Crystal Studded Peacock Evening Clutch

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Wedding Wednesday- How to Accessorize Multiple Wedding Looks

Wedding Accessories

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Wedding Wednesday- Good Luck Charms

Wedding Charms

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Glitter Over Sized Hard Box Clutch- Fit All Your Essentials

Glitter Over Sized Clutch

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Peacock Inspired Weddings

Peacock Accessories

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Bridal Clutches

Don’t forget to accessorize on your big day! Here are some unique clutches to add some character to your wedding ensemble.

Every bride seems to be preoccupied with her wedding dress, above most all things, when it comes to planning her wedding. It will be, after all, the focal point considering the bride is one of the two special people being honored on such a wonderful and meaningful day. And while the dress is important, of course, you can’t forget all of your other accessories! Though they may not be as important for the ceremony, they absolutely do become important when it comes to the reception. The reception will be all about feasting and dancing and celebrating, so why not glam up a little? And not to mention, you’ll want to have some of your essentials on hand, so why not accessorize with a unique bridal clutch?

Clutch purses are always elegant, no matter what style or look you happen to be going for, and they are more than perfect for your wedding. Even the most traditional and timeless dress can be accented with a unique clutch. For instance, a pure white satin rhinestone clutch with embellished enclosure would work wonderfully. It would also look great alongside a more vintage inspired or retro gown. The appearance of this bag hearkens back to a more romantic time that suits both dresses rather well. If you have a more modern dress, then an updated clutch would do well. Consider something like a black and white basket weave hard box clutch for a gown of sleeker design. This bag suits a more modern look in both its use of pattern as well as its black and white color scheme. Black and white is always classy but has just as much appeal to edgier looks, as well.

Don’t forget about destination weddings, either. Where your reception will take place can have just as much influence on your choice of accessories as your choice of gown. If you’re headed to warmer climates to celebrate your vows, then a mother of pearl hard box will suit a beachier scene perfectly. The mother of pearl insets reflect the seashells of the beach and can be used with more modern dresses as well, especially considering its geometric pattern. If you’re headed to a swanky, candle-lit venue then a pearl embellished one ring knuckle duster will do the trick. Working well with both classic and timeless pieces, this bag is glitzy yet elegant all at once.

Remember, while your dress may be the focus of your wedding ensemble, the accessories do just as much to complete the outfit!

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Bridal Clutch Bags


Something Blue – Wedding Clutch

We all know the rhyme.  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Incorporating something blue into your wedding look can be a challenge.  A fun way to add the color is with a clutch purse.  A blue clutch fulfills two needs at once.  You’ll be able to check the rhyme off your to do list and have a place to store all your essentials for the big day.

A great choice is the royal blue satin hard clutch purse.  It’s a fantastic combination of elegance and style.  The cinched fabric at the center compliments dresses with gathered fabric or pick ups.  This bag can be a nice addition to simpler styled dresses as well.  Not to mention the vertical rhinestone stud panel which adds the glamor that every bride wants on her special day.

The optional chain strap also makes this clutch a great addition to your wardrobe.  So after the big day you can wear it for an evening out and be reminded of the great memories of your wedding.

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Royal Blue Satin Hard Clutch

How To Dress Up In Black


Color psychology defines black as powerful, reserved, and in control. It can be intimidating and unapproachable because of its power. It radiates conservative and serious energy. Black is the color of sophistication. The ‘little black dress’ is a perfect outfit to wear at a ‘black tie event.’ The elegant and confident impression that this color gives is the reason why it is worn by business oriented people. Also associated with sex and seduction, it is a popular color for corsets, lingerie and undergarments. It flatters all skin and hair colors and is a favorite of women and men. Keeping a dark wardrobe monotone makes buying clothes and getting dressed easier, but it can also lack depth and be extremely boring. Keep these things in mind while dressing head to toe in this particular shade.

  1. Make sure you stay within seasons. Do not wear a heavy knitted dress in the summer and stay away from cotton and chiffon in the winter. Otherwise, you will just look lost and sad.
  2. Brighten up your makeup more than you would usually do when dressing head to toe in this shade. A kiss of bright red lipstick or a swipe of emerald eye shadow can keep you from looking washed out and dreary.
  3. Fit is extremely important when wearing a single shade throughout an outfit. This hue is very slimming so take advantage of that fact. Know what look you are going for. If you are trying for sophistication, keep your pieces sleek and well taken care of. Sloppy and ill fitting garments will negate the slimming power of this hue which is against the entire point.
  4. It is okay to break up the monotony with a splash of color. Try a turquoise statement necklace, or a pair of bright yellow heels. Just a little bit to break the intimidation factor of this otherwise ominous shade.

