Bridal White Clutch Purses

The selection of White Bridal Purses at Chicastic is unbelievable!  We cater to the most fashionable bride of every style, whether you are a traditional bride or a bride with a wilder taste!  These purses are sure to add something unique to your special day!

White Beaded Bridal Wedding Clutch Purse With Chain String
White Satin Rosette Wedding Wristlet
White Satin Wedding Purse with Rhinestones
White Pintuck Satin Wedding Purse

White Rose Flower Shaped Satin Wedding & Bridal Clutch Bag Purse

Every brides needs a little something extra to make her wedding day more beautiful, more special! Which is why, Chicastic brings to you a very wide range of White & Ivory Bridal Clutch Purses and also Something Blue Clutch Purses to make your special something blue for the day and make your traditional wedding complete.

This White Rose Flower Shaped Bridal Clutch is so beautiful and is sure to enhance the beauty of not just your dress but also of your day! Buy it now at Chicastic!

White Rose Flower Shaped Satin Wedding & Bridal Clutch Bag Purse


Bridal & Bridesmaid Wedding Clutch Purse

Bridal & Bridesmaid Wedding Clutch Purses –

Come to Chicastic for all your clutch purse needs, especially for your wedding day. Buy the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids right at our online boutique. White Bridal Clutch, Ivory Bridal Clutch, Something Blue Bridal Clutch or a Bridesmaid Clutch Purse, we have everything you would need, so hurry!

Ivory & White Bridal & Bridesmaid Clutch Purse

Ivory & White are the traditional colors for weddings and that would never change. These White Clutch Purses make the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids.

They are so beautiful and look elegant for the string of pearls & roses on them. So come buy these pretty white clutches for your friends before we run out of them.

White Satin Rosette Bridal Clutch Bag Purse With Rhinestone Clip & Pearl & Satin String


White Satin Rosette Bridal Clutch with Rhinestones & Pearls

Every girl has a dream of looking her best on her wedding day, a memory they will cherish for the rest of their life.  From the wedding gown to the jewelry and all other accessories espcially the bridal clutch have to be the best. Chicastic has developed a strong personal relationship with it’s customers and our team believes in nothing short of delivering the best especially when the customers are to be brides.

In keeping with this tradition we introduce this really elegant White Bridal Rosette Clutch with Pearl and Satin string. This will look perfect with that wedding gown and really add  to the beauty and charm to the occasion.

White Satin Rosette Bridal Clutch with Rhinestones & Pearls