Prom- Lace Dresses

Lace Prom Dresses

One of our favorite trends for prom 2015 is lace. It’s elegant, visually exciting, and perfect for a prom dress. The key to keeping lace youthful is the length. A long gown covered in lace reads more bridal than prom. … Continue reading

Dress Like a Ballerina

There’s a part of us that wants to be that elegant ballerina that we’ve seen on dance shows or in The Nutcracker. So why not dress like one? We’re not saying throw on a tutu and pointe shoes, but there … Continue reading

Polka Dot Clutch Wallet

A wallet is really handy until you put so much in it that squeezing it into your purse is a real hassle.

A great solution is a polka dot hard clutch wallet.  They are a fixed size of seven inches long by three inches high.  The slim design allows you to slip it in and out of your purse with ease.  Inside it has spots for your ID, credit cards, cash, and coins.

Maybe wallet size isn’t a factor for you since you carry around a large handbag.  Then my guess is you end up launching a search mission trying to find it in the abyss that is your purse.  The bright, eye catching design on this clutch wallet is perfect for you. The polka dot pattern comes in yellow and white, green and white, blue and black or white and black.

This clutch wallet can also easily be used on its own like a purse.  If you’re going to an event like a carnival or play where you just need cash and an ID, then this is convenient and adds a great pop to your outfit.

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Polka Dot Clutch Wallets