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Chicastic Black Fashion Accessories

How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Congratulations for finally choosing the gown for your special day. This occasion calls for the perfect accessories to make sure you look your best as you walk down the aisle. Though planning for this day can be exhausting, shopping for items to accessorize your look is one of the most fun aspects of weddings. Accessories are a way for the bride to incorporate her personality into her look. Here a few ideas to make sure you have everything you need to complete you ensemble.

  1. Shoes – Every woman loves to shop for shoes! With the endless multitude of styles to choose from, the right pair is out there waiting. Some brides like to stay traditional and match their shoe to their dress. Others like to incorporate a shoe in a soft shade of blue as their “something blue” for the day. Many brides like to match their bridesmaids by choosing a shoe in the color of their attendants’ dresses. And other brides like to go the non-traditional route and pick a wild style like animal print heels, sneakers, or even flip flops. The choice is yours! Make sure you break your wedding shoes in by wearing them around the house. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable walking down the aisle. Another option is to have a second pair of flats to wear towards the end of the night.
  2. Jewelry – Based on the intricacy and detail of your dress, your jewelry should be the opposite. Keep the accessories simple if your dress is very detailed. Ball gowns, full lace, extreme beading and alternative style dresses should be accessorized simply. Otherwise, the bride may come off looking tacky, and that is the last thing we want. Dresses that are more straightforward and plain can benefit from flashier pieces of jewelry such as a statement necklace, detailed cuff, or long dangling earrings. Balance is the key to everything.
  3. Veils – A veil is a very traditional bridal custom. Some modern brides choose not to wear them. A fascinator with a small face veil will bring this tradition up to date for those women who want a more up to date look. If one decides to wear a longer one, there is always the option of removing it for the reception.
  4. Something Old – Add an heirloom piece for a sentimental touch. For instance, wear your grandmother’s ring hanging on a chain around your neck. Or pin a brooch to the ribbons that tie your bouquet together. Even an earring that lost its pair can be incorporated this way.
  5. Bridal Clutch Purse – Add a Something Blue Clutch Purse as your something blue for the wedding. If you already decided on something else for your blue, a white bridal clutch or silver evening bag would be perfect accessories for your wedding day.

Creating your wedding day ensemble should be fun and personalized! Accept constructive ideas but do not let other people tell you what to wear. This day belongs to you. Come to Chicastic now to make your wedding day outfit the perfect one ever!

Wedding accessories

How to choose the perfect clutch bag?

Women’s fashion world is so dynamic. Fashion trends, styles, colors, outfits and accessories change every day. And it can be so hard to keep up with all current trends. Clutch Bags have been in fashion since the Victorian Era or even since forever. It is a tiny thing yet so many different styles are out there. It is a small piece of accessory that has become as important as the dress in formal and casual wear these days.

These clutch bags have so many different aspects that you need to determine before you decide which type to use for a particular event which is why I decided to put together this list to help with this situation. We have so much to plan when it comes to planning a big event, or even when a girl is attending an event; she has so much to do. Her dress, her hair, her nails, her makeup, the right shoes etc. so at least help with the accessory part of the outfit. When it comes to planning your evening bag for an event most important factors to consider are as follows –

1. Formal or Casual Occasion Evening Bag – You have to first determine whether the event is a formal one or a casual one. Because anything can be too casual for a formal and too formal for a causal event, so we need to be careful when we choose. When we first know it’s a formal event we can choose accordingly – dressy purses, satin clutches, purses with rhinestone and crystals etc. When it is for a casual event we can look at – patent leather clutches, wrist let purses, clutch bag with cross body strap, clutches with metal studs etc.

2. Color – Once we know which occasion it is for, then we decide on the color we need. Whether you want to go with the same color clutch bag as your dress for the event or you want to do a contrast and choose something like your shoes. Suppose you are wearing a black dress, you can choose a red clutch bag and red heels to break the monotony of black and stand out in the crowd.

3. Size – Very important is to know what size evening bag you want to carry. If your dress is short, always carry a small purse with it. You need to know what all you would need to carry in your purse when determining the size.

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Gold Rhinestone Crystal Sequin Mesh Bridal Wedding Evening Cocktail Clutch Purse