Icy White Accessories for the Fall Bride

As summer fades into fall, fashion trends transition from light and breezy to warm and bold.  Chunky knitted sweaters and leather boots begin to replace sundresses and slippers.  Colors become deeper and richer, infusing the cool weather with warmth and comfort.  However, in contrast to the deepening hues of autumn, silver, and white accessories begin to appear on the runway and in real life!

Wearing silver and white can be a challenge for some, as the color lends itself to flattering those with lighter and fairer skin tones.  However, those with deeper skin tones can also wear silver and white, as its contrast highlights the beauty of darker skin.  When paired with warmer toned tops, dresses, and outfits, silver and white can easily incorporate itself into any woman’s wardrobe!

Mimic the sparkle of falling snow with a shimmering piece of jewelry, perfect for this season’s fashion trends.  If you are hesitant to wear all silver, you can stack bracelets, mixing silver and gold together, as long as you incorporate bracelets of varying widths.  Or you can wear a silver cuff on one hand and a mix of gold and silver bangles on the other.  If you want just a touch of silver, make a statement with a big, bold, ring or a pair of dangly earrings.

A chunky necklace is a wonderful way to dress up a simple dress or collared shirt.  Contrast the simple lines of a cocktail dress with a beaded silver choker.  Break the rigidity of a work shirt with several layering necklaces in silver and gold!  The possibilities are limitless!

For all those holiday parties, try accessorizing your outfit with a beautiful clutch purse.  Clutch purses have a long and rich history beginning in the early 1900’s.  For as long as they’ve been around, clutch purses have never gone out of style.  They have evolved with the ever changing times.  Today, they come in every shape, color and size to complement every season.  Clutch purses are particularly enjoyed during the winter months as bright, bold and fashionable pieces to accent any outfit or cocktail dress.  Pair a solid colored or black dress with a bright white or silver clutch purse for a fashionable high contrast look.  Another option would be to go for a more subdued look with a more muted color such as grey.  If you want to be daring, pair a little white dress with a white or silver clutch purse.

As with every fashion trend, moderation is key.  Don’t pile on the accessories just to follow a trend.  Tastefully accentuate your outfit with this season’s hottest colors – icy white and silver. Chicastic is a great place to buy white bridal purses and other white and silver accessories.

White Bridal Clutch Purses

Wedding Day Must Haves

Let’s face it, although your wedding day WILL be the best day of your life, it’s impossible to expect everything to go as smoothly as you’ve planned. Even if you can’t anticipate every single emergency, mishap, or unexpected surprise, a bridal emergency kit will definitely help you cover some of the most important issues that come up. Some of these items include travel sized hair spray, a mini toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes, a stain remover pen, tissues, and much more that can be found online.  It may seem like a lot to think about (and a lot more to pack) but the good thing about an emergency kit is that these small items can easily fit into a small bag such as a clutch purse. Some prepared emergency kits do include a small bag but seriously, who wants to walk around in a tacky satin bag on their wedding day when you can get a beautiful clutch purse from the Chicastic wedding/bridal clutch collection. You can find clutches that vary in styles and shades that will not only look chic, but will easily fit those wedding day essentials. Get one now and thank us later for having a chic, fantastic way of carrying those necessary items to get you through the day!

Please feel free to chat with us if you have any questions about the white satin evening clutch with rhinestones, white beaded bridal evening clutch , white crystal rhinestone studded satin hard box clutch, the pure white satin wedding clutch, or the silver rhinestone crystal hard box clutch.

Green With Envy

Be the envy of all your friends this summer with one of these fabulous green clutches from Chicastic. We have so many options in stock from rhinestones to sequins, emerald green to sage , and everything you can imagine in between. When you get a hold of one of these clutches, don’t be shocked by the envious stares you may get. Just smile and let everyone know they can get an envy worthy clutch of their own at Chicastic too!

Please click here to chat with us if you have any questions or concerns about the crystal rhinestone studded clutch, bridal crystal hard box clutch, emerald rhinestone crystal hard box clutch, or the sage fully sequined clutch.

Teal Satin Clutch with Side Flower & Rhinestones

Teal can be such a tricky color to find, especially if you need the perfect accessory to go along with the dresses you picked for your bridesmaids. Luckily, Chicastic has this beautiful, glamorous teal blue bridal clutch purse to solve that problem. Your bridesmaids will be enamored by the striking color of teal along with the exquisite side flower and rhinestone accents. This satin clutch is small enough to be carried down the aisle with ease with enough space to carry your essentials to make it though the evening. If you love this clutch as much as we know you do, take a look at it today at Chicastic.

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Gold Sequined and Beaded Clutch Purse

Add a dazzling golden sparkle to this summer’s wedding ensemble with Chicastic’s fully sequined and beaded bridal/wedding clutch purse. It is a beautiful, timeless design that transcends any of the other popular trends that are only around for a brief period. The detailed beading, its versatility, and classic style will have you reaching for this clutch from your closet for this summer’s big event and many other to come no matter what season or year it may be. It would be a shame to miss out on getting such an exceptional, exquisite bag so go to Chicastic and get it before it is gone.

Onyx and Ice Wedding

While searching for fashion inspiration, we came across this gorgeous black and white wedding gown!  If you are a contemporary bride with modern tastes, this look could be exactly what you’re looking for!  We decided to pair this dress with three of the most beautiful wedding clutch purses we have on stock here at Chicastic.

For a timeless touch, we suggest the Black Metallic Hard Shell Cocktail Clutch Purse With Rhinestone Studded Clip Closure.  The simple lines of this purse accented by the dazzling rhinestone clip make this purse the perfect subtle accompaniment to this beautiful dress.  This Rhinestone Clip Clutch Purse is also available in Rose Gold, Bronze, Pewter, Silver and Gold.

If you’d like to add some vintage flair, you may want to try the Black & White Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse With Chain String is the perfect choice.  Each bead is meticulously hand sewn, accentuating the vintage style of this Beaded Wedding Clutch Purse.   This purse is also available in Gold and Blue.

Maybe a more blinged out look is what you’re after!  After all, who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle?  The Black & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Wedding Clutch Purse is embellished all over with crystals.  Even the button closure is covered in crystals!  This Crystal Hard Box Clutch comes in a multitude of colors perfect for any dress!


High Contrast Black and White Wedding

Navy Blue Scarves and Evening Bags

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Peacock Inspired Corsets & Clutch Bags

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Something Blue Bridal Clutch Purse

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Beautifully Beaded Bridal Bags

You’ve got the perfect dress, the perfect shoe, something borrowed and something blue. All you need now to complete your perfect day is the perfect purse! Chicastic has a wide selection of vintage inspired Beaded Bridal Bags and Wedding Clutches. On sale now!

Beautifully Beaded Bridal Bags

Beautifully Beaded Bridal Bags

1.  Silver Grey Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse With Metal Handle  2.  White Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse with Chain String 3.  Gold Fully Sequined Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse with Chain String 4.  Black Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse With Chain String   5.  Gold Fully Sequined and Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse With Chain String