Edgy Wedding Style


Invited to a formal wedding  and stumped on what to wear?  Start your look off with Chicastic’s Hardbox Crystal Wedding Clutch Purse.  This chic clutch is the perfect go to accessory for a formal, yet trendy look.  While everyone else is wearing dresses, stand out from the crowd by pairing this clutch with a slinky, silk jumpsuit, bold accessories and a pair of Chicastic’s heels for an unexpected look that is formal, yet edgy.  This ultra glam look is also perfect for a night out on the town, dancing the night away.  This stand out clutch is currently on sale and is available at Chicastic.com.  Visit Chicastic’s Amazon boutique to see their selection of clutch bags, accessories and apparel.  For an even larger selection of wardrobe and accessory items currently on sale and for more shipping options, visit Chicastic’s official online boutique.

Black Satin Skull Knuckle Duster Hard Clutch Bag

Skull Duster Knuckle clutch bags are a very unique yet very bold piece of fashion accessories. They make a style statement of their own. These are unique clutch bags which would not appeal to everybody but there are those bold few who love the Knuckle Dusters be it in rings, necklaces or clutch bags.

So we are bringing Skull Knuckle Duster in a very Satin fabric, bound on a hard clutch bag in very neutral colors – black and silver which go with mostly everything but still make you stand out in the crowd. So buy Knuckle Duster Clutch Purse Now!

Black Satin Skull Knuckle Duster Hard Clutch Bag

Oversized Evening Clutch Bags

I always look forward to the romantic and family holiday movies which release around Christmas and New Year. Agreed they are not mind-boggling or suspenseful, but definitely very sweet and simple – just the right one for vacations.

Last week I went to watch the New Year’s Eve with my friend – absolutely loved it. We went for the evening show and planned to have dinner after. The movie was at 6 PM, kind of an odd time because then you get late for dinner. And since I like to watch what I am eating, I usually end up carrying a healthy snack with me in order to avoid the popcorns(which by the way, I totally love!) especially right before going to dinner or else the appetite goes for a ride.

Anyway, I was carrying this casual oversized clutch purse from Chicastic and surprisingly it had enough space to get my small snack apart from the regulars like my credit card, car keys, some cash, and a lipstick. Never thought I would get all this into a clutch bag and not have to carry a whole big bag or purse for the movie and dinner with the girls. I should thank the person who created this concept of a clutch purse – get in all things useful into a small space for the occasion and alongside it is a beautiful accessory – isn’t that great?

Red Faux Leather Casual Formal Day Evening Pleather Clutch Purse Bag

Knuckle Duster Clutch Bag

Decades ago the first time Knuckles were used in history no one would have ever imagined that there would be a time when they will find an application in women’s accessory. Knuckles were used as weapons- they were made of a strong metal and shaped to fit around the knuckles with a design to preserve and concentrate a punch’s force by directing it towards a harder and smaller contact area.

One has to appreciate human imagination which turned them into a design for holding clutch bags. In fact the knuckle duster clutch purses are one of the hottest selling items today. The way they fit into the fingers makes it look absolutely pretty and gorgeous. They are a perfect accessory to compliment any outfit. They make you look stylish, yet bold! So come and buy Knuckle Duster clutch bags at Chicastic now!

Bronze Shimmer Duster Knuckle Metal Hard Clutch Purse Bag

Royal look Navy Blue Evening Clutch Bag

This Royal looking Navy Blue Rhinestone Studded Evening Clutch Bag is so beautiful that it inspires me to write about it again and again. Made of the softest satin silk with pleats in the front, set on a “only slightly” hard base, with diamonds studded on the front flap almost like a decoration on a crown.

There is something so attractive about this particular Navy blue clutch bag that customers have returned again and again to buy this clutch bag not just for themselves but also for their family and friends. I would think this to be the perfect Valentine’s day gift too. Because it will go so perfectly with the little black dress, will make someone’s absolutely gorgeous “something blue” on their wedding, awesome bridesmaid’s gift, prom purse, perfect gift for mom for her girls’ night out.

You can buy this Navy Blue Evening Clutch bag at Chicastic now and get and awesome deal on it with the New Year Sale going on. Buy now!

Navy Blue Evening Clutch Bag



Boxing day sale

Celebrated mainly across the common wealth nations like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and U.K etc this is traditionally the day following Christmas when people give presents. The exact meaning of the terminology is still unknown, but the one I believe which comes close is that basically gifts are given in a box and that’s where the name comes from – might just sound simple.

This is the prime time for parties when families and friends meet and come together to celebrate the festive spirit. These parties are the reason and time when women show off their latest fashion accessoriesChicastic is just the right place to visit and get the latest in fashion. To top it all Chicastic has special shipping rates to a couple of these countries. Chicastic is offering Limited time Free Shipping to Canada on all clutch bags and pashmina scarves. $5.99 flat rate shipping to Australia, and $5.99 shipping to other countries (based on quantity).


Silver Mesh Clutch Bag

Purse designs and styles keep on changing with time but never go out of style. One good thing about clutch bags is that they work best in any season and have never gone out of fashion.

A silver clutch bag is almost like an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Silver has always been valued as precious and the color is known to create a rich appeal apart from being attractive. They are best for evening parties and formal occassions and go well with metallic and shimmery dresses or that little black dress. A sliver clutch bag is very classy and can make any outfit look absolutely sophisticated and glamorous.

Visit the collection of silver clutch bags at Chicastic – a wide variety of sliver clutch bags with a great set of designs and styles.

Silver Mesh Clutch Bag

Clutch Purses

Clutch Purses – the name says it all. The dictionary meaning of clutch is to
seize with  hands, to grip or hold tightly and perhaps that’s how women like
to keep their clutch purses with them – for their sheer love and beauty. 

A clutch purse is like a little gem  in various forms. Looking historically
the clutch purse has been forever a popular accessory- women and girls have been
carrying it for their elegant evenings. When we look in the accessories
department of any store during the holidays/festival and prom season, we see clutch
purses in every shape imaginable. They come in little tiny sizes, squares, rounds,
triangles or even heart-shaped, covered with satin, silk beads, sequins or brocade. They are
fastened with tassels, loops, and other fanciful decorations.

Chicastic is the perfect place to shop for all kinds of clutch purses. The variety is sure
to amaze you and you will definitely find that one for your occassion be it
an evening party or a wedding. It is a rare store specializing in clutch
purses. Each purse indicates a sense of sophistication and beauty.