do with the figure. A good corset can make an unseemly figure look quite pleasant to the eye… All the different shaped corsets, adapted to various figures, are made in a variety of materials.” – Godey’s Lady’s Book, September 1889.

A corset can truly enhance a woman’s figure, and make it look attractive and a woman feel more confident about the way she looks and presents herself. Corsets can be worn underneath dresses for a nice hourglass shape, worn inside a jacket for a sexy but still not so-revealing look, or worn in the privacy of your bedroom to spice things up.

Vintage Style Brocade Corset This vintage style brocade corset is a perfect ode to the Victorian Fashion Era. Comes with two way lacing to adjust as per your needs. Corset if worn right, can really help do wonders to your figure.  Buy one for yourself now at Chicastic!